Elegant Gray and Purple Bedroom Makeover

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Elegant gray and purple bedroom makeover | If you are looking for some purple bedroom ideas, take a look at this elegant gray and purple bedroom makeover. It is beautiful with different shades of purple and an awesome chandelier.
Elegant gray and purple bedroom makeover

Although I don’t want to admit it, I haven’t been sleeping well this winter and I was forced to think about why?  What about my bedroom was irritating me?  What was uncomfortable enough to keep me awake?

I knew that I did not want the expense of a total makeover. (It hasn’t been that long since I re-decorated this bedroom…you can see that project HERE). So keeping that in mind, I set about trying to achieve a relaxing atmosphere.

I also wanted to avoid some of the decorating-related stress I caused myself when I re-did my den (which you can see HERE). So I decided to take my own advice and do a little more up-front planning…starting with what I liked and disliked about the current room.

Keep reading to find out more about my purple bedroom makeover.

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