DIY Fabric Storage Ladder

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DIY Fabric Storage Ladder | Looking for a way to store large pieces of fabric so that they are easy to find and look good? Try this easy-to-make DIY Fabric Storage Ladder.
DIY Fabric Storage Ladder

Welcome to week 2 of my fabric organizing projects, and I am really happy with my progress so far!

This week’s project was to figure out how to store all of the large pieces of fabric that are too big for the fabric scraps storage I came up with last week (but aren’t stored in a roll so won’t work with next week’s project).

On top of needing the storage, I also wanted it to look good, since I knew it was going to be out in the open (I don’t have that much closed storage space in my office).

Pottery Barn ladder
Pottery Barn ladder

Then I happened to see this blanket storage ladder on and thought it was the perfect solution…almost.  I didn’t want to pay the Pottery Barn price, wanted a different finish and would like the rungs to be closer together (more storage!)…which of course means, a DIY project.

Keep reading to see how to make a fabric storage ladder.

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4 Responses

  1. Love the ladder! I have two comments/ideas for you: 1. Make sure whatever paint you use that it seals the wood, or you may get stains and 2. Consider hanging a large, decorative chain in your room to hook the clothes/fabric hangers in.

    • Thanks, Lenora! Those are both great suggestions! I’ll have to go find a chain :)

  2. Hi Wanda,
    Great job! I wish I was as handy as you are. It looks to me like there is enough room between the rungs to add a second layer folded a little smaller so you could see the fabric behind. Just a thought.

    • Thanks, Bonnie! You’re right…that’s a good idea! I’ll have to try that :)

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