The Most Popular 2023 Paint Color Trends

Are you ready to peek into the future of home decorating? Discover what hues will be the most popular for home interiors this year with the 2023 paint color trends from all of the major paint companies.

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It’s my favorite time of the year!

Time to look at the paint color trends for this year.

For the most recent trends, read our post on the 2024 paint color trends.

I always love to see what the leading paint companies think are going to be the most popular colors this year.

Not because I think we should all jump on the latest trends bandwagon.

But so I know whether or not this is going to be an easy year to find home decor accessories.

Generally, the colors that are trending are the ones you’ll find the most of when you go shopping.

For me, this year isn’t looking that great. But depending on your decorating preferences, maybe it’ll be a good year for you!

Read on to find out.

Trend summary

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What’s hot

This year, there are two totally different main trends, depending on which companies you look at:

  • The first is a big leap onto the warm and cozy side of the color wheel, with many of the paint companies choosing red and terra cotta colors as their colors of the year.
  • The other is a much greater emphasis on warm neutrals, such as white, cream, and beige.

If you prefer cool colors, there are still some calming, nature-inspired blues and greens, continuing the trends from the last couple of years.

But they are definitely getting overshadowed by some brighter, more creative hues this year.

Regardless of what color you are considering, another new characteristic you’ll notice is they tend to be more saturated than in past years.

So, pastels are harder to find across the board. Apparently, more people are getting bolder with the color choices for their homes.

What’s not hot

Similar to last year, there is almost no pink, purple or gray included in this year’s list. (With the exception of a light purple gray that looks like a new trend in neutrals).

Yellow also fell off the list this year. Although there are quite a few cream shades that have strong yellow undertones to take its place.

Okay, let’s get to the list.

1 | Vibrant red

A collage of interior images using vibrant red paint and furnishings

Let’s begin with the trending warm colors, starting with this bright red that will definitely make a statement.

It is a bright and vibrant color that was selected by three (!!) of the paint companies as their color of the year.

Benjamin Moore color of the year

Dining room wall painted in Benjamin Moore 'Raspberry Blush' with a black bar cabinet in front of it

Benjamin Moore chose “Raspberry Blush” as their color of the year.

It’s a bright orange red that they describe it as “never a backdrop” and “built to envelop you in vivacious color”. Which it certainly does!

It would look dramatic in a dining room paired with black trim.

Living room painted Benjamin Moore 'Raspberry Blush" with off white accents

Or paired with white for a lively, high-contrast living room.

Pantone color of the year

An illustration using Pantone's 2023 color of the year - Viva Magenta

Pantone chose “Viva Magenta” as their 2023 color of the year.

It’s a vibrant red with a little blue in it that they describe as “brave and fearless” and “expressive of a new signal of strength”.

It would look stunning as a velvet sofa or lacquered accent wall, combined with black and white. With this color, you have to go bold!

While it’s not directly available in a paint color, Benjamin Moore’s “Blushing Red”, Behr’s “Cherry Wine” and Sherwin Williams “Cherries Jubilee” are all close matches to consider.

Dunn Edwards color of the year

Dining room painted in Dunn Edwards 2023 color of the year 'Terra Rosa' with black and white furnishings

Finally, Dunn Edwards chose “Terra Rosa” as their 2023 color of the year.

It’s a deep rose color with a touch of terra cotta influence that isn’t as bright as the other two.

They describe it as being “strong yet approachable” and exuding “confidence, creativity and coziness”.

It can be used as an update for browns and burgundies. And combines well with white or greige.

Trending reds

Swatches of the 2023 trending red paint colors
1. Benjamin Moore COTY – Raspberry Blush | 2. PPG – Briquette | 3. Pantone COTY – Viva Magenta | 4. Dunn Edwards COTY – Terra Rosa | 5. PPG – Heart’s Afire

There are a couple of other bright reds available in this year’s trending colors in case you want some alternate selections.

2 | Terra Cotta

Collage of pictures using the 2023 paint color trend - Terra Cotta

Next up is terra cotta. This is a bold red-orange color with brown undertones that also comes from the warm side of the color wheel.

While only one paint company chose it as their color of the year, it showed up on almost every one’s trend list. Making this one of the most popular colors this year.

Better Homes and Gardens color of the year

Bathroom painted in Better Homes and Gardens 2023 paint color of the year - Canyon Ridge

Better Homes and Gardens chose “Canyon Ridge” as their 2023 paint color of the year.

According to them, it is inspired by sunsets over the dessert and the red rock spires of Zion National Park.

For a crisp look, pair it with white or black.

Or add some blue to really make the color pop.

Trending terra cottas

9 swatches of trending terra cotta paint colors for 2023
1. Benjamin Moore – Conch Shell | 2. Better Homes & Gardens COTY – Canyon Ridge | 3. Sherwin Williams – Lei Flower | 4. Sherwin Williams – Peppery | 5. Benjamin Moore – Cinnamon | 6. Farrow & Ball – Bamboozle | 7. Valspar – Southern Road | 8. Sherwin Williams – Reddened Earth | 9. Behr – Vermilion

While the BHG color is quite bright, there are a lot of other options in this category that have more of a brown base. This gives them a more neutral look, even though many are quite dark.

3 | Natural Green

A collage of interiors using the 2023 paint color trend - natural greens

Okay, let’s jump over to the cool site of the color wheel for a bit.

Natural greens are one of the trend holdovers from previous years. But most are darker than we saw on last year’s list.

These colors are calming and relaxing, and are intended to bring the feeling of nature indoors.

Like the terra cotta colors, only one company selected this as the color of the year, but most had a version of it in their trending list.

Krylon color of the year

A garden bench painted in Krylon's 2023 color of the year - Spanish Moss

Krylon chose “Spanish Moss” as their 2023 color of the year.

It’s a rich midnight green that they describe as a sophisticated color which is connected with the “richness of nature”.

It pairs well with metallic accents, wood tones and white.

Trending greens

9 swatches of trending green paint colors for 2023
1. Farrow & Ball – Whirlybird | 2. Sherwin Williams – Silvermist | 3. Sherwin Williams – Evergreen Fog | 4. Farrow & Ball – Beverly | 5. Sherwin Williams – Kale Green | 6. Krylon COTY – Spanish Moss | 7. Behr – Conifer Green | 8. HGTV by Sherwin Williams – Pewter Green | 9. Valspar – Flora

There is a selection of these nature-inspired green colors across most of the paint companies. So you can find tones that range from lighter to darker depending on what you are looking for.

4 | Green blue

A collage of images using the 2023 paint color trend - blue green

Green blue (or teal) has been trending for quite a few years now, although (like the greens above) most of this year’s selections are on the darker side.

This is another calming and relaxing color that works really well in bedrooms and bathrooms.

PPG color of the year

A living room wall painted in PPG's paint color of the year - Vining Ivy

PPG chose “Vining Ivy” as their 2023 color of the year.

It’s a medium-dark green-blue that they describe as “enchanting, rejuvenating and versatile” and is intended to bring the outdoors in.

It looks beautiful in both traditional and contemporary settings, especially when combined with white or cream.

A front door painted with PPG's Vining Ivy

And really makes a statement on the front door.

Trending green blues

8 paint swatches of trending green-blue paint colors
1. Valspar – Rising Tide | 2. Valspar – Blue Arrow | 3. Behr – Half Sea Fog | 4. PPG COTY – Vining Ivy | 5. Benjamin Moore – North Sea Green | 6. Sherwin Williams – Blue Peacock | 7. Behr – Sophisticated Teal | 8. Valspar – Everglade Deck

Most other paint companies had some version of this blue green color on their 2023 trends list, so there are a number of options to choose from in both lighter and darker shades.

5 | Water Blue

A collage of images using the 2023 paint color trend - water blue

Water blue has a soothing feel and works well with most other colors, making it more of a neutral than you might think.

While none of the companies chose this as color of the year, most of them had at least one on their 2023 trends list.

Trending water blues

6 swatches of trending blue paint colors
1. Farrow & Ball – Kittiwake | 2. Farrow & Ball – Selvedge | 3. Farrow & Ball – Wine Dark | 4. Benjamin Moore – Starry Night | 5. Sherwin Williams – Indigo | 6. Sherwin Williams – Mineral Gray

Many of these colors are gray-based and quite dark, like the deepest part of the ocean.

Pair them with white or cream for a classic look. Or with yellow for a bold, but still beautiful combination.

6 | White

A collage of images using the 2023 paint color trend - whites and creams

Now, it’s time to move on to the neutrals.

Warm whites and creams had a much stronger showing on this year’s color lists than they have in recent years.

Many companies had at least one option on their list and Behr chose a white as it’s color of the year.

Behr color of the year

Living room painted in Behr's 2023 color of the year - Blank Canvas

Behr chose “Blank Canvas” as it’s 2023 selection for color of the year.

It is a warm off-white that looks gorgeous with pretty much everything.

Which means it can be used to paint the trim in your whole house. Or on the wall if you are looking for a neutral backdrop.

8 swatches of trending white and cream paint colors
1. Sherwin Williams – Pure White | 2. Behr – Blank Canvas | 3. Valspar – Cozy White | 4. Sherwin Williams – Kestrel White | 5. HGTV by Sherwin Williams – Natural Linen | 6. Farrow & Ball – Stirabout | 7. Behr – Spanish Sand | 8. Valspar – Holmes Cream

There are many options to choose from on the whites and creams list for this year. Everything from almost pure white to a stronger yellow-based cream and everything in between.

7 | Beige

A collage of images using the 2023 paint color trend - beige

Beige is another big color trend for 2023. But in stronger tones than we’ve seen in the past.

Like most of the colors above, only one company picked this as their color of the year, but it was well-represented on the trends lists from everyone else.

Sherwin Williams color of the year

A bedroom painted in Sherwin Williams 2023 color of the year - Redend Point

Sherwin Williams chose “Redend Point” as their 2023 color of the year.

It’s a strong beige that they describe as “minimal yet cozy” and creating a “comforting backdrop”.

Combine it with white, brown or other beiges. It also looks good with warm metals such as gold.

Trending beiges

9 swatches of trending beige paint colors
1. Farrow & Ball – Tailor Tack | 2. Sherwin Williams – Malted Milk | 3. Behr – Smokey Pink | 4. Farrow & Ball – Templeton Pink | 5. Sherwin Williams – Likeable Sand | 6. HGTV by Sherwin Williams – Glamour | 7. Dutch Boy – Rustic Greige | 8. Sherwin Williams COTY – Redend Point | 9. Behr – Pure Earth

If you want a lighter beige, or one with a little less red in it, you can try one of the many other options available from the other paint companies.

8 | Greige

A collage of images using paint color trend - greige

For those who want neutrals that are a little cooler, there are a few trending greiges on this year’s list.

Although the number has definitely been dwindling in the last couple of years.

Trending greiges

6 swatches of trending greige paint colors
1. Sherwin Williams – Pediment | 2. Valspar – Villa Gray | 3. Sherwin Williams – Skyline Steel | 4. Sherwin Williams – Shiitake | 5. Valspar – Ivory Brown | 6. Behr – Perfect Taupe

These greiges tend to have more green in them than the beiges do, which can look a little more modern. They look stunning with creams and whites.

9 | Light Purple Gray

A hallway painted in purple gray paint

Or for a totally modern take on a neutral color, try one of the trending purple gray colors.

Because of the purple undertones, they have a little more personality than plain gray would and are also feel a little warmer.

Trending purple grays

4 swatches of trending purple gray paint colors
1. Valspar – Gentle Violet | 2. Benjamin Moore – New Age | 3. Sherwin Williams – Wallflower | 4. Sherwin Williams – Studio Mauve

While there are only a few options for purple gray on the trending list, I was surprised to see three different paint companies offering such similar color choices. Maybe purple is the new gray?

10 | Natural browns

A collage of images using 2023 paint color trend - natural browns

Last but not least is brown.

It is a neutral that has been on the paint color trends list for a few years now.

While it is dark, it is a warm and cozy color that brings the feeling of nature indoors.

Trending browns

7 swatches of trending brown paint colors
1. Sherwin Williams – Foothills | 2. Sherwin Williams – Homestead Brown | 3. Sherwin Williams – Rookwood Medium Brown | 4. HGTV by Sherwin Williams – Hot Cocoa | 5. Sherwin Williams – Cornelian | 6. Benjamin Moore – Wenge | 7. HGTV by Sherwin Williams – Darkroom

This year there is a wide variety of browns to choose from.

Some have more of a gray base, some are more red, and some are so dark, they are almost black. Something for every decor!

Well, that’s it for the 2023 paint color trends. Hopefully, you found some you liked. Or were at least entertained if you were wondering “What were they thinking?”

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This post was originally published on January 11, 2023 but was updated with new content on January 25, 2024.

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  1. Who makes that blue water color?

    1. Wanda Simone says:

      Hi Lorie…it was a custom color so I don’t have a name for it. But PPG’s Aqua Fiesta is close. You might be able to take the picture into the paint store and see if they can match it.

  2. Just a really nice, helpful, informative, pleasant post. Loved reading it and dreaming of my future home colors.

    1. Wanda Simone says:

      Thanks, Cindy! I’m glad you liked it 🙂

  3. That’s quite a change of colours for me I’m not too sure about them bit you never know they might grow on me I’ve just decorated my bathroom to stone look walls with white and grey accesories looking for a spa look maybe ill choose same colours for rest of my house I’m not sure of any of the trend colours ihave recently got rid of all my blush pink accesories ,

  4. I don’t know if I’ve ever commented on a Pinterest post before but this one is certainly worthy of telling others what a great post this is and much appreciated by me. I moved into a ranch style home last year leaving behind stairs! This home has cathedral ceilings and I went the the all popular gray… it’s a pretty gray that often looks more blue than gray. That being said… with my ceilings it’s expensive to have repainted so I’m going with what I have. But the colors you showed for 2023 I see a great way to incorporate into my gray/blue to make my home up to date… Thank you!

    1. Wanda Simone says:

      Thanks, Joyce! I’m glad you found it helpful 🙂

  5. Elaine Shore says:

    Navajo white by Benjamin Moore, perfect color. I’ve used it and love it. Soft , relaxing and perfect, shows off art work and anything put on your walls.

    1. Wanda Simone says:

      Thanks for the suggestion, Elaine!