DIY Black and White Christmas Swag

You can use these swags on your front door, in windows, on the backs of dining room chairs or on kitchen cabinet doors. Pretty much anywhere you might hang a wreath.

First, Gather Materials.

The first step is to lay the ornaments out in a pattern that you like.

Try to vary the heights a little so the ornaments in one layer aren’t all at the exact same level.

Starting 3 or 4 inches above your top layer, roll out enough string to create a loop for the first ornament.

Cut the string, then thread it through the top of the ornament and tie a knot to close the loop.

Repeat this process with each of the 9 ornaments so they all have loops of string attached to the right length.

Tie the ornaments together.

Add the evergreens.

Create a loop at the end of the string remaining after attaching the evergreens and tie a knot. Then add a bow.