10 Easy Ways To Make A Low Ceiling Look Higher

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A room with 8 foot ceilings can feel a little claustrophobic. These easy ways to make a low ceiling look higher will show you how to get rid of that closed in feeling without spending a lot of money.

10 Easy Ways To Make A Low Ceiling Look Higher

I have to admit that in some of the rooms in my current house, low ceilings are not that much of an issue. I have cathedral ceilings in the living room, master bedroom and guest bedroom…one of the reasons that I bought this house.

However, the rest of the rooms have regular 8 foot ceilings. And it seems to me that having a few rooms with taller ceilings makes those 8 foot ones look even lower!

To get around that, I have found some easy ways to make a low ceiling look higher…and thought I would pass them on in case they might help any of you…

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8 Responses

  • In particular the dinning room has to be at least 12 and it looks like a designer room. Please designate which rooms are in your home and which ones are from another source.

    • Hi Terry…you are probably right that the dining room ceiling is higher than 8 feet, but I do think the idea of using a floor to ceiling vertical picture is just as effective in a room with a lower ceiling. You can tell which pictures come from other sources by the captions…they will be linking to the original website. The ones without links are my own.

  • Thank you so much for all the wonderful tips. I only knew about one or two of these, the other tips blew my mind how it gave the illusion of height. Thank you so much.

  • Give me a break – almost all of the ceilings in the photos where over 9 foot. Take a real challenge use a home with 8 foot ceilings.

    • Hi Terry…actually, most of the ceilings in these pictures are 8 feet high…they are rooms in my house so I know exactly what their height is. I guess the tips must work if you thought they were 9 feet 🙂 It’s possible that the pictures which came from houzz.com are higher (those ones I don’t know what the actual measurements are), but they still demonstrate the idea.

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