How To Build Pull Out Shelves for a Blind Corner Cabinet, Part 2

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How to build pull out shelves for a blind corner cabinet
How to build pull out shelves for a blind corner cabinet

This is part 2 of the instructions on how to build pull out shelves for a blind corner cabinet.

If you happen to have a standard blind corner kitchen cabinet with one shelf, you know the issue that these shelves are solving…how to get at the stuff in the corner without having to strain to reach it.  I tried to find a ready-made solution for this problem but I couldn’t find one that would fit the door opening in my cabinet (it is only 13″ wide).  Even if I had been able to, they were all really expensive…so I ended up making it myself. (However, if this sounds like way too much work, you can find a list of options to buy at the bottom of the post).

The shelves with cooking supplies
The shelves with cooking supplies

Part 1 gave the instructions on how to install pull out shelves in that back part of the cabinet which makes reaching the stuff back there much easier.  In case you missed it, you can find those instructions here.

The drawer pushed into the cabinet
The drawer pushed into the cabinet

This post gives the instructions on how to build the pull-out drawer unit that will go at the front of the cabinet.

This is the very last project of my kitchen organization series…and I have definitely accomplished my goals of clearing the counter top and having easier access to my cooking supplies!  In case you missed the other projects and want to catch up, here they are:

To recap all of the kitchen organization projects so far:

Continue reading to find out how to build pull out shelves for a blind corner cabinet.

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7 Responses

  • I have read every word of the page, but do not find the actual instructions for this pull out shelf or the others in part 1. (There is a link to part 1 on this page, but there are no actual instructions either.). Where can I find them? Thank you. This looks like a perfect solution!

    • Hi Sheryl…its a pretty long post so I broke it up into multiple pages. There should be pink arrows that let you go to the next page, or you can click the View All link at the top of the page.
      In case you’re still having problems, you can use these links to see all of the pages at once:
      Part 1
      Part 2
      Hope that helps!

  • Thank you for this post, Wanda! I am now hopeful that I’ll be able to get my kitchen working for me!

    I do not see the benefit, though, of keeping the pull out cabinet attached. I know the pre-made ones are similar to this; but, I think (in my case, anyway), that putting a handle on the pull out unit to completely remove it, and roll it out of the way so that one can access the back of the drawers would be more helpful.

    This is GREAT, though! Thank you for posting this and giving me an affordable solution! I certainly appreciate it!!! =)

    • Hi Ann…leaving the roll-out part as a separate unit would work, too! If you are happy with that, it would certainly be much easier to do than having it attached to the cabinet 🙂

  • Great post. We did something similar (in two kitchens so far). Because true corner cabinets cost so much and in the end really only use about 60% of the available space, even if you are building the kitchen from scratch this is worth it. We built something very similar to what you did. The ‘inside’ drawers are pretty much the same but we added pull out drawers in the ‘open’ space and made the sure the inside drawers could ride over the hardware for the other drawers. Your idea about taking the open shelving unit out altogether works too. With mine, all I do is pull the open units forward and then bring in one of the inside drawers into the now open space.

    • Hi Miriam…I agree that these blind corner cabinet pull outs are definitely worth the effort. They make getting at the stuff in the back of the cabinet so much easier. Thanks for sharing your version…it sounds like it works great, too!

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