Tool Storage Ideas: 15 Clever Ways to Organize Tools (So You Can Find Them)

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If you need help getting your workbench and garage clutter under control, use these clever tool storage ideas so you can find everything when you need it.

Getting the garage organized and the garden tools in order were major steps in making my life easier (I love it when I can find what I’m looking for easily!). These tool storage ideas were the next big hurdle in my de-cluttering and re-organizing process.

15 Clever Ways to Organize Tools (So You Can Find Them)

Tool Storage Ideas

It seems like I am always trying to find ways to organize my tools so that they are easy to find…and even more important? Easy to put away.

To me the success or failure of any tool storage plan is whether or not I actually put the tools back where they are supposed to go. And I have to say I’ve had a few failed attempts 🙂

So a couple of years ago, when I implemented some creative tool storage ideas that would make my DIY fold-down workbench more efficient, I wasn’t sure if they would be successful in the long term.

Having completed quite a few DIY projects since then, I’m happy to report that I finally came up with some tool storage solutions that actually work! The best part? They are all really inexpensive to do!

Keep reading to find out what they are.

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2 Responses

  • Wonder ideas! Can’t wait to try some. My tools look like yours used to look. I’m the Mrs. Fix It in my house, always have been. I’m so envious of those women that have a man to help, even it’s just to do the lifting. Thanks for all the useful information.

    • Thanks, Jauquetta! Everything is so much easier to find now that the tools are all organized! I’m the fix it person in my house, too, so it really makes my life easier 🙂

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