How To Convert A TV Armoire To A Desk

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How To Convert A TV Armoire To A Desk |
How To Convert A TV Armoire To A Desk

It’s not often that I get to solve 4 decorating problems with one project, but this is one of those projects. I had home office stuff stashed everywhere, a dys-functional charging station, a make-shift laptop desk and a TV armoire that I liked but no longer needed.  After moving that TV armoire into the “library” (really a bedroom that I use as a den), I finally came up with the solution…convert the TV Armoire into a desk!

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9 Responses

  • I’m moving to a smaller home and I’m losing the den. I have an armoire that I’m converting to a desk as you did. My question is, how did you install the center mount slides?

    • Hi Sonia…The drawer slide I used came apart (I think most of them do). So I attached one half of it to the shelf in the armoire, and the other half to the slide out board using 1/2″ screws. Then pushed the two parts of the drawer slide back together to install the slide out shelf. (And I did all of that before adding the top shelf in the armoire…it’s much easier to attach the drawer slide if you have more space to work in). Hope this helps!

  • Wanda, would you mind sending me pictures of all the things you have in your den. I’m looking for storage/den ideas. Want my den to also be my sewing area. Elaine

  • Hi, I love your idea, but seeing that beautiful wallpaper in the picture where it’s just been covered, looks to me as though a few of them side by side would make a great wall decoration. I really like that wallpaper and wonder if you know the name of it, or where you bought it. If used as wall art, it would not necessitate putting it over pegboard.

    • Hi Sylvia…The wallpaper is called “Opulence” by York. You can find it online at,111926. You should also be able to order it from any wallpaper store that carries the York brand. I did actually use it inside some wall panels in the room where the TV Armoire/Desk was going. I just happened to have a little left over which is why I used it on the pegboard. You’re right…it would be a waste of beautiful wallpaper if that was the only place I used it 🙂

    • Sorry, slight correction…the book that the wallpaper came from is called Opulence. The wallpaper itself is called Geo Teardrop (pattern #77871 in case it helps).

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