Chinese Fringe Flower (Loropetalum chinense)

Zones: 7 to 10
Light: Sun to Part Shade
Bloom Time: Spring
Height: 3′ to 10′ (depending on the variety)
Spread: 3′ to 8′

Chinese Fringe Flower (Loropetalum chinense) is a fast-growing evergreen shrub that produces lots of flowers in the spring and then scattered blooms through the rest of the season.

There are two types of this shrub – one with white flowers and green leaves, and another with pink flowers and purple leaves that turn green as they mature.

Plant Chinese fringe flower in acidic soil and it will be easy to grow with few problems

Prune after the spring flowers have faded to control the size.

This post was originally published on January 24, 2021 but was updated with new content on June 18, 2022.