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10 Tips For Successful Spray Painting

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10 Tips For Successful Spray Painting (even if you're not good at it) | Want to use spray paint but have a hard time getting a smooth, even finish? Try these tips for successful spray painting.
10 Tips For Successful Spray Painting (even if you’re not good at it)

Lately I have been doing a lot of projects that involve spray painting. Mostly because it is easier to get paint into all of the small crevices when you spray it…and it dries so quickly that your projects get finished much faster.

The only problem is, I am not very good at using spray paint. I never seem to be able to get it to go on evenly. And the surfaces never seem to be as smooth as I would like them.

So I have learned the hard way (by experience) that there are some things to do (and some things not to do) if you want your spray painted projects to turn out. I’m sure that some spray-painting gurus will disagree with some of these…but this is what has worked for me. And I thought I would share what I have learned in case it helps anyone else.

Continue reading to see my 10 tips for successful spray painting.

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4 Responses

  1. Lil
    | Reply

    Hi. That was so informative. Thanks for the help. One question: I don’t understand why if you don’t do the second spray in an hour you have to wait 24 hours. Thanks!

    • Wanda
      | Reply

      Hi Lil…this isn’t something I have actually tried (I do follow the instructions for some things :) )…but I’ve heard that the paint dries on the outside but hasn’t really dried on the inside, so when you go to put the next coat on, the new coat of wet paint causes the existing paint to wrinkle. I’ll have to try that out (not on a real project)…and then add it to the list :)

  2. Pili
    | Reply

    All of those tips are really helpful!! It seemed as you were reading my mind, I did all of the things you wrote about so I learned the hard way. I wish I had read your post when I started to spray painting stuff. By the way, I always wondered why sometimes I got cracks on the paint and I know the reason now.

    Thank you for sharing with us at Sweet Inspiration party!! Pinning! Have a wonderful week!

    • Wanda
      | Reply

      Thanks, Pili! Hopefully the spray paint tips will prevent someone else from making the same mistakes! Thanks for hosting the Sweet Inspiration link party!

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