Halloween Outdoor Lighting: 7 Spooky Ways To Light Your Yard

Looking for some ways to add spooky Halloween outdoor lighting to your yard? These ideas are sure to make your house the coolest one on the block!

Halloween is my absolute favorite holiday, which is why I always go all out with Halloween decorations like my haunted house decor and my annual Halloween graveyard. But no matter whether I’m doing indoor or outdoor decor, I think lighting is what makes or breaks a good Halloween display.

7 More Ways To Create Halloween Outdoor Lighting

Halloween Outdoor Lighting

It’s no secret that I love Halloween…and I especially love doing up my yard with Halloween lights.

And there’s no missing my house on the block. I definitely don’t subscribe to the “less is more” school of Halloween decorating (not that I really belong to that school much anyhow).

Halloween outdoor lighting
Lots of Halloween lighting

It’s been a couple of years since I wrote my first Halloween Lighting post (and I still use all of those lighting ideas in my Halloween yard decor). However, since then Halloween decorating seems to have taken on a life of its own.

There are some new Halloween lighting options which I (of course) had to try! And every year I learn a few more lighting tricks to help make my yard look spooky.

So I thought I would do an update that includes the new things I’ve done.

Keep reading to find 7 more ways to add spooky Halloween outdoor lighting to your yard.

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Cool Outdoor Halloween lighting ideas

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10 Responses

    • Hi Brie…I use 7 of the flood lights for my front yard…2 at the front, 2 at the sides and 3 to uplight bushes, tombstones or other Halloween decor. But it will depend on how big of a space you are trying to light. My Halloween display area is about 15′ x 25′ if that helps.

  • Hi Wanda – Thank you so much! Appreciate your insight. I love your display and have been inspired to focus on the outside of my house this year. All the best! Brie

  • Love, love, love Halloween! I even went as far as marrying a guy whose birthday is Halloween!HA!HA! I have accumulated quite a bit of Halloween “stuff” in the past few years and usually start decorating around the middle of September. I really like all the new battery operated, automatic shut-off lighting and solar lighting. I don’t do the gory stuff that’s out there…that’s not my idea of Halloween. Witches, ghosts, bats, cats, etc. is my theme. I usually buy a few new things each year. When I saw your lighting effects and the spotlights that you used, I immediately went to Amazon and bought 3 of them. 🙂 This year I want to create a haunted “photo booth” in my garage…that should be fun. We live in the country, so we always have a bonfire/weeny roast and I have a walk out basement; soooo, I “spook” it up. Thanks for the idea with the spotlights…Halloween lovers unite.:)

    • That’s awesome, Pat! Your Halloween display sounds fabulous! I also love all of the new Halloween gadgets that come out every year, and can’t help buying a few even though I already have a shed full of them. And I’m with you on leaving out the gory props…I just do the spooky ones 🙂 Have a great Halloween haunt!!

  • Can you tell me what color those flamingos are before being lit. I have some black ones I collected but then was disappointed in how they looked. What color lighting would I use to make them look like yours?

    • Hi Susan…my flamingos are mostly gray with some black markings on them. I lit them with a blue spot light, but I think the gray reflects the light better than black would. You could try painting yours a lighter color and see if that would help make them stand out more.

  • Hi Wanda,

    Your Halloween Decor is absolutely amazing! I love Halloween Decor and you definitely speak to my soul with your creations. Do you offer services to decorate events?

    Thank you for sharing!

    • Thanks, Jorge! I am always happy to hear from a fellow Halloween lover! I am not offering any event decorating services at this time. Sorry!

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