How To Build a Fold Down Workbench in a Day

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How To Build a Fold Down Workbench in a Day | Need a workbench that doesn't take up too much space?  Don't want to spend a lot of time building it?  See how to build a fold down workbench in a day.
How To Build a Fold Down Workbench in a Day

This technically isn’t a decorating project, but if you like DIY projects like I do, then you may have this problem, too…I don’t have a big enough workbench area to do most of my projects, so I end up doing them on the dining room table or living room floor (not the most ideal location!)

The other issue I have is that although I want a big workbench area, the workbench is going in the garage.  And I still want to be able to park my car in there….at least some of the time 🙂

So that’s how I ended up building a workbench that has a top that folds down.  That way I can have a regular sized workbench for small projects, and still fit the car in the garage.  But when I need a big surface, I can fold up the top to double the size of the work area.

This is a 2-part series…the first part is the how-to for building the workbench.  It actually was much easier than I thought it would be…it literally took me less than 8 hours including the trip to the hardware store to buy the materials.

In the second post, I add all of the organization tricks I have have come up with in order to get my tools (and other DIY odds and ends) in order.

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4 Responses

  • Thank you for sharing. I have a work area that needs to be organized. I’m tired of the handy man going to buy stuff I already have simply because I can’t find it. Great tips and tricks. I will certainly being using them.

    Thanks again

    • Thanks, Mona! My workbench and tool organizing projects have definitely made finding stuff easier! Hopefully they’ll be helpful for you, too 🙂

  • Good job! Precise instructions. You are going to enjoy having this wonderful large and sturdy work surface and future projects will take less time to complete.

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