How to Beautify a Boring Builder Grade Bathroom

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How To Beautify a Boring Builder Grade Bathroom
How To Beautify a Boring Builder Grade Bathroom

The second step to upgrading my builder grade house was to re-do the master bathroom.  This took a little more effort and a little more money than the bedroom update (which you can see here).  Fortunately, I generally liked the layout of the bathroom so I didn’t have to spend the money to change plumbing.  And I did all of the work myself (with help from my mother) so that saved a lot of money on installation costs.

Click Next to see the builder grade bathroom that I started with.

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8 Responses

  • Nice job!! Planning to upgrade our bathroom and looked into replacing the vanity…YIKES!! $1180??? No way. How did you remove the sink and countertop without damaging the cabinetry? Ours is covered with 4×4″ tiles and the sink is under counter mounted. I’m afraid I will ruin the cabinets by taking off the tiles! The cabinet is dated, 1977 but with fresh paint and handles it could be updated.

    • Thanks, Judy. My counter top was attached underneath with screws and some caulking, so it wasn’t that difficult to remove once I figured out where all of the screws were. In your case, hopefully they installed the tiles over a backer board so that they aren’t attached directly to the cabinets…otherwise you might have a bit of a challenge. I have had pretty good luck removing tiles with a reciprocating saw and a scraper blade (but you do need to be careful not to gauge the underneath material). And I agree that a coat of fresh paint and some new knobs makes everything look better!

  • I am stunned with your incredible transformation. I had no idea just how far you could get from a basic builder-grade bathroom. Most bathrooms that I’ve seen with a beautiful blue like that end up looking like a cave, but the white wainscoting balances it out. I hope you have given yourself some pretty good pats on the back for this. Did you have some sort of pattern for the ceiling? I’m going to go spelunking on your website to see if you have that on the master bedroom pages. Thank you for making my day a little brighter.

    • Hi Terry…I agree it would have been a bit of a cave without the white wainscoting! There is a post on how to paint a plaid ceiling, which my mother did in her house after seeing my bathroom (and she got even more creative with it!) However, I have had quite a few requests to get a tutorial for this specific ceiling, so I will be posting that “how-to” within the next couple of weeks. Thanks for visiting!

  • Just beautiful. My favorite color and some of it I could do. My vanity is white. Hate the white crappy top. Could not extend with the night stands but possibly just go from wall to wall with top. What I need is the storage tho. My bathroom is big and ugh, yellow. I cringe when I walk in. Thank you for the ceiling. It is so cute. And the telephone tub faucet is the bomb. Washing the dog. I love your mom’s curtains and will defineatly be doing these for bathroom and family room. Thank you for sharing.

    • Thanks, Jordan! I’m glad that you could get some inspiration from my room….and that tub faucet really does make washing the dog a lot easier 🙂

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