Sneak Preview of the Hottest 2018 Paint Color Trends

Redecorating a room in your home and need some color inspiration? Find out what’s in style with these 2018 paint color trends.

The hottest paint color trends of 2018

Well, it’s the beginning of a new year…and that means people are making all kinds of predictions about what the new year will bring.

Some of my favorite forecasts are the “Color of the Year” selections that the paint companies make each year.

As I mentioned last year when I was talking about the 2017 paint color trends, this isn’t necessarily so that I can rush out and paint my rooms the latest and greatest colors. I firmly believe you should only decorate with colors that you love, not go with the trends just because they are trendy.

However, if the trend happens to be a color I love, that usually means finding accessories in that color will be a whole lot easier. So it may help me make some decisions about any rooms I’m planning on re-decorating…or add some things to a space I already have decorated in that color.

This year a lot of the trends are continuing down the “lots of color” path that started last year. And since I happen to love color, that suits me just fine!

Keep reading to see the paint color trends for 2018.

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Color Trend #1: Lots of Purple

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"Ultra Violet" by Pantone

“Ultra Violet” by Pantone

This 2018 paint color trend started last year with a couple of the paint companies choosing dark purple as one of their options. But this year the shades of purple have gone much bolder and brighter.

The brightest, boldest purple hue of them all, “Ultra Violet”, is the 2018 color of the year from the Pantone Color Institute, a consulting firm that forecasts global color trends.

I have to say that a lot of people are losing their mind over this color choice…and not in a good way!.

It is a very bold color so I can see how it might be a bit intimidating to think of painting it on your walls.

Although I decided to go for something similar when I re-decorated my master bedroom.

No pastel lilac for me!

If you love the color but don’t want to do a full room, some cushions or other accessories might be the thing for you.

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A living room in "Wisteria" by Sherwin Williams

“Wisteria” by Sherwin Williams

For those of you who don’t want to go that dark, Sherwin Williams included “Wisteria” in their Connectivity paint palette for 2018. It’s still a bright, fairly bold color that will definitely bring some life to a room!

"Brassica" by Farrow & Ball

“Brassica” by Farrow & Ball | Photo by James Merrell

For more of a grey-based lavender color, you could try one of Farrow & Ball’s selections for this season called “Brassica”. As with most of Farrow & Ball’s paints, the color changes in different light…sometimes looking more lavender and sometimes more grey, which is part of what makes their paint so unique.

Color Trend #2: Ocean Blue

An office painted with Sherwin Williams "Oceanside"

“Oceanside” by Sherwin Williams

Those of you who have been here probably know that I am pretty happy with this 2018 paint color trend. Bring on the blues! (That’s a hint…this isn’t the only one on this list!)

Sherwin Williams chose “Oceanside” as their 2018 color of the year. It’s a deep green-blue color that definitely has a marine feeling. I love how they painted the insides of the shelves green to dress them up a bit.

If you’re not inclined to do a whole room in this color, I think it would make a beautiful statement door color (statement doors are a 2018 home decor trend…you can find all about that and more decorating trends HERE).

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"Inchyra Blue" by Farrow & Ball

“Inchyra Blue” from Farrow & Ball

If you want a color with a little more green in it, try “Inchyra Blue” from Farrow & Ball. It is based on the blue doors of the Georgian Inchyra House in Scotland and can take on many personalities depending on the light. Anything from green to grey to blue.

There’s that blue door idea I was talking about!

Valspar "Roadster Blue" at Lowes or "Lake Henry" at Ace Hardware

“Roadster Blue” (Lowes) or “Lake Henry” (Ace Hardware) by Valspar

Or for a little more of a blue base, Valspar has included “Roadster Blue” at Lowe’s (also known as “Lake Henry” at Ace Hardware and independent retailers) as one of their 2018 paint color trends.

Color Trend #3: Saturated Blue

A door frame painted with Valspar "Vivid Blue" at Lowes or "Blueprint" at Ace Hardware

Valspar “Vivid Blue” at Lowes or “Blueprint” at Ace Hardware and Independent Retailers

In addition to the green-blues, pure saturated blues are also making an appearance in the color trends this year (another one of my favorites!)

Valspar went with a true blue called Vivid Blue at Lowes and Blueprint at Ace Hardware or independent retailers.

(And in case you didn’t notice, that’s a statement door done in a different way.)

Dining room in "Wide Sky" by Behr

“Wide Sky” by Behr

Behr has included something similar in their 2018 paint color trends with “Wide Sky”.

It really does have a feeling of freedom like being in a wide-open field with nothing but blue sky above you.

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Blue and white garden seat*

Wouldn’t this look pretty with some of my favorite blue and white ginger jars* or this beautiful garden seat*?

Living room in "Indigo" by Sherwin Williams

“Indigo” by Sherwin Williams

Sherwin Williams has a darker shade of blue included in their 2018 Unity collection called “Indigo” which is perfect if you want a moodier feel to your room. My mother is in the process of painting her living room a similar color…so stay tuned for the upcoming makeover!

Color Trend #4: Warm Red

A door in "Caliente" by Benjamin Moore

“Caliente” by Benjamin Moore

As a surprise addition to the bold color trend, Benjamin Moore broke away from the blue and purple trends by choosing a very warm red called “Caliente” as their 2018 color of the year.

Did you notice? Another statement door!

A bedroom in "Caliente" by Benjamin Moore

“Caliente” by Benjamin Moore

They are showcasing it both as an accent color and as a way to immerse your room in color. The Hudson Bay blanket* on the bed above is the perfect accessory for a red room!

A kitchen in "Heartthrob" by Sherwin Williams

“Heartthrob” by Sherwin Williams

Sherwin Williams also included a bold red color appropriately named “Heartthrob” in their Unity color list (which is part of their 2018 paint color trends).

An accent wall in "Cherry Wine" by Benjamin Moore

“Cherry Wine” by Benjamin Moore

If you’re looking for something a little less orange, Benjamin Moore has quite a few other pink and red tones on their color palette for this year as well.  One of their other selections like “Cherry Wine” may work better for you

Color Trend #5: Spa Green

A kitchen in "In the Moment" by Behr

“In the Moment” by Behr

Now that we’ve been through all of the bold colors, Behr’s choice for 2018 color of the year is a little more relaxed.  “In the Moment” is a soothing blue-green color that would be great for a spa bathroom or restful bedroom.

A door in "In the Moment" By Behr

“In the Moment” by Behr

It also looks great as an exterior paint color. (That’s statement door #4 in case you’re counting…definitely a home decor trend for this year!)

To add the same spa feel without the effort of painting the whole room, you could also go with some beautiful bedding.

Bathroom in "Silver Marlin" by Benjamin Moore

“Silver Marlin” by Benjamin Moore

Benjamin Moore’s 2018 color selections include a very similar color “Silver Marlin” that is a little lighter in tone and has the same spa-like feel.

Bedroom in "Billowy Breeze" by Sherwin Williams

“Billowy Breeze” by Sherwin Williams

Sherwin Williams also included a color in this range called “Billowy Breeze” that reminds me of being at the beach. How relaxing does this bedroom look?

Color Trend #6: Blue-Black

Sneak Preview of the Hottest 2018 Paint Color Trends

“Black Flame” by PPG brands

The last big trend for this year is all of the blacks! I could almost say that Black is the new Grey…not really since virtually all of the paint palettes for this year have some grey colors on them. But black is definitely showing up everywhere as a room color.

If you want to try this trend, but are a little nervous about going for it, read our tips on decorating a black room.

All of the PPG brands chose some shade of black as their color of the year, starting with “Black Flame”. It’s a combination of navy and black that adds a lot of depth to the space.

Sneak Preview of the Hottest 2018 Paint Color Trends

Olympic’s color choice for 2018 is a similar shade of black called Black Magic which has a little less blue in it.

If you don’t want to paint your whole room black, adding an interesting pattern like this on the walls may be the way to go! Which is what I did with the zebra stencil in my bathroom makeover.

Sneak Preview of the Hottest 2018 Paint Color Trends

Glidden’s selection for 2018 color of the year

Glidden’s selection for 2018 color of the year is Black Onyx, a straightforward black that has a little bit of brown in it. Black also looks great as an accent wall, in this case making the fireplace really stand out.

You’ll also find different shades of black included in pretty much all of the other paint brand’s 2018 color palettes as well, so you have lots of choices if you decide to take the plunge and paint a room black.

That’s it for this year’s color trend forecasts. Now I’m off to figure out if I need any more blue accessories for my living room 🙂

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What do you think of the 2018 paint color trends? Do you have a favorite (or least favorite)? Tell us in the section below.

This post was originally published on January 5, 2018 but was updated with new content on August 15, 2023.

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  1. Not a fan of the purples at all. Might be hard to find accent colors to go with. I like the oceanside teal but seems like we had seen this a couple of years ago. The Black-Onyx is the freshest idea. I would try this if I had a large enough room to make this work

    1. Hi Donna…You’re right…The purple is pretty taste-specific, so you really have to love it to go with that! Teal has been around for a while, and the black is an up and coming trend that I think might be around for a little while.

  2. I love the ‘In the Moment’ by Behr. I will be doing a guest bedroom in that color. I love the bold red as well and currently have splashes of it in my living room and kitchen.

    1. Hi Diana…’In The Moment’ is a really pretty color for a guest bedroom…very soothing. And I agree…the bold red is a great accent color!

  3. I really love them. I use the exact red and black you mention. I paint refurbed furniture. Lisa

    1. Hi Lisa…red and black is a really dramatic color combination. Your refurbished furniture must be stunning 🙂

  4. Lonestarlady says:

    I just painted a red bedroom, so I was ahead of my time! I’m into the more subtle spa/aqua colors.

    1. It sounds like your red bedroom is right in style 🙂 The spa colors are very soothing.

  5. They are really jewel toned which in a small space would be a bit brave or overwhelming! I like the reds and greens! Particularly the Behr “In the Moment” it will be my new front door color!!! Beautiful and welcoming!

    1. Hi Donna…yes, a lot of the colors this year are definitely bold! I think that spa green will make a beautiful front door color!

  6. My Sunroom is Purple bright purple.
    My Exterior is Cans Apple Red.
    My livingroom is close to Spa Green.
    That’s 3 out of 7 for me.

    1. It sounds like your paint colors are right on trend this year, Cynthia! I love it when that happens 🙂

    2. Judy cantrell says:


      My house is very open floor plan…my main accent color is a warm red…you would be surprised how many colors it co ordinates with…my other colors are soft greens, dark purple and pale yellow in small guest bath…I love all of these colors this year…the blue is going in guest bedroom

      1. Thanks, Judy! Your house sounds very pretty. I also love using different colors in my home so I like to hear how other people are combining them.

  7. I do like the blue black

  8. I’m just not feeling the 2018 colors.
    I like a more peaceful relax look . A softer look .
    If I need color I Will do it in a throw / pillow / candle artwork.
    That room with the white cabinets black counter Red ceiling I would have to redo it.
    To me it takes center stage over everything in the room .
    You pay a lot for cabinets : counters etc Paint is cheap … why have Paint be the star of such a expensive room .
    I think a couple of red candles or canisters could have brought in that red in a much more pleasing way .
    Thank you

    1. Hi Nancy…that’s the great thing about interior decorating! Everyone has their own design taste and can choose to decorate their home however they want to…just do what makes you happy 🙂

    2. Amber Emken says:

      Nancy I’d say the opposite. I love the red walls with those white cabinets and black counters. I don’t think I would have done the ceiling that way as well but I love that the walls make the cabinets pop. Too often I see white cabinets, with greys and whites for walls and it’s just blah frankly. The red emphasizes the beautiful cabinetry in my mind doesn’t diminish it.