Black Home Office Furniture Ideas

Now that I’ve gathered some home office design ideas and come up with some home office design layouts, it’s time to look at furniture.

To be honest, for my current home office mini-makeover, I’m not planning on buying much new furniture.

But I will be making some (so look out for some upcoming DIY projects), and I like to look at what is available to buy to get some inspiration for my DIY projects.

Since I’m not planning on re-painting and the room is currently black, I was looking for black home office furniture ideas.

And decided to do two different mood boards – one features a black and gold color scheme. And the other has black and silver furniture options.

Black and Gold Home Office Furniture

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Since I have gold wallpaper in panels on the black walls, these gold and black furniture pieces fit right in.

And the gold definitely ups the glam factor.

1 | Lighting

Home office lighting - Semi flush mount crystal ceiling light fixture

Lighting is one of the most important elements of any room makeover, and it’s especially important in a home office if you need to work after dark.

If you’ve seen any of my room makeovers, you know I love chandeliers.

Not only does the light look really pretty when it reflects off the crystals, but because they often have a lot of bulbs, chandeliers can be quite bright.

And if you don’t want that much light all the time, they look great on a dimmer.

However, in this room the ceiling is only 8 feet high (and the light fixture won’t be over a table), so I can’t have a full-blown chandelier.

Which is why this semi-flushmount light fixture with all of the crystals is the perfect compromise.

2 | Gold Home Office Bookcases

Geometric gold home office bookcase unit with glass shelves

While my home office already has some built-in shelving, I would like to add some more.

And I love the geometric design of these gold shelves. They look interesting even if there’s nothing on them!

3 | Black and Gold Desk

Black desk with gold and acrylic accents

Can I just say that I LOVE this black desk with gold and acrylic accents*?

I’m not looking to get a new desk (since I also love the one I have)…but if I were…

It is a bit on the expensive side so maybe it’s a good thing I’m not in the market for a new one 🙂

4 | Black and Gold Desk Chair

Black desk chair with gold legs and arm rests

While I’m not shopping for a new desk, I am looking for a new desk chair. This black chair with gold accents has a lot of great reviews, so it may be coming to my house.

I hate to do this, since the chair I have isn’t that old and it is really comfortable, but it’s missing one thing…arm rests.

Now that I work from home full time, I have come to the realization that if you’re going to be comfortable sitting in a chair all day, it really needs to have arm rests.

5 | Black Couch

Home office couch - Black velvet love seat with silver nail head trim and tufting

The first thing I do every day when I start work is to do a little reading.

Which is why I like to have a comfortable seating area (like a couch) in my home office. But since my room is so small, a full-size sofa would take up too much space.

This black velvet love seat is the perfect compromise.

The high back creates a little drama. And the tufting and nail head trim add some extra interest…and a little glam.

6 | Black and Gold Lamp

Home office lighting - black and gold crystal lamp

As I’ve mentioned before, lighting is very important when you’re working.

So I’ll need a couple of lamps in my office. One beside the couch for reading and another on the desk.

I fell in love with this gold and black one that I think would make a beautiful addition to my home office furniture.

But it’s way above my price range…there may be another DIY project in my future!

7 | Area Rug

Leopard print area rug

While I’m quite happy with the area rug I have in my office now, this one would be on the list if I were buying a new one.

I think every room should have some kind of animal print.

And leopard usually looks good with gold accents. With the gold and black furniture in my office, I think it would look stunning!

8 | Black Paint

In case anyone is wondering, Valspar’s Dark Kettle Black is the color that is currently on the walls (and ceiling and bookcases and moldings) in my home office.

It’s one of my favorite blacks since it has a blue-purple base that goes well with my blue accents.

Black and Silver Home Office Furniture

Now let’s take a look at the black and silver home office furniture ideas.

These tend to have a little more industrial feel, but it’s definitely a glam industrial look.

1 | Home Office Lighting

silver and crystal home office semi flush mount chandelier

As I mentioned above, the ceiling in my office isn’t tall enough to have a full-sized chandelier so a semi-flush mount fixture with crystals works better.

This one is similar in shape to the one above but has more silver in its frame color.

2 | Shelving

This black pipe shelving unit is another interesting idea for my home office bookcases.

The pipe frame adds to the industrial vibe and doesn’t take up much visual space against the wall.

It may be a great candidate for a DIY project!

3 | Black and Silver Desk

Black and silver industrial-style desk

This is great option for a black and silver desk (and I think this one is a pretty good deal).

It has a bit of a retro-industrial feel and also provides some extra storage space.

I love the filing boxes that come with it (which you can’t see very well in the picture above).

Silver and black industrial style filing cabinet under a silver desk

But they go very well with the DIY filing cabinet / cart I made for my office a couple of years ago.

4 | Black and Silver Desk Chair

Black and silver office chair

This black and silver office chair is very similar to the one I have in my upstairs office (now photo studio).

And I have always been surprised at how comfortable that chair is.

So if I decide to go with silver rather than gold for my new chair then this may be a good option.

5 | Office Lamp

Home office lighting - silver and glass lamp

This rectangular crystal and silver lamp is a simple but elegant choice for a home office lamp.

It’s quite a bit less expensive than the first lamp I found, so if I can’t figure out how to make that one, this may be my best option.

6 | Love Seat

Home office furniture - Square frame black velvet love seat with tufting and nail head trim

For the black and silver home office mood board, I chose another black velvet love seat. (Besides the fact that it looks and feels pretty, velvet is actually a great material for furniture when you have cats…it doesn’t get pulls from their claws like many other fabrics do.)

The square shape contributes to the industrial feel while the tufting and nail head trim make sure it still has that glam look I love.

7 | Area Rug

I have always had a thing for zebra print cowhide rugs. (It comes with that love of animal prints).

And I think this would be the perfect spot to use one.

Cowhide rugs have an interesting shape, and since they are so thin, they’re easy to roll over with an office chair.

8 | Black Paint

Once again, the black paint is Valspar’s Dark Kettle Black.

Well that’s it for my black home office furniture ideas. Now that I have the design and inspiration for my makeover, I’ll be moving on to the DIY projects so stay tuned for that!

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  1. Thanks for the lovely ideas Wanda! I’ve been wanting to decorate my home office with black (and white) because it has a nice modern look. But my wife disagrees. She prefers a more cozy, homey look as opposed to something more formal or modern. As you probably already know, she’s the boss. So for now I’ll have to settle for looking and admiring.