Space Saving Design Ideas For Small Bedrooms

If you live in a house like mine where the bedrooms aren’t very large, learning how to make the most of the space you have is definitely a priority. Which is why these small bedroom space saving design ideas (that I used for redesigning my guest bedroom) are so helpful.

small bedroom space saving design ideas

Small Bedroom Space Saving Design Ideas

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Like many people, one of the issues I have in my house is that none of the bedrooms are all that big. And to tell the truth, some of the bedrooms in my previous homes were even smaller!

So I’m always trying to find ways to fit in the bed, some storage space and a seating area without making the bedroom feel super crowded. It’s hard to have a relaxing sanctuary when it feels like you don’t have room to breathe!

Over the years I have picked up a few small bedroom space saving design ideas that help to create rooms you (and your guests) will actually want to sleep in.

1 | Get Rid Of The Bulky Bed Frame

The first one of my small bedroom space saving design ideas is to get rid of the bulky bed frame. While sleigh beds, pedestal beds and canopy beds look beautiful, they take up a lot of room, both physically and visually.

Going with a plain bed frame that is no bigger than the size of the mattress will leave you with more room to move around.

2 | Hang A Headboard

But if you’re going with a simple bed frame, you may be wondering how to give the bed some pizzazz…after all, it is usually the focal point of the bedroom.

Fortunately, there are lots of ways to add a headboard that don’t take up any additional floor space.

You can hang a headboard on the wall behind the bed (like my mother did in this small bedroom makeover).

Make sure that it just high enough for the mattress to fit under it.

When the bed is pushed in, you can’t tell that the headboard isn’t attached.

Or use a stencil to paint an interesting design on the wall. This one* comes in different sizes up to 74 inches wide! So you can definitely use it to make a statement on your wall.

A large piece of artwork, a gallery wall, a wallpaper panel or even a wall of curtains behind the bed are other ways you can add some impact to the wall behind your bed without taking up any extra space.

3 | Get A Bed With Storage

Bed with pull out drawers for storage

Alternatively, you could keep a bed frame but get one that provides extra storage under the bed.

This one* has a fairly narrow profile, and you can barely tell there are pull-out drawers.

To fit more into those drawers, put clothes that are out of season in vacuum sealed bags and store them at the back of the drawers. You’ll be able to fit a lot more in that way.

4 | Build Shelving Around The Bed

One of my favorite tricks for decorating small bedrooms is to build shelving on the wall behind the bed (like I did in my small guest bedroom).

It adds a lot of storage to the room without taking up a lot of extra floor space.

And creates a large presence on the bed wall that helps to create a focal point.

5 | Replace Lamps With Sconces

To make the most of small bedside tables, replace lamps with wall sconces or ceiling pendants that provide light without taking up table space. Swing arm sconces are particularly useful since you can position them where you want the light to be.

Just make sure there’s an easy-to-reach way to turn the lights on and off from the bed.

These also work really well in combination with the shelves above since the sconces can be installed on the sides of the shelf uprights.

6 | Use Dressers As Bedside Tables

Dresser as a bedside table
Dresser as a bedside tablePhoto by Tobi Fairley Interior Design

One of the big problems with small bedrooms is trying to find enough storage space.

Which is why using furniture that does double-duty (like dressers that are also bedside tables) is a smart way to decorate your small bedroom

7 | Replace Chairs With A Bench

The next tip on my list of small bedroom space saving design ideas is to replace chairs with a bench.

Most of the bedrooms in my house don’t have enough room for chairs, but I still like to have something to sit on.

Which is where benches come into play. They’re narrower than a chair and can fit flat against the end of the bed or against the wall. Which makes finding a spot for them in your room a lot easier.\

And in a guest room, benches are also a good spot for suitcase storage.

8 | Get A Daybed

Daybed in a small bedroom
Daybed in a small bedroomPhoto by Natalie Myers

Daybeds are another great space-saving design idea for small bedrooms.

Because they are usually pushed up against a wall, they take up less floor space by eliminating the need for a walkway on one side.

They often come with drawers under the bed which also gives you more storage.

Daybed hung from the wall
Daybed hung from the wallPhoto by Donna Mondi Interior Design

And don’t worry, daybeds don’t have to be so traditional. You could always go for a more modern approach like this daybed that’s hung on the wall. Because you can see more of the floor, it gives the illusion that it doesn’t take up as much space as it does, making the room look bigger.

9 | Install a Murphy Bed

murphy bed in a small bedroom
murphy bedPhoto by Laura Stein Interiors

To go one step further than a day bed, you could install a Murphy bed which folds up into the wall and doesn’t take up any space at all when it’s not in use. I like the way they have used pull out shelves as bedside tables in this room…another great space-saving design idea!

Of course, you will need to be able to clear a space for it when it’s down. Which means the other furniture in the room need to be easily move-able.

But it is a great way to make a small room into a multi-functional space, especially if you don’t need to use the bed regularly (like in a guest room).

10 | Use Built-Ins

Built in bed
Guest suite with built in bedPhoto by Kelly Rogers Interiors

Another way to maximize the space in a small bedroom is to build a custom built-in bed.

That way you can take the best advantage of the space you have and create something unique at the same time.

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