DIY Crystal Christmas Ornaments (3 Ways)

These crystal DIY Christmas ornaments are an easy way to add some sparkle to your Christmas decor. They are chandelier pennant ornaments that almost look like icicles and are stunning on a flocked Christmas tree.

how to make crystal DIY Christmas ornaments (chandelier pennant ornaments)

If you’ve been around here for a while, you know that I love a little sparkle.

I have chandeliers in every room! Need I say more?

So this year, I decided to combine my love of chandeliers with my Christmas decor.

And created some Christmas tree ornaments from crystals.

Since I couldn’t decide which one I liked the best, there are three different designs.

They all involve a chain of crystals with a larger crystal on the bottom and a ribbon on the top.

These are pretty flexible designs. You can make the chains longer if you want. And use pretty much any kind of crystal on the bottom (as long as it has a hole in it for hanging).

Option 1: Icicle-Look DIY Christmas Ornament

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DIY crystal Christmas ornament with icicle look hung on a candle tree

The first ornament is a simple strand of two different types of crystals on a wire.

Then you can add any kind of larger crystal you want for the bottom of the chain.


Icicle-look DIY crystal Christmas ornament supplies

How To Make DIY Crystal Christmas Ornament #1

Cut wire and wrap it around split ring

To start, cut a piece of wire that is about 5 inches long.

Attach one of the split rings to the end of the wire by wrapping the wire around the ring and then twisting the end of it up around the rest of the wire.

Adding flat crystals to the Christmas ornament

String one of the round crystals onto the free end of the wire.

Then add 14 or 15 of the flat crystals. Since the holes for these are on the ends, they will stick out unevenly around the wire.

Finally add another round crystal to the end of the wire.

Adding split ring to the end of the ornament strand

Finally add another split ring to the end of the wire.

Snip off any excess wire.

The icicle-look strand part of the Christmas ornament

You should end up with a string of crystals with rings on either end.

The icicle strand with the large ornament added to the bottom

Attach your larger crystal to one of the rings.

Add a ribbon to the ring on the other end.

Option 2: Crystal Chain DIY Christmas Ornament

Crystal chain DIY Christmas ornament hung on a candle tree

Crystal DIY Christmas ornament #2 is another easy design where we turn some round crystals into beads (using eye pins) and then alternate them with simple rings to create a chain.

And like the other one, you can add whatever kind of crystal you want as the last one.


Crystal chain DIY Christmas ornament

How To Make DIY Crystal Ornament #2

Putting eye pin into a crystal bead

The first step is to make the round crystals into beads.

To do this, stick one of the eye pins through the hole in the middle of the crystal.

Then use the round nose pliers to bend the end of the pin over to create a loop.

You should end up with a crystal that has loops on both sides.

Repeat this process for the rest of the round crystals.

Adding a split ring to the end of the crystal chain

Now you’re going to make a chain out of the crystal beads by joining them with the rings.

Add rings on both ends of the chain as well.

Adding a large round crystal to the end of the crystal chain ornament

Attach your larger crystal to one of the end rings.

Then add a ribbon to the other end and it’s ready to be hung.

Option 3: Uneven Strand DIY Crystal Christmas Ornament

Uneven strand DIY crystal Christmas ornament

The last ornament uses eye pins to connect round crystals with a couple of flat crystals to create an uneven strand.

As with the other ornaments, you can make the chain as long as you want and add whatever larger crystal you want at the bottom.


Uneven Strand crystal DIY Christmas Ornament supplies

How To Make DIY Ornament #3

Adding eye pin to crystal bead without closing the loop

Just like with the last ornament, this one starts by making beads out of the round crystals.

Stick an eye pin through the hole in the crystal.

Bend the end over with the round nose pliers.

The only difference with this one is that you don’t have to completely close the loop yet.

We’ll need it open in order to connect the strand together later.

How to add two flat crystals to an eye pin

For the next step, add two of the flat chandelier crystals to one of the 3/4″ eye pins.

Then bend the end over like you did with the round crystal.

Again, it doesn’t have to be completely closed yet, since we’ll need it open to attach them together.

How to join the crystal bead and flat crystals together to create an uneven strand

Now we’re going to create the strand by joining the round crystals and chandelier crystals together.

Attach one of the round crystal beads to one set of flat crystals by hooking the loops together.

Then use the pliers to bend the open loop closed.

Add another round crystal bead, the set of flat crystals and the last round crystal bead to form a chain with an alternating pattern.

Adding the bottom crystal with a split ring

Then add rings to either end of the chain.

Finally attach your larger crystal at one end and a ribbon at the other end.

Then you’re ready to hang your ornaments!

Crystal DIY Christmas ornaments hung from a candle tree

Since my tree isn’t up yet, I put them on one of my candle trees for now.

And I love the way they look!

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