The Making of a Library – A Home Office Makeover

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The Making of a Library - A Home Office Makeover
The Making of a Library – A Home Office Makeover

The third bedroom in my house is a tiny room that had only one saving grace…a nice big window that faces east.  That east-facing window makes this room very bright in the morning…which is nice if you’re sitting in the room drinking your coffee, but not so good if you’re trying to sleep in.  So, since I didn’t need a third bedroom, I decided to make the room into a library, perfect for drinking coffee in the morning while I’m working.

I didn’t want to spend a lot of money re-doing this room so most of the furnishings, lamps and accessories were things I already owned.

Click next to see the room before I started my home office makeover.

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5 Responses

  • Hi Wanda
    I found your blog through Hometalk. I adore what you have done with this home office/study/library. It is absolutely stunning. I checked the link on that gorgeous desk and almost died at the price! lol But it fits perfectly.
    I’ve signed up to your email list because what I see here is so inspirational. Off to check some of your other posts now 🙂

    • Thanks, Brenda! That desk was definitely a splurge…the most expensive piece of furniture in my house 🙂 I kept looking around to see if I could find something just as good that cost less (or that I could make), and just couldn’t find anything that I liked as much. So I finally decided to go for it…and I do really love it! That means lots of inexpensive DIY projects for the next little while 🙂 Thanks for signing up!

  • Love what you did tho I am terribly afraid to paint the walls black. I do have small 3rd bedroom and will be using it for my craft room for now. What my plans are is to move the kit and kaboodle up to the third floor. I am letting a mom and her son use the space to get back on her feet so as to be able to have her own apt. But the wheels are turning. There are two rooms up there, a bedroom with a door and an open large room. House is from 1910. Ta da. It is a combo of our growing up years in East Cleveland and our grandparents house in Oshkosh, Wisconsin. My sister stopped over the other afternoon and said oh my gosh, it is like home. I showed her the kitchen door leading to out side and the basement complete with milk door. She cried and said thank you for loving our houses and parents and grandparents like you do. When I saw this house there was another couple with a darling little girl looking at same time. I went into hat is now my room and called my agent. I said it is mine. 2 months later my son and I moved in with our new goofy lovable puppy, our 8 year old cat and my nephew came to stay for a while. Home. I love it. I am 61 and so want to be here for a long time. All the walls are brown, save the kitchen and bath which are yellow. None of which I lie. But taking my time to see what I do like. i like your blog because you never fail to inspire. I thank you.

    • Hi Jody…Painting the walls black certainly isn’t for everyone (or every room). It sounds like you have a wonderful old home! I think you are wise to take your time to decide what you want and then decorate it the way you like it. I’m glad I can provide some inspiration 🙂

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