10 Secrets to Successful Landscape Design

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After many years of gardening, and making lots of mistakes, I have learned a few tried-and-true “rules” that help to make a successful landscape design.

I hate to use the word “rules”, since most of the time I think rules are made to be broken. But in this case, doing these simple steps has always worked out well for me, so I do actually follow them.

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3 Responses

  • When you first start the plan for a garden what is the best scale to use… feet to inches. This will be my first design have been thinking about it for a year now

    • Hi Richard…Ideally, 1 foot to 1 inch gives lots of room for details but if it’s a big area, you may need to go to something smaller just to keep the drawing size manageable. I usually figure out the scale based on the paper size I’m using, eg. 24″ wide paper will be big enough for a 96′ wide yard at 1/4″ scale, 48′ wide yard at 1/2″ scale etc. Then go with the biggest one that will fit on the page 🙂 Good luck with your garden plan!

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