How To Get Your Garden Ready For Spring

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How to get your garden ready for spring | Itching to get out in the garden but it's too early to start planting? There is still a lot you can do! Find out how to get your garden ready for spring. Plus get a free workbook to help you get everything done!
How to get your garden ready for spring

It’s the time of year when gardeners are itching to get outside, but too early to actually start planting.  There’s still a lot of things that can be done to prepare your garden for spring…so that you can get out in the yard during the nice days.

Once the snow is melted but before the frost comes out of the ground, it is time to assess winter damage, note hardscape repairs needed, and start a surface clean-up.  I want to do these jobs before the bulbs and perennials start to sprout so that I do not trample the new growth.  Here are the initial tasks I do in early spring.

Continue reading to see how to get your garden for ready spring.

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