Wintry White, Blue and Silver Christmas Tree

This wintry white, blue and silver Christmas tree uses blue, white and silver ornaments, ribbon and crystal ornaments to create a sparkly holiday scene.

wintry white, blue and silver Christmas tree

Since blue is my favorite color and most of the rooms in my house have some shade of blue in them, it probably isn’t a surprise that my Christmas tree theme also uses blue.

The only problem?

I’ve done a lot of blue Christmas trees in the past (like this blue, white and gold tree, and this blue and white tree).

And I don’t want this year’s tree to look the same as my previous trees.

So this year I decided to create a different look by focusing on a wintry feel.

But before we get into the details of my Christmas tree…

Welcome To The Fourth Annual Christmas Tree Decor Blog Hop

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Christmas tree decor blog hop

This post is part of the 4th annual Christmas tree blog hop hosted by Michelle at Our Crafty Mom.

In case you don’t know, this is where a bunch of my blogging friends get together and share all of their gorgeous Christmas trees.

With 27 other trees to look at, you’re going to get lots of decorating inspiration!

So be sure to scroll down and check them all out before you leave.

The Decorations

blue, white and silver christmas ornaments

As I mentioned above, I wanted to do a wintry theme so I decided to go with blue, white and silver as my color theme. With a lot of glass and crystal ornaments for that icy look.

I also bought myself a flocked Christmas tree.

Since it goes with the wintry theme (and I’ve been wanting one for ages), I figured this was the year to get one.

How To Decorate A Wintry White, Blue and Silver Christmas Tree

how to decorate a winter white, blue and silver christmas tree

1 | Add Ribbon

blue and white ribbon with blue, white and silver ornaments on a christmas tree

As usual, I started out with some ribbon that I wove in and out of the branches.

To make it look more natural, I don’t put the ribbon on in horizontal lines around the tree.

And I have parts of it sticking out from the tree while other parts are tucked into the branches so you can’t see it.

2 | Hang Large Ball Ornaments

Large ball ornaments, ribbons and crystal ornaments on a flocked christmas tree

Next up is some large ball ornaments.

I started with some white and silver ones that I pushed further into the center of the tree.

These help to reflect the lights making the tree seem to glow.

Then I hung blue, white and silver balls all around the outside of the tree, trying to space the colors out evenly.

3 | Add Specialty Ornaments

blue and white ginger jar ornament on a flocked christmas tree

Next I hung all of my special blue and white ornaments like my favorite ginger jars and some large blue and white bells.

blue, white and clear glass finial ornaments on a flocked christmas tree

Longer finial ornaments add some variation in shape.

4 | Hang Crystal and Glass Ornaments

long icicle ornaments on a white, blue and silver flocked christmas tree

To create that wintry feeling, I hung lots of long clear glass ornaments which look like icicles.

DIY crystal ornament hung on a flocked christmas tree

And these DIY crystal ornaments I made a couple of weeks ago are a perfect fit.

5 | Tie Bows On The Branches

white lace and silver bows tied to the branches of a flocked christmas tree

To add some more softness to the tree, I tied white and silver bows to the end of the branches.

6 | Add The Tree Topper

Christmas tree topper made from silver butterfly ornaments

Since my tree is almost as tall as my ceiling, a traditional tree topper always looks too crowded.

So I went with a non-traditional version.

With a bunch of silver butterfly ornaments leading up to the top of the tree.

The Finishing Touches

blue and white garden stool beside a wintry white, blue and silver christmas tree

To keep the color theme going, I put down a blue tree skirt (which is just a piece of fabric I had lying around).

One of my blue and white garden stools with a white lantern on top helps to tie the tree in with the rest of the room.

Christmas presents wrapped in silver wrapping paper under a wintry white, blue and silver christmas tree

And wrapped some presents in silver wrapping paper.

DIY faux ice candle holders in front of a christmas tree

On the table, I put out my DIY faux ice candle holders and the bling candle holders I made a couple of weeks ago.

The Finished Tree

Wintry white, blue and silver Christmas tree in front of the window

I love the way the finished Christmas tree looks in my living room.

Wintry white, blue and silver christmas tree with the lights on at night

It’s Chanel’s new favorite spot!

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