9 Ways to Create Glow in the Dark Halloween Decorations

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9 Ways To Create Glow In The Dark Halloween Decorations
9 Ways To Create Glow In The Dark Halloween Decorations

Black light is one of my favorite ways to add spookiness to my Halloween party. Clothes made out of white or light-colored cotton glow in the dark, and I always try to add some glow in the dark decor to make it more fun. But getting the glow in the dark part to actually work can be a little tricky since black light does not spread very far.

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2 Responses

  1. jessie lester

    so all you need is liquid laundry detergent, and then you paint your’e wall and at night it glows?

    • Wanda

      Hi Jessie…you do have to have a black light in the area (the laundry detergent won’t glow all on its own). I just hung a fluorescent black light tube (like this one from amazon.com) at the top of the wall with the light bulb facing down. When you turn it on, then the laundry detergent will glow.

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