9 of the Best Flowering Vines For Shade

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Need to hide your neighbor’s shed or soften the lines of a fence or trellis? These flowering vines for shade are the perfect solution…they’re pretty and practical.

9 of the best flowering vines for shade

When I first moved into my house, as with most new construction builder-grade houses, there wasn’t an inch of shade to be found. Being out in the yard in the summer with that sun beating down felt like being in an oven. In fact, the yard was so devoid of life that the backyard didn’t even have any grass!

Of course, being someone who loves to garden, I couldn’t have a yard with no plants! So I set out to create some garden beds. And to help out with the shade situation, I made sure to plant a lot of bushes and small trees that would help cool things down a bit.

I had just moved to South Carolina so I had no idea how fast everything grows here compared to Toronto…and I can tell you, the longer growing season definitely makes a difference!

So now my hot as blazes full-sun yard has turned into a much cooler, mostly shady garden. And that mean finding plants that thrive in the shade to replace the sun-loving varieties that aren’t doing so well anymore.

Like climbing roses. I used to grow them up the fence and over arbors to add some color and block my view of the neighbor’s shed, but they don’t do very well with so little sun. So I’ve been looking for some flowering vines for shade that can take their place. And I’ve discovered that finding shade vines which aren’t invasive plants is actually pretty hard.

But after doing some research I’ve finally been able to come up with a list of flowering vines for shade that I should be able to grow without creating a whole bunch of extra work for myself. (I strive to have a low maintenance garden!) Keep reading to find out what they are.

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