Dark Purple, White and Gold Master Bedroom

Painting your master bedroom walls dark purple might seem a little scary, but this stunning maser bedroom makeover will put your mind at ease and show you how to create a room you’ll never want to leave.

10 Purple Bedroom Decorating Ideas That Will Create a Stunning Master Bedroom

It’s been a couple of weeks since the One Room Challenge ended and the last details of my purple master bedroom makeover are finally finished!

First a little background for anyone who doesn’t know…the One Room Challenge is a twice-a-year event put on by Linda of Calling It Home. Twenty featured designers and a whole bunch of guest designers makeover a room in only 6 weeks and post weekly updates on their progress.

This is the third year that I’ve been a part of it as a guest participant, and it’s definitely a great way to get motivated to re-decorate a room! (You can find all of my One Room Challenge makeovers HERE).

However, the 6 week timeline can be a bit of a challenge…and that was my problem this year.

Some of my room fixtures and accessories didn’t arrive in time to make the final reveal. So now that they have arrived, I thought I would do a last Final Reveal, and share all of my purple bedroom decorating ideas!

In case you want to see the step by step progress and the original final reveal, you can find them here:

How I Got To Dark Purple Bedroom Walls

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View of the bedroom with dark purple walls, white ans

First, for anyone who doesn’t know me, I live in a builder grade house that came with builder paint beige walls. I hate beige!

So you won’t find any beige (or anything even close to beige) on the walls in my house. And my bedroom is no different.

My original idea was to do a very dramatic bedroom with black walls. And I still love the original inspiration pictures I found.

I was totally not expecting to go with purple. It’s one of those colors that I wanted in my bedroom when I was a kid, but I had never even thought of considering since then.

However, when I took out my Benjamin Moore paint deck and held up the colors beside my duvet, the “Shadow” purple paint chip was calling my name. So I went for it. And I’m so glad I did! I absolutely love my dark purple bedroom walls!

And now that I’ve gone there, painting my walls (and ceiling!) purple when I’m long past the kid stage…I thought I would share my purple bedroom ideas for adults!

1 | Make A Special Entrance

Purple Master bedroom makeover with glass door knobs

Okay, let’s get on with the tour.

One of my favorite things in my new bedroom is a really small detail (and it isn’t really specific to having dark purple bedroom walls)…but sometimes it’s the small things that make the difference! I switched out the original builder-grade brass door knobs for glass ones.

And to be honest, these glass door knobs* were part of the original reveal but I love them so much I had to show them again 🙂

Don’t be surprised if all of the door knobs in my house end up getting this mini makeover.

2 | Hang A Stunning Light Fixture

Purple bedroom ideas: Master bedroom sputnik light fixture against purple walls

I think upgrading light fixtures is one of the easiest ways to make a builder grade room look custom. So it’s a detail I never leave out when I’m doing a room makeover.

This light fixture was a major part of my original design that didn’t arrive in time for the original reveal.

It might be a little late, but I think it was worth the wait!

3 | Use A Gold Ceiling Medallion

Champagne colored ceiling medallion looks great against the purple ceiling in my master bedroom

Another problem with builder grade houses is their lack of any kind of architecture. So moldings of all kinds are my friend!

Which is part of the reason why I decided to add a ceiling medallion around the base of the light fixture for some extra emphasis.

Painting it a metallic champagne color* helps it to fit in with the rest of the room decor. And it’s a little glam…everyone knows I love me some glam!

I love the way it looks against the purple ceiling.

4 | Install A Faux Fireplace

The white, black and gold faux fireplace is a focal point against the purple walls in my master bedroom

The next one of my purple bedroom decorating ideas was to add a faux fireplace. (A real one would have been even better, but…no space).

The faux fireplace was another element I didn’t know I wanted, but I totally love! Even though it’s only a fireplace mantel*, and not an actual fireplace, I think it makes the room feel special.

The mantel comes as unfinished wood, so it was one of the many things we had to paint to get this room ready.

The white background with gold details definitely shines against the purple walls. (There’s that bit of glam again!)

5 | Create A Reading Nook

The black reading nook across from the bed

Bookshelves with a love seat between them create a cozy reading area across from the bed.

And on a practical note, it also provides a place to put the extra cushions from the bed at night.

6 | What To Hang Over The Bed?

Round mirrors hung over the bed lacked a little personality

The original version of this room had some round mirrors over the bed, which were left over from the room before the makeover.

They weren’t bad but I wanted something with a little more personality.

Large metal flower art hung over the bed adds more dimension

So when I saw these large gold metal flowers at TJ Maxx online*, I knew they would be the perfect thing.

Unfortunately, I didn’t see them until a few days before the end of the challenge, so they didn’t arrive in time for the original final reveal.

To be honest, I’m still waiting for another one of these big flowers to arrive. I think accessories like this usually look better in uneven numbers. So I will probably have to re-arrange them a bit once they are all here.

The gold artwork matches the mirror frames and lamp shades

But I do love the way they look over the bed.

The gold of the flowers brings out the color of the mirror frames* behind the nightstands, and also looks great with the wallpaper.

Plus the shape of them ties in well with the duvet cover.

And they hold their own with the light fixture!

7 | Brighten With White

The white wallpaper behind the bed helps to brighten up the purple walls

The next one of my purple bedroom decorating ideas isn’t purple at all. But rather adds some contrast and brightness to the room.

Using quite a bit of white in the room helps to prevent it from feeling too dark.

To be honest, the white wallpaper and bed frame* were already there before I started re-decorating this room.

Purple bedroom decorating ideas: Brighten the room with white

But I still like them and they fit right in with the purple bedroom walls so they stayed.

Using the same color on the fireplace and the curtains helps to tie the whole room together.

8 | Add Drama With Black

Black adds some drama to the purple walls

Of course, I still believe that all rooms should have some black in them. It always helps to ground the space.

I painted all of the doors, windows and baseboards black, along with the shelves and settee across from the bed.

This was partly to make them match the trim in my master bathroom and partly because I love the look of black and purple together! It just adds a little drama to the room.

9 | Use Lots Of Gold

Gold accessories add some glamour to the purple master bedroom

In case you haven’t noticed, the metal I think works best with purple is gold. It’s such an elegant (and glam) color combination

So I used it liberally throughout my bedroom…on the ceiling medallion, the mirror frames, the fireplace details, the artwork, the accessories…you get the picture.

Of course, it doesn’t hurt that I love decorating with gold anyway 🙂

10 | Add Pops Of Color

Blue and green add some extra color to the purple bedroom walls

The last of my purple bedroom decorating ideas is to mix some other colors, also in dark tones.

I love how the blue inside the shelves and the green on the settee add extra pops of color.

It ties into the colors on the duvet, and they are both part of whole house color scheme, so they provide continuity with the rest of the rooms in my house.

Purple master bedroom color palette

Here is the final color palette for my purple master bedroom makeover.

If you’re wondering how I chose these colors, I used my 5 easy steps for picking room colors. It works every time!  You can pop over to read the post, or get the summary view from the following video:

Well, that’s it for my last and final bedroom makeover reveal. If you want even more details, check out the original master bedroom reveal.

Now it’s time for me to start planning the next room makeover!


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Have comments or questions on my dark purple, gold and white master bedroom? Tell me in the section below.

This post was originally published on June 1, 2018 but was updated with new content on November 27, 2023.

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  1. Loretta Machado says:

    I’d been thinking about a purple bedroom for a while now. I’m glad I saw this. Now I know I like the dark bright purple. I found out I don’t like black with purple at all. It will be white gray & silver. I’ve done gold forever it seems so now it’s silver.

    1. Wanda Simone says:

      I think the purple will look beautiful with the white, gray and silver, Loretta! I still love my purple bedroom 🙂

      1. Loretta Machado says:

        Thanks Wanda.
        I mistakenly hit the stop the emails but I went right back in to sign up again!

  2. Hamza Iftikhar says:

    These are the fabulous master bedroom makeover ideas. If someone want to makeover or renovate their master room and don’t have any idea how to do it just follow this blog. These purple bedroom makeover ideas are amazing.

    1. Wanda Simone says:

      Thank you! It’s one of my favorites, too 🙂

  3. GeeWillikers says:

    Had a beautiful purple bedroom growing up. Was ahead of the times I guess This room is amazing but WAY beyond my budget.

    1. It sounds like you were ahead of your time! The bed and the area rug were definitely splurges (although I bought them a few years ago and they were less expensive at that time). But I think sometimes it’s worth the extra expense 🙂

  4. Auntie Elaine says:

    Makes me want to redo my room. Love it!

    1. Thanks, Aunt Elaine! I love it, too 🙂