DIY Grinch Wreath (An Easy Grinch Christmas Door Decoration)

Made from lime green feathers and red Christmas ornaments, this DIY Grinch wreath is a great addition to your Grinch Christmas decor. It looks great on the wall above the fireplace or as a Grinch Christmas door decoration.

DIY Grinch wreath

Earlier this week, you may have seen this Grinch-themed Christmas tree that I put up in my home office.

Well, now I’ve decided to make a DIY Grinch wreath to go with it.

I recently added an electric fireplace to my office (which I love!)

And I figured adding a Grinch wreath on the wall above it would be a great addition to my Christmas decorations.

This is also day 8 of our Festive Christmas Ideas blog hop.

Which means you’ll also get to see lots of other Christmas decor ideas from my blogging friends.

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Here’s what you need to make this DIY Grinch wreath.


DIY Grinch wreath materials

How To Make A DIY Grinch Wreath

1 | Wrap The Wreath Form With Feathers

How to attach the green feather boa to a styrofoam wreath form

The first step to making our DIY Grinch wreath is to wrap the wreath form with the feather boas.

Start by using a floral pin to pin the loop at one end of the boa to the wreath.

Green feather boa being wrapped around the styrofoam wreath form

Then wrap the boa around the wreath form until you get to the other end. It should go around about 1/3 of the wreath.

How to pin the ends of the feather boas to the wreath form

Pin the other end of the boa to the wreath form.

Use the other side of the pin to attach the next feather boa to the wreath.

Styrofoam wreath form covered in green feathers

Keep wrapping the feather boas around the wreath form until it is completely covered.

It usually takes 3 boas to completely cover it.

2 | Attach The Ornaments

How to pin red ball Christmas ornament to a DIY Grinch wreath

Next we need to attach the ornaments to the wreath.

The easiest way to do this is to put the pin through the loop in the ornament and stick the pin into the wreath.

This lets you move the ornaments around easily if you don’t like the way they look.

Large red ornaments on a green feather wreath

Pin 3 larger red ornaments onto the wreath, spacing them out.

Large and small red Christmas ornaments on a DIY Grinch wreath

Add 4 of the smaller red ornaments, also spacing them out and changing how far they are from the center.

Green ornament being attached to a DIY Grinch wreath

Finally, add the 3 green ornaments.

3 | Add the Picks

Cupcake Christmas pick being taken apart

Take apart the cupcake picks by pulling the ends off the main stem.

We’ll be using each of those ends separately.

how to attach swirly pick onto a green feather DIY Grinch wreath

Trim the ends off the separated picks.

Then push them into the wreath.

DIY Grinch wreath with the ball ornaments and swirl picks

Stick them around the outside and inside edges of the wreath in between the ornaments.

How to attach gift picks to the DIY Grinch wreath

Trim the ends off the gift picks so they are 2″ to 3″ long.

Stick the end directly into the wreath form.

The finished DIY Grinch wreath before the ornaments have been adjusted

Add 2 more of the gift picks

Then take a look at your wreath and move around any of the ornaments that are too close together, or that you don’t like the look of.

4 | Hang The Wreath

How to attach a hook to the back of the DIY Grinch wreath

Use another floral pin for the hook on the back of the wreath.

Figure out which side you want to be up.

Then turn the wreath around and push a floral pin most of the way into the styrofoam close to the top.

The finished DIY Grinch wreath

Hang the wreath on your door or wall using a small nail or a ribbon attached to a door hanger.

The DIY Grinch wreath hung on the wall above a fireplace.

I love the way it looks above my fireplace.

But it would also work well as a Grinch Christmas door decoration.

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