DIY Grinch Christmas Ornaments

These DIY Grinch Christmas ornaments are inexpensive and super simple to make. The perfect addition to your Grinch Christmas decorations!

DIY Grinch Christmas ornaments

When I was putting together my Grinch Christmas tree, I wanted a few ornaments that added to my Grinch Who Stole Christmas theme without spending a lot of time or money.

So I came up with these super simple printed and glued DIY Grinch Christmas ornaments.

That look pretty effective on the tree.


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  • color printer
  • scissors
  • drill with 1/4″ drill bit – The drill bit can be a little larger or smaller than this. It just needs to be big enough to fit a ribbon through.
  • pen or pencil

How To Make DIY Grinch Ornaments

Cut The Patterns

How to cut out the printable Grinch images for the Christmas ornaments

Print off two copies of the printable Grinch ornament patterns.

Cut them out on the circles.

How to drill a hole in the top of the wood circle for the ornament

Drill a hole in the top of the wood circle.

Glue On The Pattern

How to add glue to the wood circle

Spread glue on one side of the wood circle, making sure to get the glue all the way to the edges.

How to glue the Grinch printable images onto the wood circle

Turn one of the paper Grinch circles over. Make sure you know where the top of the picture is (so you can position the wood circle with the hole at the top).

Then place the glue side of the wood circle down on the back of the paper circle, making sure that the drilled hole is at the top of the picture on the other wide.

Trim the paper around the edges of the wood circle. It is easier to get it cut evenly by turning the ornament over and cutting it from the back side.

Repeat with the second copy of the printable on the other side of the wood circle.

Hang The Ornaments

How to punch the hole at the top of the DIY Grinch Christmas ornaments

Wait until the glue has dried. This will prevent the paper from moving when you make the hole.

Use a pen or pencil to poke a hole in the paper where the hole in the wood circle is.

DIY Grinch face ornament, 2 DIY Grinch quotes ornaments and, DIY Grinch hand ornament

Now you should have 4 different ornament patterns.

DIY Grinch Christmas ornaments with  ribbons

String a ribbon or thread through the hole and tie it.

The Finished DIY Grinch Ornaments

DIY Grinch quote Christmas ornaments hung on the Christmas tree

Now you’re ready to hang the DIY Grinch ornaments on your tree.

DIY Grinch face Christmas ornament hung on a Christmas tree

They look great with other red, white and green Christmas tree decorations.

DIY Grinch hand Christmas ornament hung on a Christmas tree

And that’s all there is to it.

I told you this was going to be easy!

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