Purple And Gold Christmas Tree Decor Ideas

Purple and gold Christmas decor ideas

Two weeks ago, I kicked off my Christmas decorating by showing off the blush pink, black and white Christmas tree that I put up in my office.

And I warned you that I did A LOT of Christmas decorating this year (7 trees to be exact!).

Last week, I shared my very traditional red, white and gold Christmas color scheme that I did in the living room and dining room.

Then there is this year’s blue Christmas tree. Because I love blue so much, I always like to have some blue Christmas decorations somewhere in the house. This year it’s in my den.

purple and gold Christmas tree and mantel with Christmas decorations

Finally, there’s this week’s Christmas tour. I’m going back to non-traditional Christmas colors — purple and gold on a black Christmas tree.

If you were around when I did my bedroom makeover back in the spring, you’ll remember that I ended up painting it purple.

And I installed a faux fireplace so I could finally decorate a mantle that doesn’t have a TV over it.

That’s how I ended up with a gold and purple Christmas theme.

I’m using my no-fail method for putting up Christmas decorations that look beautiful…match them to the colors in the room.

I think these are my favorite Christmas decorations this year. I may not come out of the bedroom for the rest of the year 🙂

It’s a Wonderful House Christmas Home Tours

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But before we get started, I should mention that I am doing this tour as part of the It’s a Wonderful House Christmas blog hop.

Angelina from Petite Haus was kind enough to get a group of bloggers together to shared their Christmas decorating ideas.

If you are visiting from Sue’s place at A Purdy Little House, then welcome! Of course, if you are one of my regular readers or just happen to be stopping by, you are most welcome, too!

Now…on with the tour!

Purple and Gold Christmas Tree

Purple and gold Christmas tree

First up is my purple and gold Christmas tree.

All of those ornaments are on my black Christmas tree. Which I know is definitely not a traditional Christmas tree color.

But I think it really makes the purple and gold Christmas decorations stand out.

Purple and gold Christmas ornaments on a black Christmas tree

Part of my inspiration for this tree is these beautiful purple Christmas ornaments.

I bought them on clearance after Christmas last year because I loved them. At that point, I didn’t even know I was going to be painting my bedroom purple, so they just happened to work out 🙂

I think if my design style was a Christmas ornament, this would be it. A beautiful color with some glammed up natural elements and a little bit of sparkle.

Purple and gold ornaments with white ribbon on a Christmas tree

With lots of gold ornaments, some white ornaments and a few grey-blue ornaments along with the purple ones, I love the color combination.

Purple and gold Christmas tree in front of a white fireplace mantel

Even with the lights off, the tree looks pretty.

Mantle Decor

Fireplace mantel decorated with evergreens, candles and purple Christmas ornaments

For the mantel, I decided to go with relatively simple decorations.

I started with a fresh evergreen garland. I like the way it drapes over the edges of the mantel.

Evergreen branches with white candles, pine cones and purple Christmas ornaments on a fireplace mantel

Then I added a few gold and purple ornaments with an ivy leaf garland.

Mantel Christmas decorations with white candles, gold ornaments, pine cones and evergreen branches

A few tall white candles finish off the Christmas decorations on top of the mantel.

Purple and gold Christmas tree beside a mantel with purple and gold Christmas decorations

I love the way it looks with the candles lit and the lights on.

Gold pine cone Christmas decorations hanging from a fireplace mantel

To add some interest under the mantel, I hung some DIY pine cone Christmas ornaments.

Purple and gold Christmas tree beside a fireplace mantel with pine cones and candles

My original plan was to drape some more evergreens over the top of the mirror, but it was a little too close to the candles. So I decided against it.

Purple and gold Christmas decorations on a Christmas tree and fireplace mantel

My antique cocktail shaker and liqueur glasses fit right in.

Mini Wreaths

Gold wreath Christmas ornament with a purple Christmas ornament hung from a shelf with ribbon

These small gold wreaths* are a really easy way to add Christmas decor anywhere that needs a little festive touch.

I hung them from the shelves with some white and gold ribbon. Then I added a purple ornament by hanging it from the back of the ribbon with an ornament hook.

Purple and gold Christmas decorations on a bookshelf

Since I have books on the shelves, I used the weight of the books to hold the ribbon in place. But you could also use a command hook.

Simple Candle Holder

Purple and gold Christmas candle holder

To make a simple candle holder, I added a ring of gold jingle bells around a purple pillar candle on a small glass plate.

Purple and gold Christmas decorations on a bar cart

Combined with one of the small wreaths, it’s a really simple and elegant want to add Christmas decorations to the bottom of my bar cart.

Bar Cart Purple Christmas Decor

Hot apple cider bar with purple and gold Christmas decorations on a bar cart

I told you I wasn’t leaving this room, right?

So I moved my bar cart in to make serving my favorite Christmas beverage (Hot Apple Cider) easier.

I love the warmth that the copper mugs* and ice bucket* exude.

Hot cider in copper cups served on a bar cart

You may be wondering why I need an ice bucket for hot apple cider.

Insulated ice buckets are my favorite way to keep warm beverages hot (when you can’t plug in a crock pot).

Purple and gold Christmas decorations on a black Christmas tree beside a white fireplace mantel

That’s it for my purple Christmas decorations ideas. Hopefully, you love it as much as I do 🙂

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Have comments or questions on our purple Christmas decorations ideas? Tell us in the section below.

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  1. Wanda, your bedroom mantel and Christmas tree are simply amazing. What a wonderful room to wake up in every morning. Just stunning!

    1. Thanks, Sandy! It is really nice waking up to those decorations. I have never put up a tree in my bedroom before, but I think I’ve started a new tradition 🙂

  2. Your purple and gold tree looks stunning in your bedroom. I love the faux fireplace and how you’ve decorated it for Christmas. From the garland to the candles, to the dangling pine cone ornaments, it’s all so pretty!

    1. Thanks, Paula! It’s definitely my favorite Christmas room this year 🙂

  3. I am obsessed with your tree. I love it!!! The purple is so elegant and regal for Christmas. Great home tour. Thank you for sharing.

    1. Thanks, Sue! I’m a little obsessed with this tree, too 🙂 I wasn’t sure how the purple would turn out, but I love it.

  4. I love how you used the non traditional color purple in your Christmas decor! Purple and gold are so elegant together! I love your mantel too with the pinecones hanging down and the candles lit below. I also notice your photography is beautiful too! I never thought to use insulated ice buckets to keep warm things warm – very clever! Thanks for hopping!

    1. Thanks, Angelina! This is my first time doing purple Christmas décor so I wasn’t sure how it would turn out. I think it’s my new favorite 🙂