8 Desk Organization Hacks That Will Boost Your Productivity

De-clutter and get organized to make your productivity soar. These desk organization hacks are easy-to-do, inexpensive and look great, too.

I love organizing ideas that are easy to do and help to de-clutter my house. These desk organization ideas along with my craft room organization ideas and ways to hide clutter on shelves help to keep my home office in order.

desk organization hacks

Desk Organization Hacks

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It’s hard to believe that fall is officially starting soon (especially here in SC where I still have the air conditioner on full blast!)

Even though it’s been a lot of years since I was in school, this time of year always makes me think of buying school supplies and figuring out where to put them.

And I recently came to the realization, it must be an ingrained habit…I always seem to be doing some sort of office organizing right around the beginning of September. It’s not a conscious decision.  I just all of a sudden get really motivated to get my desk sorted out.

So I’m on the lookout for some easy desk organization hacks.  Ways to get organized that are easy to do and don’t cost very much. And thought I would share a few that I’ve seen and done…in case you get that desk organizing fever, too 🙂

1 | Binder Clip Cord Holders

Binder clip cord holder

If you have trouble with cords falling off your desk, binder clips may be the answer.

You can attach them to the side of anything narrow and they are perfect for holding your charging cords in place.

You can even get them in colors other than standard black (like the rose gold ones* I use) if you want to keep your office looking pretty.

I attach them to the side of a letter file…which leads to my next desk organization hack…

2 | Letter File Electronics Storage

Letter file used for electronics storage

Desktop letter holders are the perfect size to store electronics like your phone and iPad.

No more searching around my office trying to find them!

They come in a lot of pretty styles, like this acrylic and rose gold version* I use on my desk.

I love that it matches my rose gold iPad Pro case and keyboard*.

Binder clips used as cord organizer

And since the charging cables are hooked up there, it’s a perfect spot for charging.

3 | Velcro Cord Holder

One of the big issues with most desks is the proliferation of cords from all of those electronics!

I use adhesive velcro strips* to attach them under my desk. That gets them off the floor and out of the way.

Computer power pack attached to desk with velcro

One wide strip holds up the laptop power pack.

Velcro used to hold computer cords in place

Thinner strips wrapped around the desk legs keep the rest of the cable in order.

For these, I wrapped regular (non-adhesive) velcro around the legs of my desk because I didn’t want to wreck the finish. If you’re not worried about that, the same adhesive velcro from above would work fine for sticking the cords down, too.

And because it’s velcro, you can also detach them if you ever need to use the cord somewhere else (like I do when I’m travelling with my laptop).

You can find even more ideas for keeping those cords in check at Chez Larson.

4 | Picture Frame Dry Erase Calendar

DIY picture frame dry erase calendar

I have been looking for a dry erase desk calendar for a while, but wasn’t able to find something that was both functional and pretty…so I made my own.

DIY dry erase calendar made from picture frame

This DIY dry erase desk calendar actually works way better than the standard whiteboards you buy (it really erases!)

And, if you wanted to use if as just a dry erase board (with no calendar), it would be perfect for that, too.

5 | Galvanized Steel Magnetic Board

Letter holder used as mobile phone station

You may have noticed the tools hanging on the wall above my calendar. They are actually held up there by magnetic hooks.

I wallpapered a sheet of galvanized steel* and hung it on the wall inside some molding. So it looks like it’s part of the decor.

But it’s really a very useful magnetic bulletin board!

Magnetic sink holders as desk organizers

And those hooks I used*? They are really meant for holding sink supplies (like sponges). But they have really powerful magnets so they work REALLY well for making sure heavier supplies stay on the wall.

6 | Tin Can Pencil Holders

Tin cans used as pencil holders

Why is it that I am always buying pens but can never find one when I need it? Well I fixed that problem by giving myself a very convenient spot to put them!

Tin cans wrapped in leftover wallpaper (or gift wrap, fabric, adhesive vinyl, gold leaf or anything else that matches your decor) are the perfect size for storing pens and pencils

I hung mine on a pegboard that was decorated to match my decor.

But you could just as easily have them sitting out on your desk, like this desktop storage center by View from the Fridge I found on Pinterest.

7. Clipboard Command Center

Another great desktop organization Pinterest find was this DIY clipboard command center by Hawthorne and Main (via Tater Tots and Jello).

Hanging clipboards is a great way to get organized without taking up any desk space. And they look pretty too!

8. Tiered Lazy Susan

This tiered lazy susan storage idea from Raising Up Rubies is one more great way to organize your desk supplies that I found on Pinterest. I haven’t done it yet, but it is definitely on my to do list.

It gives you a ton of space for organizing your supplies without taking up a lot of room. And everything is easy to access just by turning it around.

Other Home Office Ideas You Might Like

You can find more great organization ideas on my Storage and Organization Pinterest board.

Have comments or questions on our desk organization hacks? Tell us in the section below.

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Desk organization ideas

Desk organization hacks[/span4]
Ways to organize your desk
Desk organization ideas

De-clutter and get organized to make your productivity soar. These desk organization hacks are easy-to-do, inexpensive and look great, too.

Desk organization hacks

Ways to organize your desk

desk organization ideas

desk organization hacks

desk organization hacks

desk organization ideas

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  • Hi Wanda, good ideas. I’ve been looking at my desk/sewing corner for a long time wondering how to organize using the walls to a better advantage while still fitting in with the decor of the room. Thanks for the inspiration. I’ll send the results.

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