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How To Decorate A Fun Santa Christmas Tree

If you’re looking for a fun and festive theme for your Christmas decor, this red and white Santa Christmas tree may be just the thing. With ribbon, Santa ornaments and picks, and a Santa hat tree topper, it’s definitely a show stopper.

How to decorate a Santa Xmas tree

Every year I put up a tree in my office that’s fun and not too serious (like the Grinch tree I did last year). And it usually has a theme.

This year I had hung some red and black fabric on my office walls for Halloween and didn’t feel like taking it down yet.

So I decided to decorate a Christmas tree to match. (That’s one of my favorite ways to make sure the tree that always looks good…use colors that match the room decor).

And a red and white Santa Christmas tree theme seemed like the perfect option.

Note: You can find all of the sources at the end.

1 | The tree and tree skirt

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White Christmas tree with a red tree collar

To start the red and white theme off, I put up a white Christmas tree with a red metal tree collar. (A red tree skirt would work, too.)

It really stands out against the walls. (And looks good with my black and white zebra-print rug.)

2 | Add deco mesh and ribbon

White Christmas tree wrapped with red and white striped deco mesh

Then I wrapped the tree with red and white striped deco mesh.

Pushing it in to the branches in some sections and pulling it out in others gives it a more natural look.

If it won’t stay where you want it, bunch the mesh up and wrap a branch around it to keep it in place. Or if you have a real tree, attach it to the branches with a pipe cleaner or zip tie.

After I hung a few ornaments on the tree, I decided the mesh needed some more pizzazz. So I added some 2.5″ red and white wired ribbon which stands out a little more. (Normally I would put the ribbon on at the same time as the deco mesh).

3 | Hang red and White ornaments

White Christmas with red and white ornaments and ribbons

Next we want to add round ornaments of different sizes.

All kinds of plain red, as well as red and white ornaments work well to create a backdrop for the rest of the decorations.

I didn’t hang any plain white ornaments since they don’t add much to a white Christmas tree. But if you’re doing this on a green tree, I would use white as well.

4 | Add Finials And Santa-themed ornaments

White Christmas tree with Santa ornaments hanging on it

Now on to the fun part!

Adding all kinds of Santa-themed ornaments.

Reindeer, "Letters to Santa" and candy cane ornaments on a white Christmas tree

Like reindeer, “Letters to Santa” mailboxes, and red and white mittens.

santa coat ornament on a white Christmas tree

How cute are these little Santa coats?

Santa wine glass , Santa hat and candy cane ornaments on a white Christmas tree wrapped with white and red ribbon

Try to cover some of the ribbon with the ornaments so you get that in-and-out look.

Longer ornaments, like finials and candy canes add some vertical interest.

5 | Use lots of picks

White Christmas tree decorated with various red and white Santa ornaments and picks

For this tree, I used lots and lots of picks.

They add an extra dimension that is hard to get with hanging ornaments.

Santa hat, and candy cane picks with other red and white ornaments on a white Christmas tree

Balls on sticks, Santa hats, and boots and large styrofoam candy canes all stick out of the tree.

Red and white cascading picks on a Santa Christmas tree

White and red cascading picks add texture.

And the glitter adds some sparkle that gives the same kind of feel as icicles.

Santa hat, Santa coat, red and white mittens and a "Letters to Santa" mailbox ornament on a white Christmas tree

Mixed all together, they create a very fun tree.

6 | Top with a Santa hat tree topper

Red and white Santa Christmas tree with white lights and a Santa hat tree topper

The last step is to add the tree topper.

Which is a Santa hat of course!

Santa hat tree topper on a Santa Christmas tree

The one I got was styrofoam, so I hung it from the ceiling above the tree. It’s easier than trying to get it to stay straight on the tree.

But you could also get a real cloth Santa hat and just stick it on the tree top.

Santa hat tree topper hung from the ceiling above a Santa Christmas tree

And that’s it for the tree!

7 | Add some mantel decorations

Christmas fireplace mantel decorated with red and white stockings, gingerbread house stocking hangers and red and white trees

Since my Santa tree is right beside the fireplace, I couldn’t leave the mantel bare.

I already had the stockings, and the red and white trees.

Gingerbread house stocking holders as Christmas decorations on a fireplace mantel

So when I saw the gingerbread house stocking holders, I just had to get them!

Gingerbread house stocking holder on a mantel in front of red and white tree Christmas decorations

They look almost good enough to eat 🙂

Santa stop sign on a Christmas fireplace mantel

And the Santa Stop sign was a natural fit, too.

8 | Add finishing touches

Red and white Christmas decorations on a fireplace mantel beside the Santa Christmas tree

Then all I had to do was add a few more details to finish it off.

Christmas gnomes at the bottom of the Santa Christmas tree

I have a bit of an obsession with these gnomes.

Since I don’t have any presents under this tree, they help to fill in the space at the bottom.

Santa clothesline garland hung above the fireplace mantel beside the Santa Christmas tree

And the Santa clothes line garland fits perfectly above the mirror.

The Santa Christmas tree beside a fireplace mantel decorated in red and white Christmas decorations

The whole corner definitely makes it more fun to work in my office!

Shop the tree

Note: Some of the Christmas ornaments I used are no longer available so I have tried to find similar options in those cases.

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