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Pink tree peony flower

Tree Peony Care: How To Grow Tree Peonies

Learn all the details of how to care for and grow tree peonies. They are long-lived shrubs that love well drained soil and dappled shade, and their show stopping blooms are sure to be the star of your spring garden. … Read More
gardening app open on a cell phone

The Best Gardening Apps Every Gardener Needs In 2021

Looking for a little help with your gardening efforts? Whether it’s planning your garden, designing it, or simply learning more about what’s growing in your backyard, look no further than these top apps for gardening! It doesn’t matter if you’re … Read More

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Rain chain with Japanese garden in the background

Rain Chains (The Ultimate Guide)

What are rain chains for? How are they installed? Do they work in heavy rain? Get the answers to these questions and more with these great rain chain garden ideas. I actually don’t remember where I first saw a rain … Read More

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