Blue And White Chinoiserie Christmas Decorating Ideas

Get ready to deck the halls with the sophisticated charm of blue and white chinoiserie Christmas decor, a festive twist that blends elegance with a cozy holiday vibe. From stunning chinoiserie Christmas trees to ginger jar-inspired ornaments and blue and white garlands, these ideas will turn your home into a serene winter wonderland.

blue and white Chinoiserie Christmas decor ideas

It’s no secret that blue and white is my favorite color combination.

And I love Chinoiserie ginger jars.

So when I was looking for inspiration for this year’s Christmas decorations, I decided to combine the two. And went with blue and white Chinoiserie Christmas decor in my living room.

The royal blue and white color combination is so serene, peaceful and elegant that I never want to leave this room!

1 | chinoiserie and ginger jar ornaments

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blue and white Chinoiserie ornaments and ginger jar ornaments on a Christmas tree

My starting point was a bunch of blue and white ginger jar ornaments in different sizes, some blue and white Chinoiserie ribbon and some clear icicle ornaments for a little sparkle.

Re-using these three elements throughout my living room holiday decorations made sure that everything looked coordinated.

Here’s where you can find the Chinoiserie ornaments I used (click the images to find the sources):

Or if you don’t want to spend too much money, you can make your own DIY Chinoiserie ornaments.

2 | blue and white chinoiserie christmas trees

Christmas trees are always the centerpiece of my Christmas decorations.

And in this case, I decorated 3 blue and white chinoiserie Christmas trees.

blue and white chinoiserie ornaments on a white Christmas tree

One on a white Christmas tree.

blue and white chinoiserie ornaments on a black Christmas tree

One on a black Christmas tree.

blue and white Chinoiserie ornaments on a blue Christmas tree

And one on a blue Christmas tree. (But I think these decorations would look good on a green tree, too.)

I didn’t want them to be exactly the same, so I used different combinations of ornaments on each one.

But using the ginger jar ornaments, Chinoiserie ribbon and icicles on all of them made sure they still looked cohesive.

The stunning blue and white theme really makes the Christmas trees stand out.

3 | chinoiserie wrapping paper

Presents wrapped in blue and white Chinoiserie wrapping paper

Incorporating blue and white chinoiserie wrapping paper is a seamless way to extend the elegant color scheme right to the base of the Christmas tree.

To mix things up and keep the eye entertained, I also added in some solid blue and blue and white striped paper.

Then finished off each gift by tying blue and white ribbons around them.

The result is a cohesive and striking presentation that contributes to the elegant and harmonious aesthetic.

4 | simple mantel garland

Simple blue and white garland on a fireplace mantel between 2 Christmas trees

Between two of the trees, I hung a pre-lit faux evergreen garland over the fireplace mantel.

This garland is one of my favorites because it’s quite full and drapes down in front of the fireplace.

To make sure it had a cohesive look, I added the same ginger jar ornaments, blue and white ribbon, and clear icicle ornaments from above.

But I didn’t want to overshadow the trees, so I kept the rest of the garland decorations simple.

5 | blue and white stockings

Garland decorated with blue and white ribbon hung over a fireplace mantel

Under the mantel garland, I hung blue and white stockings.

They are mostly blue with white details so they add some contrast to the mostly white ornaments on the garland.

6 | chinoiserie candles

Blue and white candles on the fireplace mantel

I think candles are a necessity to create a cozy and elegant atmosphere for the holidays.

On top of the mantel, I chose both real candles and battery-operated ones in different sizes and colors.

I like the ones with a built-in timer feature, which allows them to light up automatically at the same time each day. Otherwise, I forget to turn them on.

Blue and white candles on a fireplace mantel

Pairing them with lanterns and mini Christmas trees creates a more dynamic and visually intriguing display.

7 | window garland

blue and white garland over a window

I liked the mantel garland so much that I decided to take down my curtains and put up a garland over the window.

And I think it brought the whole festive theme together.

Strings of clear beads along with icicle ornaments and blue and white Chinoiserie bows tie it in with the other decorations.

The whole display brought a cozy and elegant Christmas vibe to the room.

To get all the details, read how to hang and decorate a Christmas window garland.

8 | Chinoiserie accessories

Blue and white chinoiserie Christmas decorations on a shelf

To decorate the shelves behind one of my trees, I added small blue and white Christmas trees and Chinoiserie candles as well as some ginger jars.

It helps to tie it in with the rest of the Christmas decorations. But adding in some regular decor items keeps it from looking too staged.

You could also use them to decorate a coffee table or side tables.

9 | Coordinating cushions

Blue and white Christmas cushions on a sofa

To bring the blue and white colors onto the furniture, I bought some inexpensive cushion covers.

I keep some extra pillow forms on hand that I can easily swap the covers on.

So I put those out on the sofa under the window.

These accessories complement the overall theme and add depth to the festive decor.

10 | White lights

Living room decorated with blue and white Chinoiserie Christmas decorations

The finishing touch of course is the Christmas lights.

To keep the look cohesive, I used white ones everywhere.

And put them all on a timer so that they turn on automatically every evening.

Simple garland with blue and white ribbons between two blue and white Chinoiserie Christmas trees with white lights

They really make the blue pop.

Black sofa with blue and white Christmas cushions between lighted Christmas trees

And the sparkle is what makes the room look so magical at night.

Frequently asked questions

How do I balance my blue and white chinoiserie decorations to avoid overwhelming my space?

To maintain balance, use blue and white as your base palette and distribute your chinoiserie decorations evenly throughout the space. Incorporate neutral elements like white lights, natural greenery and some solid colors to break up the patterns and create a harmonious look.

What are some budget-friendly ways to achieve a blue and white chinoiserie Christmas theme?

For a budget-friendly approach, focus on key accents like a set of chinoiserie ornaments for your tree or a statement table centerpiece. You can also make your own DIY Chinoiserie ornaments.

How can I make my blue and white chinoiserie Christmas decor feel warm and inviting?

To add warmth to your blue and white theme, incorporate textures such as velvet ribbons, fluffy throw pillows, or a soft area rug. Layering different materials and adding soft lighting with candles or fairy lights can create a cozy atmosphere.

What kind of tree works best with blue and white chinoiserie Christmas decor?

Any color of tree will work with this color scheme. White trees highlight the elegance of the ornaments. Black trees create a contrast that makes the blue and white colors pop. And green trees have a classic look that blends with the color of the ornaments.

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