11 of the Best Tips For Growing Tomatoes In Containers (With Success)

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Want to grow healthy, beautiful tomatoes in a small space? Growing tomatoes in containers is the answer! Get the scoop on the best way to grow tomatoes in pots for a bumper crop this summer.

11 of the Best Tips For Growing Tomatoes In Containers With SuccessGrowing Tomatoes In Containers

Like a lot of people, my favorite vegetable to grow is tomatoes.

They taste so much better from the garden than they do from the store…and if you grow them properly, you get a lot of tomatoes for your buck!

However growing tomatoes can be a little frustrating since they are susceptible to disease that greatly reduces the number of tomatoes a plant produces. To get around that, I like to grow the plants in containers…that way you have more control over the conditions that could cause disease.

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Keep reading to find out my 10 tips for growing tomatoes in containers.

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8 Responses

    • Hi Roseann…I would try building a frame around the plants and hanging bird netting or chicken wire over the top and down the sides. I haven’t done this for tomatoes, but it works well with my blueberry bushes. I have also heard that spraying them with some kind of hot sauce mixture will keep the squirrels from eating them so that could be another option. Good luck! Those squirrels are pretty sneaky 🙂

  • I grow my tomatoes in containers and have good luck. But one thing I have problems with is that after they get so big he leaves start wilting. What is the problem and what am I doing wrong. How can I correct this problem?

    • Hi Sue…the easiest answer is that the plants may need more water. Tomatoes need a lot of water and they tend to dry out faster in pots. Unfortunately, it could also be that the plants have one of the common tomato wilt diseases (could be a fungus, virus or bacteria). If this is the problem, there isn’t much you can do about it other than buying plants that are resistant (the label should tell you if they are). I run into this issue a lot when I buy plants from the big box stores, but have better luck when I get them from my local nursery. Hopefully that helps!

  • I am trying to grow Rona tomatoes in a large pot. They keep wanting to grow taller and there are yellow blooms but will this turn into tomatoes ? How long does it take?

    • Hi Laura…It sounds like your tomatoes are doing just fine 🙂 Most varieties do tend to grow quite tall, and the yellow flowers will turn into tomatoes. How long they take to produce the tomatoes depends on the variety you have but it’s usually between 8 and 12 weeks.

  • Congratulations. Good article.
    I had a problem with my tomatoes. The funji affect them. Now I want to plant again. What could I do to cure the soil to use again with others tomatoes and to prevent the same sickness.
    Thank You
    From Peru.

    • Hi Evelyn…I haven’t had very good luck re-using the same soil after it has been infected. If it’s in a container, I usually start over with all new soil (and give the pot a good cleaning). If the plants were in the ground, then I would replace the top 1 foot of the soil around where they were planted. Having said all that, planting them in a different location is usually the best way to prevent the disease from coming back.

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