The Best Online Nurseries (Where To Buy Perennials, Trees and Shrubs Online)

I think half the fun of plant shopping is walking around a nursery and falling in love with some new flower that you didn’t know existed.

Not only are you coming home with an extra plant you have to find a spot for, but you’re supporting local businesses in the process.

However, sometimes all the local places seem to be carrying the same plants and you just can’t find what you’re looking for.

That’s where the mail order nurseries come in handy.

But with all of the different plant varieties and beautiful pictures, the online choices can be overwhelming. How do you know what the best online nursery is?

Since I’ve been ordering plants online for a long time, I thought I would share my list of the best mail order nurseries that I’ve used.

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1 | Home Depot

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Best online nursery for all types of perennials, bushes and trees


I can see you rolling your eyes now…Home Depot as one of the best online plant nurseries? Really??

But hear me out before you start thinking I’ve lost my mind.

Home Depot has a MUCH bigger selection of plants online than they carry in their stores.

Including many of the brand new perennials and shrubs from Proven Winners and the Southern Living Plant Collection (yes, even the ones you can’t find anywhere else).

In addition to the perennials, you can buy pretty much any other kind of plant you can think of from their website — fruit trees, annuals, vegetables, roses, and seeds.

Any time I have ordered plants online from them, they arrive within a day or two. They’re very well packaged and in good condition. And if you do have problems with them, you can take them back to any Home Depot store.

If you’re not sure exactly what plant you are looking for, their website has filters. These allow you to select what zone you live in as well as some plant characteristics like flower color, evergreen or deciduous leaves, “attracts butterflies” or “deer resistant”. Which makes finding something for your exact growing conditions much easier.

To get started, go to this page*, click on the circle for your gardening zone and go from there.

2 | Wayside Gardens

Best mail order nursery for different varieties of standard perennials like Hostas, Clematis and Hydrangeas.


Wayside Gardens is probably responsible for half the plants in my garden (and almost ALL of my 25+ Clematis varieties).

Mostly because they are based out of Hodges, SC which is about an hour drive from my house. And they used to have an annual end-of-season plant sale where you could get some real deals! (They haven’t held it consistently for the last couple of years, but if you live in the area, check for it around the end of June).

However, they do most of their business as a mail-order nursery that sells perennials, trees and shrubs online.

Some are sold as bare-root plants and some shipped in containers. Check the “Item Form” field at the top of the plant description to find out what type of plant your selection is.

Use their Solutions page (here) to find plants for different situations such as “year round interest”, “drought tolerant” or “privacy and screening”.

Note: Wayside Gardens owns Jackson & Perkins, so they also have a large selection of rose bushes available online.

3 | Great Garden Plants

Best online nursery for perennials


Great Garden Plants is one of the best places to buy good quality perennials online.

Like Home Depot, their website has a filter for zone which allows you to narrow the plant selections to only those that will grow in your area.

They ship large potted plants, have easy-to-find categories (on their top menu) for “sun” and “shade” perennials, and offer collections of plants that have been chosen for a purpose (like these butterfly garden perennials) if you need help getting started.

The size of container is listed in the Ship Size field beside the picture so you know how large the plant you are buying will be when you get it.

4 | K. van Bourgondien Dutch Bulbs

Best online plant nursery for inexpensive bulbs


K. van Bourgondien Dutch Bulbs is part of an online plant nursery conglomerate that also owns Breck’s Bulbs* (among others).

The main goal of these companies is the same: They sell inexpensive bulbs.

Which means they aren’t the biggest bulbs or the best quality. But you get a lot of them for your money.

If you’ve ever visited these sites, you’ll notice that the website layout is almost exactly the same. As is the selection of plants.

The one thing that can be different is what is currently on sale.

So if I find some bulbs I want to buy from them, I always check both of these nurseries (as well as the next ones) to see where I can get the best price.

Also, these online nurseries do sell other plants (like perennials and shrubs), but I usually stick to buying their specialty (bulbs) unless they are offering a really good deal that I just can’t pass up.

For example, if you’re on a budget, some of their plant collections (like this Hosta mix*) can be a really inexpensive way to get a new garden bed going.

5 | Spring Hill Nurseries

Best mail order plant nursery for inexpensive bare root perennials and shrubs


Spring Hill Nurseries is another one of the companies owned by that gardening conglomerate I mentioned above, along with their sister nursery, the Michigan Bulb Company* (I know it sounds like it should be a bulb company, but they actually have a larger selection of perennials).

They have the same priority as the nurseries above also…to provide inexpensive plants. Except Spring Hill Nurseries is focused on selling perennials instead of bulbs.

Their perennials and shrubs are either shipped as bare-root plants or in very small containers. Because when it comes to plants, you do get what you pay for.

As with the bulb companies I mentioned above, the one difference between them is what is currently on sale. So I always comparison shop between the companies to get the best price for what I want.

6 | Burpee

Best place to buy vegetable and plant seeds online


Burpee is a family-owned seed company based in Philadelphia that has been in operation since 1876.

They have a large selection of all kinds of seeds including annuals and perennials, but I usually order vegetable and herb seeds from them.

Their online catalog is huge with lots of Burpee exclusives, heirloom and organic seeds to choose from.

And a filter that lets you find them easily.

While they do also sell potted plants, I stick to buying their seeds since that’s what they are known for.

7 | Nearly Native Nursery

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Best online nursery for hard-to-find native plants


The Nearly Native Nursery (as you may have guessed) specializes in native plants that are often hard to find in standard nurseries.

Their main business is their physical location in Fayetteville, GA. But they also offer their plants online.

The website is a little behind the times (you have to fill out a form to order), but if you are looking for native plants like ferns and palmetto palms, you can’t beat their selection or their prices.

To order, find the plants you are looking for by picking them from their catalog (found here) or searching for them by plant characteristics (here).

Then fill out the online order form (found here) and fax it to them at the number listed on the form.

8 | Peony’s Envy

Best mail order nursery for peonies


If you’re looking for peonies, one of the best places to buy them online is Peony’s Envy.

They have hundreds of varieties including herbaceous peonies, Itoh peonies, tree peonies, and woodland peonies.

With many different colors, flower shapes and fragrances, there’s a much wider selection than you will find at other nurseries.

9 | Mendocino’s Maples

Best online nursery for Japanese Maple trees


Japanese maples are one of my favorite small trees for the shade garden. Partly because there are so many varieties with pretty leaves.

But trying to find them can be hard.

So I was excited to find an online nursery (Mendocino Maples) that specializes in them.

They have many rare and unusual maple varieties and give you a choice of what size you want. So you can decide how much you want to spend on the plants.

10 | Amazon

Best online plant store if you’re feeling lucky


As you probably know, Amazon sells just about everything online, including plants.

And actually, you can find a lot of different varieties and types of plants there that you won’t see anywhere else.

You just have to be a little careful.

Some of the sellers are a little sketchy so make sure you read the descriptions carefully. (Many of them are selling seeds for plants that will take years to grow to a use-able size).

That’s it for my list of the best online nurseries. Now hopefully, you can find all the plants you are looking for!

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