The Best Jello Shot Recipes (By Color)

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When you want to create a jello shot that tastes great, is easy to make and matches your party decor, find what you’re looking for on this list of the best jello shot recipes by color.

The Best Jello Shots (by color)Best Jello Shot Recipes

Jello shots are one of my all-time favorite party drinks!

I have been making them since I was in college, and they’re as big a hit now (many years later!) as they were back then.

Over the years, I have tried out a lot of different recipes on my friends and have come up with the ones that everyone loves the most. So that’s where this list of the best tasting jello shots came from. Lots of trial and error!

There’s a lot of good reasons why I love jello shots (besides the fact that they’re yummy!). They’re easy to put together, can be made ahead of time (always a bonus!), they can go with any color theme, and you’re in total control over how much of a kick they have (I usually make some with alcohol and some without).

I almost always make jelly shots in these individual jello shot cups with lids (the 2 ounce size works best)*.

They can be stacked for storage in the fridge, are easy to hand out to your guests and don’t spill or break if they’re dropped (which always seems to happen at some point during the night!)

jello shot with mini spoon
Jello shot with mini spoon

I serve jello shots with plastic mini tasting spoons*.  Although some people like to use the no-utensils approach to downing them, a lot of my friends appreciate having a spoon. These ones are the perfect size for eating from a jello shot cup.

The Best Tasting Jello Shots (by color)

Continue on to the next pages to browse through my list of the best jello shot recipes, or skip directly to the jello shot color you are looking for.

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12 Responses

  • When make jello shots, if you use 3 boxes, do 3 cups of boiling water, 1 cup of liquor, 1 cup liquer, and 1 cup of orange juice, pineapple juice, cranberry juice, or sweet and sour, or margarita mix. For example, if i use pineapple jello, i do a cup of coconut rum, a cup of banana liquer, and a cup of orange juice.

    • Hi Kelly…thanks for the suggestion…that’s a good idea. It’s easy to measure and sounds like it would taste great!

    • I haven’t tried that, but I think it would definitely add to the flavor! If you didn’t use too much, it might not affect the color too much…or if you don’t mind using artificial vanilla, you can get the clear kind that wouldn’t change the color at all. If you do end up trying it, I’d love to hear how it turns out!

    • Hi Jane…all of these recipes use the small boxes of jello. You get about 16 jello shots out of a small box. If you want to make more, a large box will work too…just double the amount of all of the ingredients.

  • I was wondering do you think you could use raspberry Smirnoff vodka in the purple hooter ones? Just increase the flavored vodka to 3/4 cup and leave out the raspberry liqueur. Or would the flavor profile change to much? Thanks

  • I have tried to make jello shots using Root beer Schnapps but the flavor isn’t there. I’m going to boil root beer soda instead of water this time. We’ll see!

    • Hi Debbie…I have tried root beer schnapps jello shots before, and they’ve never worked out for me either. So if you figure out a good way to make them, I would love to know what you find!

    • Hi Mary…I’m going to try to come up with a new recipe in the next couple of weeks (maybe green Jello with blue liquor?). But if I can’t find anything that works, I’ll be making the green margarita ones…and add a couple of drops of blue food coloring to see if I can get the color closer.

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