10 Purple Color Combinations That Look Good In A Bedroom

Looking for a little inspiration when it comes to decorating your bedroom in purple? You’re in luck! We have some inspiring color combinations to help get you started. From soft and subtle shades to bold and bright hues, there’s a look for everyone. So get ready to add some glamour and personality to your sleeping space with these purple bedroom decor ideas.

3 pictures of purple bedrooms with the text "10 purple color combos for your bedroom" in the middle

If you’re a fan of the color purple and you’re looking to re-decorate your bedroom, then you’ve come to the right place.

I have come to the realization that my mother and I both have a thing for purple bedrooms.

The last time I redecorated my bedroom, I did it in dark purple and white.

And she has done hers in purple twice — the first time in light purple and gray and more recently in purple and gold.

Before this, I had always thought of purple as a color that’s kind of hard to work with. It seemed like it didn’t really go with a lot of other colors.

But after doing my bedroom (where I used accents of blue, green, gold and black), I have decided that it isn’t as hard to come up with purple color combinations as it seems.

So I thought it would be fun to see what other purple bedroom decorating ideas are out there. And share them with you just in case you need some inspiration.

And here’s what I came up with.

1 | dark purple

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bedroom with dark purple walls, white furniture and grey bedding

Dark purple walls can be really dramatic and moody, but it’s also versatile enough to work with a variety of different styles.

This modern bedroom pairs bright white furniture with dark gray bedding and a deep purple paint treatment

bedroom with dark purple walls, pillow and bedding

This bedroom uses all dark purple for more of a rustic, moody vibe.

Combining board and batten on the walls with silk sheets on the bed adds texture to the room. This prevents the monochromatic color scheme from looking boring.

dark purple pillows and blanket on a bed

If you’re not quite ready to paint your walls, you can take the easy way out and get some dark purple bedding and pillows.

As you’ll see, purple goes quite well with many other colors. So it may fit right in with your current wall color.

2 | Light purple

bedroom with mauve wallpaper and headboard

For something a little more soothing, try going with a lighter purple such as mauve (like my mother did in her bedroom).

Light purples with gray undertones give the room a serene feeling that is a little less intense than the dark purple bedrooms above.

bedroom with lilac walls, cream furniture and a large white ceiling light fixture

It can also create a romantic feeling.

In this bedroom, the lilac walls make all of the cream furniture really stand out.

While the multiple layers of bedding and the ruffled light fixture enhance the romantic look and feel.

And the lilac blanket and pillows on the bed help to tie the whole room together.

3 | two-toned purple Walls

purple bed in a bedroom with the top half of the walls painted light purple and bottom half painted dark purple

If you love purple and can’t make up your mind which shade to go with, two-toned purple walls may be what you’re looking for.

Installing a chair rail a third of the way up the wall is an easy way to divide the space. Then paint the section under it one color and the section above it another.

Using two different shades of purple for the bedding helps to emphasize the color scheme.

And the black headboard and bedside tables balance it all out.

4 | purple and white

Of course, your room doesn’t have to be all purple. Combining it with another color can really make it pop.

Like the purple and white color scheme I used in my master bedroom.

The contrast between the white and dark purple creates some drama. And I used metallic gold accents to add a little extra sparkle.

white and purple bed in front of white paneled walls

You could also paint your walls white, and use purple on the headboard and sheets.

The muted tones in this bedroom create a softer, more romantic feeling.

And I love the idea of using panel moldings to break up all the white on the wall and give it some more interest.

all white bed in surrounded by white curtains in front of a dark purple paneled wall

Or if you really want to go all out, paint the wall and paneling behind the bed dark purple.

Then hang pulled-back white curtains in front of it, and layer the bed in beautiful white linens to create a look that definitely makes a statement.

It’s a bit over the top, but I love it!

a white bed with light purple bedding in front of a white wall with a strip of white and purple wallpaper on one side

Another approach is to leave the walls and furniture white, and add light purple bedding.

Hanging a strip of purple and white geometric wallpaper on either side of the bed brings the color up on the walls without overwhelming the whole room.

5 | purple and gray

dark purple and grey bedroom

Purple and gray is another classic color scheme.

For a moodier, more dramatic look, go with a high contrast combination like the dark purple and lighter gray bedroom in the picture above.

Putting a dark color on the walls really emphasizes that moody feel.

light purple and grey bed in front of a grey wall

Or for a softer look, use purples that have gray undertones.

They will blend in nicely with the gray background.

6 | Purple and silver

purple and silver bed in front of a dark gray wall

Similar to gray, purple and silver also works quite well together.

In this bedroom, the walls are painted a dark gray which really makes the silver accents on the furniture glow.

And the dark purple headboard and bedding look stunning against that neutral backdrop.

glam silver and purple bedroom with mirrored furniture and a crystal chandelier

If you want a glam bedroom, then purple and silver can do that for you, too.

This bedroom combines grape purple curtains and bedding with silver grey paint, mirrored furniture, a shag rug, and a crystal chandelier for a super glam look.

7 | purple and gold

purple and gold bedroom with a lilac ceiling and purple and gold stripes on the wall behind the bed

Silver isn’t the only metallic that looks good well with purple.

Gold and purple also work well together.

Which is what my mother decided to use in her most recent bedroom makeover.

She painted a striped accent wall behind her bed with gold and two shades of purple that matches the striped drapery fabric. And the result is stunning!

8 | purple and blue

a teal and purple bed in front of a gray wall

If you’re a color lover (like me), then you might be wondering what other colors look good with purple. So let’s talk about that.

Teal and purple is a gorgeous color combination that draws your eye in, but is relaxing at the same time.

black and blue bookshelves in front of a dark purple bedroom wall

In fact, most shades of blue look amazing with purple.

I painted the insides of the shelves in my bedroom a fairly deep blue and I love the way they pop against the purple paint.

9 | purple and yellow

light purple and yellow bedroom

Purple and yellow are complimentary colors on the color wheel.

Which means they are pretty much guaranteed to go together.

But it is a high contrast color combination. So, some people may not find it very relaxing (and it may not be great for enhancing sleep).

Having said that, if you love yellow, then this is a very pretty bedroom that may be just what you’re looking for.

It uses soft yellows and muted purples to give the room a warm, beachy feeling.

bright yellow and purple daybed in a room with bright yellow and purple accents

Of course, if you want a room that is full of energy, going with bright yellows and purples will work, too. As you can see from this cheerful guest room / home office.

10 | Purple and green

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Purple and green is another color combination that works quite well for a bedroom.

Using a floral pattern (like the one on the curtains in the bedroom above) gives the room a natural, calming feel.

While a chartreuse green, which has a lot of yellow in it, adds more energy to the room.

Well, that’s it for our purple bedroom color combination ideas.

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