How To Make a Pull Down Picture

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How To Make A Pull Down Picture | Have a TV or shelf you want to hide when you're not using it? Make this DIY pull down picture that covers it up, and then rolls up when you need it to.
How To Make A Pull Down Picture

In last week’s post about hiding clutter on shelves, I promised I would do a tutorial on how to make a pull down picture, so here it is!

The picture rolled down
The picture rolled down

It’s a really easy way to cover one or two shelves on a bookcase, and display one of your favorite pictures at the same time.

The picture I used (of Moorea in French Polynesia) | How to Make a Pull Down Picture
The picture I used (of Moorea in French Polynesia)

I used a picture I took on a vacation in Tahiti (this is actually Moorea…one of the French Polynesian islands).

A pull down picture cides a TV over the fireplace | How to Make a Pull Down Picture
A pull down picture hides a TV over the fireplace

I have also used this same technique to make a cover for a TV that hangs over my fireplace.  In that case, I wanted something that would hide the TV if I wanted to decorate the mantel…and this works perfectly for that!  (You can find some other ways to hide the TV here).

As you can see, I love ocean pictures that remind me of being on vacation on a beach somewhere 🙂  But you can use any kind of picture that you want in your room, or even a piece of fabric that you love.

Keep reading to find out how.

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9 Responses

  • Hi Wanda !
    I love this idea ! Wondering on the last example picture where the canvas is in a black frame how you did that ? Is that canvas still on a roller or is that a true canvas in a frame with no television behind it ?
    Thanks !

    • Hi Tammy…Yes, that last picture is still with the canvas on a roller. I built the black frame separately, and made it just big enough to fit around the TV (and the picture). It’s basically a square frame made from 1″ x 6″ boards (so it sticks out from the wall a little more than 5″) , and then baseboard molding nailed to the front of it to make it look like a picture frame. I have been meaning to post the instructions on how to make it, but haven’t got to it yet 🙂

      • I would love to see the instructions for that too! I found you on Pinterest when I had the same idea, but I’m lost on how to do it with a frame surround. It looks incredible!

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