Japanese Anemone

Japanese Anemone

Zones: 3 to 9 (depending on the variety)
Height: 36″
Spread: 36″
Bloom Time: Fall

Japanese anemone is one of my favorite tall shade perennials for late summer/fall blooms.  It floats above the ground cover in the daintiest way as it sways in the wind.

And the multitude of cheerful pink or white flowers are always cheerful.

Japanese Anemone in the shade garden

Japanese anemone is a late bloomer; so the plant stays dormant until late spring.

Because of this, I like to plant a fern peony beside it. The peony is fading by the time the anemone starts to sprout.

Tall shade perennial - Japanese Anemone

At 3′ high, this plant may need staking  But it always gets many appreciative comments from passersby.

These plants also spread by underground runners and can become invasive in some areas, so check with your local nursery before planting. Or grow them in an enclosed space like a large container or raised bed.

My Favorite Varieties

Here are a couple of my favorite varieties:

A. huphensis ‘September Charm’ (Zone 4 – 8): Has beautiful pink flowers with bright yellow centers and stems that grow to be 3′ to 4′ tall. Buy it HERE.*

Learn more about growing Japanese Anemone HERE.

A. huphensis ‘Honorine Jobert’ (Zone 4 – 8): Produces beautiful white blooms with yellow stamens around chartreuse centers. It blooms prolifically in the late summer and early fall on stems that are 3′ to 4′ tall. Find it HERE.*

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