Sneak Preview of the New 2019 Paint Color Trends

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Looking to update your home? Find out the 2019 paint color trends according to all of the major paint companies.

I love to find out the paint color trends that the paint companies think will be popular in the upcoming year. Now that almost all of them have released their picks, here are the 2019 paint color trends. In case you want to refer back, here are the 2017 paint color trends and the 2018 paint color trends.

2019 Paint Color Trends

2019 Paint Color Trends

I always love to see what the paint companies think the trending paint colors are going to be for the next year.

However, as I’ve said before, I don’t do this because I’m going to go out and immediately paint my house a trendy color.

I don’t recommend that.

UNLESS you happen to love one of the trendy colors. Then it’s a perfect time to makeover that room you’ve been putting off. Because chances are there will be all kinds of home decor furnishings and accessories available in those colors. And decorating a room is so much easier if you can find the colors you are looking for.

This year, it seems like there are 3 main inspirations that run across most of the color selections – mid century modern, American Southwest and nature-inspired. So if you are also inspired by any of those styles, you’re in luck for paint trends this year.

Okay, now let’s get on to what you came for…the 2019 paint color trends of the year!

Update: I’ve added Pantone’s color of the year. Skip to page 3 if you want to go directly there.

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2 Responses

  • I love the gray-based green that typically is called something like “Seaglass.” Can this color be put on a wall next to a light taupe color or should it only be adjacent to a wall that has gray undertones itself? I guess what I’m asking is this–can warm colors and cool colors be side by side? For instance, I would love to do my dining room (which has bachelor’s panels on the bottom) in Benjamin Moore’s Metropolitan AF-690 on the top and then bottom in Mustang 2111-30 but the very next wall (open concept) is the light taupe. Would I need to paint the entire common area color a cool-based tone in order to paint a couple of the adjoining rooms cool colors or does that not matter, even when you’re able to see them all at once? Thanks so much!

    • Hi Tammy…the easiest way to paint an open concept area (and make sure it looks good) is to do it all in the same color base.

      However, it is possible to use warm and cool colors beside each other.

      It sounds like your dining area already has some different moldings that set it apart from the rest of the space, so that makes it easier to get away with painting that area a different color.

      To make the transition from one paint color to the next a little smoother, I would include the adjacent room colors in a few accent pieces in your common area (eg. add some art, vases, pillows, etc. that contain colors similar to “Seaglass”, Mustang and Metropolitan). That will lead your eye more naturally from one space to the next.

      I would also try out your color scheme online just to make sure it looks good. I like Sherwin Williams ColorSnap app. It has both a web version and a mobile app…the mobile app is a little easier to use and has more functions so I prefer it. To convert your Benjamin Moore paint colors into Sherwin Williams colors, you have a few options:
      1. Take a picture of the paint chip and use the Sherwin Williams ColorSnap mobile app to match it.
      2. Go to to have it tell you similar Sherwin Williams colors.
      3. Go to the Sherwin Williams store and ask them to do it for you (or pick out some paint chips yourself that are close)
      Then upload a picture of your room into the Sherwin Williams app and “paint” the walls with the colors you want to use. It won’t look exactly as it does in real life but it should give you a good idea of whether or not you’ll like it.

      Hope that helps! Good luck with your painting 🙂

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