15 + Living Room Wall Decor Ideas You’ll Love

A place to relax and be with family and friends, the living room is one of the most important spaces in your home. Find all the inspiration you need to create a visually stunning and homey area with these living room wall decor ideas.

15+ living room wall decor ideas

Do you get tired of your living room decor?

I know I do!

And there’s actually a reason for that.

When you see the same thing over and over again, your brain gets so used to that pattern that you stop really seeing it.

So I like to switch up my living room wall decor every once in a while. And it’s amazing how much of a difference it makes! It almost feels like a brand new room.

But sometimes I need some inspiration for new ideas to try. And that’s where this list came from.

So in case your living room interior design could use a little pick me up (or maybe you’re looking for inspiration for a new home), here are some living room wall decor ideas to help get you started.

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1 | Hang artwork

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Okay, this is a bit obvious. But I couldn’t have a list of living room wall decor ideas without mentioning artwork.

So here’s a few different ways to do it.

Oversized art

Oversized art is one of the most classic living room wall decor ideas. It works well above a couch or other large wall spaces that require something big and bold to fill it.

I enjoy what Jennifer did over at LoveJenMarie with her living room art. She chose a large art print that ties in the other pink accent colors. She even tied it in together with a rose-pink frame.

Any large print with the right frame can look like a class act in your home. You can order prints online, support a local artist, or find something unique at your local second-hand or box store.

Gallery wall

If you don’t want to settle for just one picture, try putting up a gallery wall.

Most people feature galleries in hallways, but they are a lovely living room wall decor idea.

Once again, you can personalize it to your space by incorporating accent colors, photos you may have taken, or family pictures.

Shelby at Lucky Day not only incorporated art prints, but also added text, a peace sign, and cowgirl horns. It just shows how the right pieces can really reflect your personal style.

Matching art set

While variety is nice, sometimes two similar things look great too!

Art sets are images that are meant to be paired together. They can be photos or a mixture of art prints and are usually arranged parallel together.

Caitlin at From My Bowl uses two prints to complete one image.

This living room wall decor technique is a handy way to make one picture look a little more interesting.  

Abstract art

Abstract wall art is one of the easiest ways to incorporate color into your home.

It can easily tie all the colors in a room together, like these two abstract art pieces hung over Jessica’s sofa from For The Liang Run.

Large turquoise abstract art paintings above a light blue sofa

Or, you can use it to add a pop of color to your walls that co-ordinates with your color scheme.

Family photos

If you’ve had professional family photos taken, the living room is an excellent place to feature them.

They are one of the most effective ways to personalize a space and tell a story.

I love the photo choice over at The Overwhelmed Mommy. She included three different professional portraits of family members, including the family dog (which adds a little humor to the grouping).


I’m a sucker for a good quote.

I love the idea of making your own customized piece or ordering a print using a household saying.

This way, the quote not only provides beauty to your living room but also captures the spirit of the house.

I like the use of typography in Nesting With Grace’s living room. The style of the text goes with the style of the cushions perfectly.

Or you can try out my printable Live, Laugh, Love artwork.

2 | Install picture ledges

Picture ledges are another way to display art. They are small shelves used to feature art on a smaller scale.

Personalize it with family photos or incorporate a small art print. Better yet, do both like The Love Designed Life.

Aim to include a variety of sizes and shapes for your decor pieces. This will make the ledge more dynamic and aesthetically pleasing.

3 | Create wall flowers

No, I’m not talking about fourteen-year-olds at the homecoming dance, I’m talking about living room wall decor!

These DIY paper flowers are a great 3D idea to really add dimension to an otherwise flat and empty space.

The flowers Tania at Run to Radiance used in her living room are so feminine and glam – I am completely enthralled.

She used white flowers to match her aesthetic, but you could include some color to really make them pop.

For a different style of flower, check out my paper flower tutorial.

4 | Put up a wall planter

Why not bring a little greenery inside the home? Adding greenery not only brightens up your living room but adds a little bit of life and texture to your space. 

While most people place a potted plant on a table or stand, you can actually add it directly to your wall. Mandi from Vintage Revivals created a clean-looking trellis right inside her home that features multiple plants. 

If you don’t have a green thumb, you can also find some really amazing faux plants on Etsy or at home stores.

5 | Make an asymmetrical wreath

Wreaths aren’t just for Christmas.

You can use all types of fake greenery, ribbons, and fabric flowers to create gorgeous and aesthetic wreaths.

Using asymmetry gives the wreaths a livelier visual.

Paper & Stitch makes their own wreaths, using smaller ones paired together to add life and greenery to an otherwise boring and empty wall space.  

6 | Install wallpaper

If you have a ton of empty space to fill, find a colorful wallpaper. It is an easy way to make a feature wall and add a wow factor.

At A Subtle Revelry, they used a black and white patterned wallpaper to line the top half of their living room wall.

I like this choice because the pattern adds a ton of pizzazz to an empty wall.

Find out how to hang wallpaper so it can be removed easily.

7 | Paint a stencil design

A living room wall painted with a gold dot stencil

If you don’t like the idea of hanging wallpaper or can’t find a pattern you like, try using a stencil to paint on a design.

Then you can choose the exact pattern and color that will go with your living room design.

Or if you have a Cricut, you can make your own stencil design. Like these gold dots that my mother used in her living room makeover.

8 | Install picture moldings

Large picture moldings installed on the wall above a sofa

For a solution that will add interest to your walls more permanently and make your living room feel a little more formal, try adding picture moldings.

They break up a large expanse of bare wall with much needed texture.

Then you have a few different options for decorating them, depending on the look you’re going for:

  • For a more subtle look, paint them the same color as the walls.
  • To add more contrast, paint the moldings and/or the inside section a different color.
  • For more pattern, install wallpaper inside the moldings.
  • Or treat it like a gallery wall and hang pictures inside the frames.

Learn how to install your own picture moldings HERE.

9 | Put up empty picture frames

A wall of empty frames above a red sofa

If you like the idea of moldings, but don’t want a permanent solution, hanging empty picture frames above your sofa might be the answer.

They add the same interest to blank walls, but they’re not as much work, and you can take them down easily.

Paint the frames the same color as your wall for a monochromatic look that adds texture.

Or use a different color if you want more of a pop.

10 | Hang doors or shutters

Have a large wall space you want to fill but don’t want anything traditional? Try using upcycled shutters or doors.

This is one way to really make your space look unique and provide a dramatic focal point.

You may need to spend some searching to find the perfect piece, but I think it’s really worth it.

Lauren at Vandifair applies this method perfectly. She used gate doors on either side of a mirror to create a unique feature wall.

11 | Find an interesting mirror

Starburst mirror above the living room sofa

Think beyond squares and rectangles when it comes to mirrors.

Now, you can find them in all sorts of shapes and sizes for every style.

Mirrors are a very useful design trick as they always make a small space look bigger and brighter.  

You can find more mirror decorating ideas HERE.

12 | Install open shelving

Never underestimate the power of shelving.

Floating shelves can be installed just about anywhere in the living room.

And, the size and number can be versatile based on the space.

To decorate your shelves, add differing heights, colors, and shapes. Carissa at Bless This Nest Blog uses this technique by adding vines, brass candlesticks, books, and prints on her open-shelving.

13 | Put up a large clock

Yes, most of us tell time by looking at our smartphones, but that doesn’t mean we still can’t have clocks on our walls!

Clocks come in so many styles, from industrial to full-on glam. Finding one that fits the overall vibe of your living room shouldn’t be a problem.

Over at the DIY Playbook, they feature a clean and minimalistic clock that works above a fireplace mantle.

I love that they didn’t just do one or the other, but accessorized with picture frames and a clock.

14 | Hang faux animal heads

I am not one who usually enjoys a deer head on the wall, but I can get behind some faux designs! Animal heads don’t have to feel rustic or belong in a cabin. 

They can be made of all kinds of different materials, from paper mache to ceramics featuring glitter. It’s a style that works in even the most feminine of spaces.

Amy at Mom Spark uses a simple, white deer head next to two other colorful art pieces to create a dynamic and eye-catching wall feature.

15 | Make a macramé hanging

Macramé is back and in a big way!

It’s a fun way to add a different type of texture and look to what could be a clean and basic room.

Macramé brings a retro vibe that looks fresh and amazing in the right space – like in Justine Celina’s living room.

If you’re pretty crafty, you can make your very own macrame hanger to really personalize your space. They are also easy to locate online or at most home stores.

There you have it! Over 15 different living room wall decor ideas that you can use to style your space.

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