DIY: How To Make Feather Centerpieces (plus 7 variations)

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DIY: How To Make Feather Centerpieces | I have used different variations of these DIY ostrich feather centerpieces instead of floral arrangements at all kinds of wedding receptions and parties...a Great Gatsby party, Winter Wonderland party, 50th birthday party, Mardi Gras party, Valentine's Day get the idea :). They are simple to put together and you will save a lot of money making them yourself! Click through to get the step by step instructions.
How To Make A Feather Centerpiece (7 different ways)

Feather centerpieces are an easy way to add some glam to any wedding, event, party or dinner.

Ostrich feathers are available in pretty much every color, which means they are very easy to match to your decor. And they are available in many different sizes so you can control the size of your centerpiece.

Even better, feather centerpieces are really easy to put together, and can be re-used again and again.

Keep reading to find out how to make feather centerpieces (7 different ways).

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  1. Toni Ann

    Hi how are you, I found your pin and am making a center piece for an upcoming event. I just had a question on one of your additions. What directions would you give to someone when Hanging Crystals or Beads From the Feathers? I bought all the materials but do not know how to go about this step.

    Please respond as soon as seeing this! Thank you

    • Hi Toni Ann…I usually start by hanging the end of the string of beads/crystals over the stem of one of the feathers that is on the bottom layer, pretty close to the vase. Then let out some of the crystals so that they are draping down about half way down the vase and hang the bead string over the stem of the next feather on the bottom row. Keep going around the vase the same way looping the string over the feathers on the bottom row until you get back to the starting point. I like to change up the distance that the string falls down between the feathers (that way if they don’t stay exactly in place when you move the vases, no-one can really tell). Then do the exact same thing for the feathers on the next row up…this time hang the beads a little further out from the vase. If you want to hang both crystals and beads, change over to the other type of string for the second row. When you are finished those 2 layers, take a look at it and see if you like it. If it doesn’t look like enough, you can keep going with a third row, one level up and a little further out again. You probably can’t go up much further than the third layer of feathers because the beads will cause the top feathers to droop. But if you still want to have more crystals, you can try repeating the same process to one of the layers of feathers you have already done but further out on the stem. Once you’re finished stringing the beads/crystals, take a look at it and adjust anything that doesn’t look right. Hopefully this helps!

  2. Where can I get the crystals beads from

  3. Stacey Christmas

    Where can you buy the feathers in bulk I’m in desperate need of dark purple feathers in bulk

    • Hi Stacey…If you have time to wait for shipping, you can go to and search for Purple ostrich feathers…you should see a bunch of options for different feather sizes, quantities and prices. There’s also a weddingfeathers Etsy shop. Both of these ship from China so it usually takes a couple of weeks for them to arrive (although you might be able to pay for rush shipping). If you want to be able to get them quickly, try (but they will probably be more expensive). Hope this helps! Wanda.

  4. Toniann Mattia

    When you put the beads on the feathers do you just let them hang? or do you put glue dots or hot glue on it? i’m having trouble getting them to stay

    • Wanda

      Hi Toniann…I just hung the beads on there, but they do move around a bit. I think either glue dots or hot glue or even velcro dots would work if you want to make sure they stay in the right place.

    • Wanda

      Hi Toniann…I just had another thought. I haven’t tried this but I think it might work pretty well…you could try using something else rather than the feathers to hold up the beads. I’m thinking something like the wood skewers you would use for shish kabobs, or maybe even straws. Cut them short enough so they don’t stick out through the feathers (you might want to paint them the same color as the feathers if you can see them). Then you can put your glue dots or velcro dots on the skewers, stick them in the bouquet holder between the feathers and hang the beads from there. They might be a little sturdier and it would be a little less messy than trying to stick things directly on the feathers.

  5. Jody-Ann Marsh

    hello this is beautiful. i am hosting a 50th birthday celebration for my mom. a masquerade theme. purple black and gold. i would love to use this idea. where can i get the items to purchase. also its in December. your ideas are just wonderful.

    :) thank you

    • Thanks Jody-Ann! Your party sounds like it will be beautiful, too…Purple, black and gold look great together!

      I think you could do black vases with black and purple feathers and dip the ends of the feathers in gold glitter (you can find the instructions for that here: Great Gatsby Party gold-tipped feathers). Or you could use a clear glass vase and fill it up with gold mardi-gras beads if you want more of the gold. I don’t know if you saw it, but I did a Mardi Gras masquerade party which you might be able to get some ideas from (it was purple, green and gold so just switch out the green for black).

      I buy a lot of the supplies for my parties from (you can find the links for the feather centerpiece supplies here: Feather Centerpieces product links. You can also try, or…I usually search all of them to find the best price for what I want.

      I hope this helps…good luck with your party!

  6. jody-Ann

    thank you for replying. i actually thought i wouldnt get a respond. however i just purchase some clear glass vase. i was looking for some deals to get the feathers in bulk. i guess ill stick to amazon. i only have 7 tables. approximately how many feathers should be in one vase. ill check out the gatsby party. i have a question. what can i do for masks? i feel like im behind schedule party is dec 17 lol

    thanks again for all the help.
    blessings to you always.

    • Hi Jody-Ann…for bulk feathers, try searching for Ostrich Feathers on They have a lot of sellers (some bulk and some not) that generally have better prices but you do have to compare. Most of them are shipping from China so it takes a couple of weeks to get here. If you order soon, you should still have time.

      You will need 25 to 30 feathers per vase (depending on how full you want them to look).

      For the masks…it depends on how fancy you want them to be :) You can get pretty inexpensive masks from most of the party stores – Party City or If you want a bigger choice of colors and styles, try the Mardi Gras stores – or

      You still have a little time to pull it together so don’t stress too much :)

  7. Hi how do you get the feathers fluffy. A got some feathers online and they are closed up . Thanks

    • Hi Carol…Ostrich feathers should not be hard to “fluff”. You should just be able to shake them out or run your fingers through them to get them to open. If that doesn’t work, I think you probably have the wrong kind of feathers. If you still have the package, check that they are ostrich feathers (maybe they made a mistake and sent you the wrong thing?). If you’re still not sure, send me a picture of one of them and I can probably tell you. Hope you get it sorted out!

  8. Thank you for your help. I realise now that I have the wrong type of feathers. You can tell I am new to all of this!!

  9. Hi, I want to add flowers in with the feathers…. orchids hanging down and other flowers mixed in. Would you put the feathers in first? And would you glue the orchids in? Thanks,

    • Hi Rose…that sounds beautiful! Yes, I would put the feathers in first. I think I would try just draping the flowers on the feathers without gluing them to see if they stay. Then if they don’t stay where you want them, you can always go back afterwords and add some glue (maybe try glue dots or velcro dots which would be a little less messy than regular glue).

  10. jody-Ann

    hey how are you. i would like to send you a email of a test that i did .im currently waiting on the gold beads . also how do i tie the beads. they all falling down smh

    • Hi Jody-Ann…I’m good…how are you? I would love to see a picture of how it turned out!

      For the beads falling off, here’s a few suggestions:

      • If they are sliding down the feathers towards the vase, maybe try adjusting the feathers so that they are sticking out straighter (or move the beads onto ones that are already sticking out at less of an angle).
      • If they are sliding the other way off the end of the feathers, then you may need to move the bead strands in closer to the vase (they won’t stay if they more than about 1/3 of the way out on the feather).
      • If they are pulling off the feathers from the weight of the beads, you could try wrapping the strand around a few of the feathers to keep it in place. Or maybe a few twist ties would help?
      • Hope that helps!

  11. Kaela

    In the one that has the pink glimmer lights in the feathers, what technique did you use for that? How did you place the lights and how do they stay in place? Thanks!

    • Wanda

      Hi Kaela…I strung them through the feathers (something like lights on a Christmas tree), starting with the battery pack end close to the vase and working my way out. Those glimmer light strings are very light weight so they pretty much stay in place. The tricky part is hiding the battery pack which is heavier. I stuck it on top of the bouquet holder between the feathers at the top of the arrangement, so the bouquet holder was carrying the weight and the feathers made sure it didn’t fall off. You could probably use some glue dots or velcro dots to hold it on there if you wanted to make sure it didn’t move. Hope this helps!

  12. Toni Dibenedetto

    Approximately how many 20″ ostrich feathers do you use per centerpiece? Thinking a 20″ vase.

    • Wanda

      Hi Toni…I usually use 27 to 30 feathers per vase (that’s what I used for the pictures with the white feathers…they are 20″ feathers). If you want a really full look, you can add a few more, but it gets a little harder to position the stems in the bouquet holder because they run into each other.

  13. Sheila

    I have a 24″ trumpet vase and I would like to buy black and red feathers. I think I would like the size to be 20-24″ feathers. Question how many do I buy black and how many in red. Or do I buy 20″-24″ in black and 14″ in red. I hope you can help me. This is my first time doing feathers as a centerpiece

    • Wanda

      Hi Sheila…When I’m using two colors of feathers, I usually put in 2/3 one color and 1/3 of the other color. Since it normally takes 27 to 30 feathers to do one vase, I would do 18 to 20 black feathers with 9 or 10 red ones. I haven’t tried using 2 different sizes of feathers in one vase, but it might work if you want to make sure black is the dominant color.

  14. I think it’s fantastic that someone who does this for a livelihood would share so openly with everyone .
    I say this because it seem to me people are so selfish .God bless you Wanda and may your store room never be empty ,because you have a good heart.

    • Wanda

      Thanks, Eunice! I firmly believe that you get out of life what you give. Not everyone can afford to hire someone to make these kinds of decorations…but if you’re willing to do the work, you can still create a beautiful setting for yourself. I’m happy to help make that happen :)

  15. You are so right ,thanks for taking the time to reply.

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