How To Decorate An Outdoor Umbrella With Fringe (No Sewing Required)

Fancy patio umbrellas are an easy way to dress up your patio or deck but a lot of them are really expensive. Fortunately, it’s really easy to make your own DIY fringe patio umbrella for a fraction of the cost and no sewing required.

DIY fringe patio umbrella

I have decided that I have a thing for fancy fringe umbrellas.

I think it started with a Balinese umbrella I saw at Pier 1 a couple of years ago.

White and gold Balinese umbrella with white fringe over two deck chairs

As soon as I saw it, I just had to buy one.

And even though it’s not very practical (I have to bring it in when it rains), I just love it!

Unfortunately, it’s not available anymore…otherwise I might have bought more than one of them 🙂

Pink patio umbrella with white fringe over turquoise chaise lounges

Then I happened to see this glam fuchsia pink umbrella* with white fringe and fell in love with it, too. The thing is…it is still available. But it’s way out of my budget!

I really wanted one for my deck makeover, so you know what that means…a DIY project!

Fortunately, making a DIY fringe patio umbrella is actually really easy. There isn’t even any sewing involved.

Keep reading to find out how.


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1 | Add Fringe To The Patio Umbrella

White fringe over the edge of a pink patio umbrella

1. To start, unwrap the fringe so that it’s laid out straight and easy to pull. That helps to prevent it from accidentally getting glue on it.

2. Put on some rubber gloves. The fabric glue is really sticky! I used disposable ones so I could change them out every once in a while.

Fabric glue being applied to the edge of a patio umbrella

3. Add a bead of glue along the edge of the umbrella for about 6 inches. Starting at a point or indentation helps to hide the join in the trim when you’re finished.

White fringe being glued to the edge of a patio umbrella

4. Stick the top of the fringe to the glue. Be careful not to get the fringe caught in the glue.

Alligator clip holding white fringe to the edge of a patio umbrella

5. Hold the fringe in place at the start and end of the glue with alligator clips or clothes pins.

6. Continue around the umbrella, adding glue and fringe in 6 inch increments.

7. When you get to the end cut off the fringe where it joins the beginning piece. Then add a dab of glue on the cut end to prevent it from fraying.

8. Let the glue dry before removing the alligator clips.

2 | Add Rick Rack To The Top Of The Patio Umbrella

Rick rack trim glue to the top flap of a patio umbrella

Adding rick rack around the top flap of the umbrella isn’t absolutely necessary, but it does provide a little extra embellishment.

The process is basically the same as it was for adding the fringe.

1. Unravel the rick rack from the package.

2. Add a bead glue along the edge of the top of the umbrella for about 6 inches.

3. Stick the rick tack trim onto the glue. I found that it stuck pretty well on its own, so I didn’t need the alligator clips to hold it in place. But you can use them if you want to make sure it sticks.

4. Continue around the top flap of the umbrella, adding glue and rick rack trim in 6 inch increments.

5. When you get to the end, cut off the rick rack. Add a dab of glue on the cut end to prevent it from fraying.

6. Let the glue dry.

3 | Enjoy Your DIY Fringe Patio Umbrella

Pink patio umbrella with fringe added

I love the finished version of my DIY fringe patio umbrella.

Fancy DIY fringe patio umbrellas

In fact, I liked it so much, I made another one.

Because the fringe is polyester, it should stand up to the elements better than a cotton fringe would. Which makes these fancy DIY fringe patio umbrellas a little more practical than my Balinese umbrella (I bring it in when it’s going to rain).

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how to make a glam fringe patio umbrella

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  1. Karina V. says:

    I really liked the trim fringe idea, so will get hands on. Re: the trim, how many inches in height? 3″, 4″ or longer? Please advice. Thank you!

    1. Wanda Simone says:

      Hi Karina…the fringe I used was 6 inches long (which is pretty long). Most of the ones you buy are more like 3″. So it really depends on the look you are going for.

  2. Wanda. I bought two umbrellas and going to craft store for fringe on the 3 rd. I have my daughter in law hooked on crafting now. My son said oh Lord. I bought a blue and pink one.

    1. That’s awesome, Jody! It’s always more fun when you have someone else to do crafts with 🙂

  3. Love your umbrellas. And pink. I was always a blue girl but I can see how pretty pink is. We bought a house in the Metro Parks here. A built in pool and we are going to make a patio next to it so technically I could do a blue and a pink. I just love summer.

    1. Thanks, Jody! I’m usually a blue girl myself, but sometimes I like to try something different. Wow! A house with a pool! That’s awesome! You could absolutely do a blue and a pink (I think some blue umbrellas will likely show up on my deck before the summer’s done 🙂 )