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Elegant Gray and Purple Bedroom Makeover

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If you’re looking for a touch of elegance in your bedroom décor, light purple and gray might be the perfect color pairing. This makeover takes an existing space and turns it into a peaceful oasis with just a few simple changes. Best of all, the finished look is affordable and easy to achieve! Read on for tips on how to recreate gray and purple bedroom makeover in your own home.

Elegant gray and purple bedroom makeover

Although I don’t want to admit it, I haven’t been sleeping well this winter and I was forced to think about why?  What about my bedroom was irritating me?  What was uncomfortable enough to keep me awake?

I knew that I did not want the expense of a total makeover. (It hasn’t been that long since I re-decorated this bedroom…you can see that project HERE). So keeping that in mind, I set about trying to achieve a relaxing atmosphere.

I also wanted to avoid some of the decorating-related stress I caused myself when I re-did my den (which you can see HERE). So I decided to take my own advice and do a little more up-front planning…starting with what I liked and disliked about the current room.

Keep reading to find out more about my gray and purple bedroom makeover.

My Likes and Dislikes

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Bedroom Before
Bedroom Before

To make sure that I actually addressed the problem, I started by identifying what I liked and disliked about the room.

What had to go:

1. I no longer wanted so much burgundy in my space.

2. The burgundy rug wasn’t the right size and I hated the color.  It felt oppressive and uninteresting.  It showed every speck of lint so it always looked like it needed vacuuming.

3. The bedding did not fit my mattress well.  The sheets kept coming untucked and would end up all around my neck during the night.  Making the bed was like starting from scratch every morning.

4. The down duvet felt too heavy and bunched up inside the duvet cover.  The duvet cover itself was starting to look shabby.

5. If I changed the duvet cover, the aqua walls and ceiling would need painting out.

6. Which also meant that the aqua candles, the burgundy knickknacks on the bedside table, and the mother- earth picture with the burgundy background were passe.

7. I was bored with the white woodwork throughout.

What I decided to keep:

1. The wall paper on one wall was only put up two years ago.  It seemed a shame to tear it out so soon.

2. The textured paintable wallpapered ceiling with the molding surround was too much work to remove.

3. The silk toile drapes, headboard, and chair cover are a pattern and material I love.  I hoped to be able to incorporate their burgundy color.

4. I liked the silver colored bed-side table and jewelry cabinet (and they are useful).

5. The crystal bedside lamp with the smocked lilac shade (also a recent acquisition) is one of my favorites.

6. I love the ‘over the top’ chandelier.

Once I figured all that out, I was able to address each of the issues.  Keep reading to find out how.

Change Out The Bedding

The gray and purple quilt on the bed

I decided to get rid of the duvet altogether and purchased a light weight hand quilted quilt in ivory with a gray chevron pattern (which unfortunately, is no longer available).  It is long enough to reach the floor and cover the bed pillows.

I find throw pillows on the bed an added nuisance so I chose to dispense with them entirely.

I also removed the bed-skirt since it is unnecessary with the new bedspread.

As a finishing touch, I draped an existing purple mohair throw* over the foot of the bed.

Purple sheets on the bed

Then I ordered purple sheets* that said they would fit a 16″ mattress — and hallelujah they do!  What a difference they make for sleeping and making the bed!

I also bought suspender-like elasticized clips* to hold the blanket and my old sheets in place.  They work well.

Paint The Walls Purple

Gray and purple bedroom with wallpapered walls and a painted ceiling

Picking the right paint color was an important change in coordinating all the existing elements.

Silver and light purple wallpaper

Since the wallpaper was an HGTV pattern sold by Sherwin Williams,  I went there armed with a sample of the paper and the toile fabric.  

To enhance the purple slub in the wallpaper, I chose a beautiful gray purple, called Mythical (SW 6550), for the walls.  

It’s very close to one of the 2017 paint color trends.

Ceiling with paint-able wallpaper painted pink

To incorporate the burgundy toile, I decided to find a tone for the ceiling that would address its presence.  

With the help of the store clerk, I selected a pink, in the same tone, but much lighter than the burgundy in the drapes and darker than the pink in the wallpaper.  

That color is Audrey’s Blush SW 9001.

I painted the textured part of the ceiling and the surrounding molding with two coats of Audrey’s Blush.  

If you’re wondering what the textured part is, it’s wallpaper (you can see the post where I put it up HERE).

The painted ceiling design

For the 9″ border on the ceiling between the narrow molding surround and the crown molding, I got inspiration from a ceiling painted by Isabelle Day in a London townhouse, shown in Sept. 2016 Elle Decor Magazine.

Purple Bedroom Makeover ceiling painted purple, gray and pink

I drew a colored template and randomly painted the sections silver (had on hand), mythical and ash violet (SW 6549).  

When the paint dried, I drew a black dividing line with a marker between each section of color.

Purple bedroom walls with woodwork painted a darker purple

For the woodwork, I decided to go darker on the Mythical color card and chose Dewberry SW 6552.  

It needed 3 coats to get complete coverage but was totally worth it.

Storage baskets on a shelf painted purple like the wall

While I was painting the walls, I painted the storage baskets that hold extra clothing on a floating shelf above the door the same Mythical color so that they would have a small imprint.

Replace The Rug

The new area rug in the purple and gray bedroom

I found a purple and ivory rug in the right size that enhances the room perfectly at Wayfair.com–Ronit purple area rug by Bungalow Rose.

The finished gray and purple bedroom

Getting rid of the dark burgundy rug really lightens up the whole room.

Update The Accessories

Silver candles on mirrored candlesticks

I bought silver mirrored pillar candles (from Pier 1 on clearance) to brighten the corner by the drapes.

Lamp on a mirrored nightstand beside the bed

I left the original mirrored nightstand in the room.

An apple collection and glass lamp on a mirrored nightstand

But added to the apple collection for more of a statement.

Contemporary artwork on a purple wall

I brought in a favorite painting (from another room) depicting rainbow eucalyptus tree trunks that I bought in Kauai.  It picks up the color of the walls and the ceiling nicely and evokes fond memories.

The Gray and Purple Bedroom Makeover 'After'

These simple changes have made a huge impact on how well I like the room (and on healthier sleep patterns).

Shop the Room:

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Have comments or questions on our purple and gray bedroom makeover? Tell us in the section below.

This post was originally published on January 31, 2017 but was updated with new content on June 29, 2023.

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  1. Alexandra says:

    I love Your art, where is the horse from / who is the artist?

    Thank you!!

  2. I love these ideas I had a fire and had to get a small one bedroom

    1. Wanda Simone says:

      Thanks, Natalie! I’m glad you liked it 🙂

  3. I like the colours you used and just love the silver apple and candlesticks. Looks really great! 👍
    Hope you’re sleeping well now. Thanks for sharing.

    1. Hello Melly, Thanks for your kind feedback. I do find my bedroom environment pleasantly relaxing.

  4. Every room is beautiful! I love lavender/ purple…your decorating is exquisite! Thank you..

    1. Thank you Joan. I think it is easier to get nice results when you choose colors you love.

    1. Thanks, Ivory! I thought it turned out pretty well, too 🙂