DIY Wall Water Fountain (How To Make A Water Feature For A Small Garden)

For an easy and inexpensive way to add a water feature to a small space, try this DIY wall sculpture fountain. Use whatever garden wall art you like for a custom look that works with your garden design.

How to make a DIY wall water fountain

If you’re looking for a way to add a water feature to a small yard or patio, wall fountains make a lot of sense.

They make good use of vertical space to give you the sound of water.

Creating one with a piece of wall art and a galvanized tub is an easy DIY project that will give you a custom look without spending a lot of money.


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  • outdoor wall sculpture. Lion’s heads or gargoyles are popular for this purpose.
  • pump – The size of the pump you need is dependent on how far and high the water needs to be pumped. Click here to use this easy formula
  • hose and connector
  • tub or some other vessel to catch that will catch the water
  • (optional) pond liner
  • (optional) river rocks

Also, don’t forget to figure out where you will plug it in.

How To Put Wall Water Fountain Together

Garden wall art used as the top of a wall water fountain

1. If your wall sculpture does not have a hole, carefully drill one where you want the water to come out.  It should be the same size as the tubing for the pump.

2. Hang the outdoor wall sculpture on a fence or wall.

3. If the tub you chose is not water proof, line the inside with pond liner.  Attach it to the inside of the vessel close to the top using nails or staples. These should be high enough up that they are above the water line since they could cause leaks.

4. Attach the hose to the pump.

5. Place the pump in the bottom of the tub.

Galvanized tub filled with rocks as the bottom of a fountain

6. (Optional) Fill the tub with rocks.  This hides the pump from view, and adds to the splashing sound.

Water fountain tubing attached to the fence

7. Attach the hose to the fence and thread it through the hole in the from the back of the sculpture.

8. Fill the tub with water.

9. Plug the pump in.

DIY wall water fountain

10. Adjust the flow from the pump to have the water running at the desired speed and volume.

Then enjoy the relaxing sound of water in your garden!

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