17 Fall Home Decor Ideas For People Who Don’t Like Orange

Looking for some fall home decor ideas but don’t want to use traditional autumn colors like orange? Try one of these non-traditional fall decorating ideas.

Fall decor ideas for people who don't like orange

I admit it.

As much as I love color, I have never been a big fan of decorating with orange.

So all of the standard fall decor, like autumn leaves and orange pumpkins, just aren’t in my wheel well.

Which means coming up with some decorating ideas that still feel like fall without using those traditional fall colors.

As usual when I’m in need of some inspiration, I headed for my favorite source of decorating ideas…Pinterest!

And lucky for me, I found all kinds of great ideas for fall home decor ideas that don’t involve orange!!

1 | Romantic pink and green

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I love the pink and green colors in this fall tablescape from Designthusiasm that is definitely on the romantic side.

I’m also loving the velvet pumpkins!

Of course, I’m a pretty big fan of velvet to begin with, and making pumpkins out of it means you can get them in any color you want!

I bought a couple of these inexpensive ones* for my fall decor.

But if you prefer to make your own velvet pumpkins, it is a pretty easy DIY project.

2 | Bird cage pumpkin container

I have a set of bird cages that I bought for party decor a few years ago and I’m always looking for interesting ways to use them.

So that’s why the idea of filling one up with mini-pumpkins caught my eye. It’s a very simple way to add an autumn feel to your room.

And if you love farmhouse or rustic decor, using an old shutter as the base for the centerpiece adds some interest and depth.

You can find more of this room at Town and Country Living.

3 | Mercury glass candle holders

Another one of my favorite decorating accessories is mercury glass.

So I guess it’s not too surprising that I fell for this fall vignette from Yvonne at Stone Gable that uses mercury glass candles with white and blue (ish) real pumpkins.

I am so excited that my local Publix grocery store is carrying these non-orange pumpkins this year…so I’ll be able to have some real ones too.

4 | DIY white and gold mini pumpkins

Fall home decor ideas featuring white and gold pumpkins on a cutting board.

This DIY project for creating glam white and gold mini pumpkins is super easy.

Buy some Baby Boo and Hooligan mini pumpkins (which are both white) as well as some gold thumb tacks.

Then insert the tacks in a row along the ribs of the little pumpkins.

These can be included as part of a larger centerpiece, or in a bowl to create their own fall display.

5 | Use an heirloom pumpkin as a vase

DIY pumpkin vase with pink flowers on a glass coffee table

For pretty fall table decor, try using an heirloom pumpkin as a vase for flowers.

They come in lots of pretty colors (like the pink one above) so you should be able to find one to match your decor.

And it’s a quick and easy DIY project that makes the perfect centerpiece for Thanksgiving.

Learn more about out how to make a pumpkin vase.

6 | DIY galvanized metal pumpkins

This next pin is a great DIY project from The Navage Patch.

The original idea came from Pottery Barn but I think their galvanized metal pumpkins look just as good and cost way less than the original version!

7 | Lanterns and pumpkins

Fall home decor ideas featuring white pumpkins and a lantern on a wooden table.

Combining white pumpkins with a lantern, a candle and some burlap lace is another pretty way to create a fall vignette.

Different-sized candle holders act as stands so the pumpkins can be displayed at different heights.

8 | Blue and White Velvet Pumpkins

If you love blue and white ginger jars as much as I do, then you’ll be swooning all over this blue and white fall decorating color scheme from Eleven Gables.

I love the mix of textures with the soft velvet pumpkins, antique silver candle holder and smooth glass jars.

9 | Textured Fabrics

Another one of my favorite ways to add fall coziness to a room is with textured fabrics.

Kelley Nan used a blanket and a stack of books along with a gold pumpkin in her fall bedroom display. Some pink flowers in a vase add a pop of color.

10 | Layered Trays and Copper

Erin at Cotton Stem has the same fall issue that I do. She dislikes orange pumpkins.

She decided to remedy the problem by going with copper, but instead of using pumpkins, she added copper kettles. Which creates such a cozy fall image!

I also like the way she stacked trays to give a more casual but still elegant look to her pumpkin patch.

11 | Chalk Painted Pumpkins

This pin from Anderson and Grant made me say “Why didn’t I think of that?”

Chalk painting pumpkins is the perfect way to make over faux orange pumpkins! So easy to use, and a host of colors to choose from!

12 | Stemmed Pumpkin Holders

These white Baby Boo pumpkins in silver goblets from French Country Cottage is another really pretty and easy way to add fall decor to any room.

And I love the little bit of extra texture provided by the dried hydrangea flower under the pumpkin.

Fall home decor: A group of white pumpkins in pots on a table.

If you prefer a more rustic vibe, try using small terra cotta pots as the stands instead of candle holders.

13 | White pumpkins and flowers

A wooden tray brimming with white pumpkins and flowers, perfect for fall home decor.

White baby boo pumpkins also look beautiful combined with white flowers in a tray.

Varying the size of the flowers (such as the baby’s breath and asters in the arrangement above) adds texture and interest.

Use individual water tubes (like these*) to keep the flowers watered.

Fall home decor ideas featuring white pumpkins and berries on a wooden background.

Or you can combine them with evergreen branches and white berries for a more organic look.

14 | Real Heirloom Pumpkins

Teal and white heirloom pumpkins as living room fall home decor

If you like having real pumpkins, you’re still in luck!

Heirloom pumpkins come in a lot of different colors other than orange, like white, blue, green and pink.

And they seem to be getting more popular every year so they’re much easier to find at local grocery stores than they used to be. I guess I’m not the only one who isn’t a big fan of orange 🙂

15 | Pink Glass Pumpkins

Pink and white glass pumpkins as fall home decor

Copper is one of my favorite fall decorating colors.

It has all the warmth of orange (and even a bit of the color of orange), but it definitely isn’t orange.

And I love the way it looks with all of these pink glass pumpkins that I found at TJ Maxx*.

You can see the rest of this pink and copper fall tablescape HERE.

16 | Copper and Gold Together

copper and gold fall tablescape

Speaking of copper…did you know it also looks really pretty with gold?

Putting the two metals together creates a really warm and inviting tablescape that totally feels like fall!

See more of this gold and copper fall table setting.

17 | Copper Leaf Pumpkins

Copper leaf fake pumpkins used for fall home decor

Are you beginning to see a trend here? I use a lot of copper for fall decorating!

These DIY copper leaf faux pumpkins are really easy to make (don’t let the copper leaf scare you off!).

And I love how pretty they are on the table.

Well that’s it for my fall decorating inspiration for this year…

Cat on sofa in front of fall home decor pumpkins

I better get back to actually putting up my decor…before my helper decides to knock any more velvet pumpkins on to the floor 🙂

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Do you have comments or questions on our fall home decor ideas? Tell us in the section below.

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  1. Anne Stokes says:

    I am a colorist having orange as my least favorite color. Also, I like happy, kind , fun decor. This year I have a varity of sizes and textures of squirrels with copper items, brown and green leaves, wheat sheaves and apples. Fall is a delightful time of year. It does not need to be orange and scarry.
    Anne Stokes

    1. Wanda Simone says:

      Thanks for the suggestions, Anne! I have never thought of using squirrels but what a cute idea!

  2. Anne Hanna says:

    I liked some of your ideas but I think I would add Yellows and deep reds and burnt orange not that very bright orange as I am not a fan of Orange either.

    1. Wanda Simone says:

      You’re right, Anne. Some of the other warm fall colors would also work well.