Glam Christmas Tree Decorating Ideas

Find some gorgeous glam Christmas tree decorating ideas that will inspire you to create beautiful holiday decor in your own home.

I love decorating Christmas trees and usually have more than one. Which is why I’m always looking for new Christmas tree decorating ideas, like these 40 different Christmas tree ideas and these DIY Christmas tree ornaments.

Gorgeous glam Christmas tree decorating ideas that will inspire you

Christmas Tree Decorating Ideas

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I have just barely got all of my Halloween decorations put away and it seems like it is already time to start decorating for Christmas!

My goal is to have my whole house decorated for the holidays before the end of the U.S. Thanksgiving weekend!

This will definitely be a change for me, since I’m usually more of a last minute Christmas decorator.  It takes me a long time to recover from all the work I put into Halloween 🙂

Anyhow, back to the task at hand! I do love to decorate a tree (or two or three).

Previously, I have shared this list of creative Christmas tree themes that I love, and have helped me decide on a decorating theme.

But this year, I’m going for more of a color scheme than a decorating theme.

So I figured I would do what I always do…go find some pictures to get some inspiration.

Keep reading to see what I found.

Blue, White and Gold Christmas Tree

The blue, white and gold Christmas tree that I did last year is one of my favorites, ever!

I used the blue and white ginger jars that I have everywhere in my house as inspiration.

And the fact that I found these awesome ginger jar Christmas ornaments* didn’t hurt either.

It also happens to co-ordinate with the blue and white colors in my living room. Which is one of my go-to ways to make sure you have Christmas decor that looks amazing…match the colors in the room.

Of course, I had to add a little gold, too…a little extra glam is always a good thing in my books 🙂

If you missed it last year, you can see the whole blue and white Christmas home tour HERE.

Blue, White and Silver Christmas Trees

Of course, since I love blue so much, you know there’s going to be a lot of it on my list of Christmas tree decorating ideas.

This tree was a little more subdued and minimalist than some of my other trees. I must have been in a hurry that year. “Minimalist” is not a word I would generally use to describe my decorating style 🙂

This is another version of a white, blue and silver tree with light blue ornaments, white vertical ribbons and silver bows on an all-white Christmas tree.

I think white Christmas trees automatically increase the glam factor.

They give off that fresh snow sparkle even when the lights aren’t on. Adding bird clip-on ornaments helps to create that “in nature” feel.

Navy Blue and White

Apparently, blue and white trees run in the family…because my mother has also done her tree using that color scheme.

She went for a darker navy blue and white that matches the decor in her living room perfectly!

I took this one step further by buying a blue Christmas tree! It really makes all those blue and white ornaments stand out.

You can see more of this blue Christmas tree decor HERE.

All White Christmas Tree

White cat under an all white Christmas tree

Speaking of white Christmas trees…a couple of years ago I decided to do a Christmas tree color scheme that is totally outside my comfort zone. All white!

Being a person who loves color, decorating anything in all white is not something I attempt to do very often (I don’t even have white ceilings in my house!)

The cream ribbon adds a little contrast with the white Christmas tree

But I really like the way this tree turned out.

gold and silver ornaments add extra depth to an all white Christmas tree
Add gold and silver for some extra depth

The trick to making a monochromatic color scheme work is to vary the textures, which was very important for this tree.

You can find out my secret to adding texture and making an all white Christmas tree look fuller HERE.

Black and White Christmas Tree

Black and white Christmas tree

While we’re talking about neutral colored trees…how about this black and white color scheme as a Christmas tree decorating idea?

Black is definitely not a traditional Christmas color, but doing a tree in black and white (with a little gold for good measure) is a sure-fire way to add some glam to your Christmas tree.

I love the contrast between the light and dark. And all of the clear ornaments add some sparkle.

Christmas decorated in black and white

The black and white plaid ribbon is one of my favorites! And I love all of the different patterns on the ornaments.

Black, White, Gold And Fuchsia Christmas Tree

Kate Spade Christmas tree

Taking the black and white one step further by adding more gold and some fuchsia, you get my Kate Spade inspired Christmas tree.

It’s also done on my black Christmas tree, not that you can really tell with all the ornaments!

The color scheme fits right in with the decor in my black and gold office, and it certainly makes a statement.

Peacock Colored Christmas Trees

Okay, back to something that has some blue in it 🙂

By mixing some purple in with the blues and adding some peacock clip Christmas ornaments*, it’s easy to create a peacock-inspired Christmas tree.

You’ll notice that I use sheer ribbons and bows on a lot of my trees.

They’re another one of my go-to Christmas tree decorating ideas. They help to fill in gaps in the tree and diffuse the lights to give the tree a pretty glow.

Okay, I have to admit…I’ve done this peacock color scheme more than once. This tree is a little lot more…of everything.

You can see all of the details of my super glam peacock and black Christmas tree HERE.

Teal And Green Christmas Tree

Teal and Green tree from | Christmas tree decorating ideas that will inspire you
Teal and Green tree from

To go in a completely different direction with the blue, try mixing it with lime green.

I love this teal and lime green tree from  The colors look awesome against the white flocked Christmas tree.

And did you notice? She has peacocks on there too!

Purple and White Christmas Trees

White and purple Christmas tree, via | Christmas tree decorating ideas that will inspire you

White and purple Christmas tree, via

Now if I wanted to do get away from the blue altogether, this white and purple Christmas tree is stunning.

It doesn’t have that many purple ornaments on it, but the ones it does have are large scale and make a big impact. All of the purple wrapped presents and the matching artwork also help solidify the color scheme, too.

Purple and white Christmas tree | Christmas tree decorating ideas that will inspire you
Purple and White Christmas tree

Actually, now that I’m looking through my old pictures, I have done a purple and white tree in the past, too…but it wasn’t nearly on the same scale!

Purple and Gold Christmas Trees

Since I painted my master bedroom purple this year, I decided to carry the color scheme onto the tree in that room.

And ended up with one of my favorite Christmas trees ever.

The purple and gold color scheme is just so pretty! I think all that glamour makes me feel like royalty!

You can see more of this purple and gold Christmas decor HERE.

Red, White and Gold Christmas Trees

Christmas display at the Roosevelt hotel in New Orleans | Christmas tree decorating ideas that will inspire you
Christmas display at the Roosevelt hotel in New Orleans

A couple of years ago, I stayed at the Fairmont hotel in New Orleans for Thanksgiving weekend, and they had this gorgeous display in their main lobby.

Red White and Gold Christmas Tree | Christmas tree decorating ideas that will inspire you
Red, white and gold Christmas trees

The red and gold colors are very traditional and I certainly don’t have the room to do a display like this.

Red, white and gold Christmas trees

But I was able to run with the multiple Christmas tree idea and do my own scaled down version.

Blush Pink, White and Black Christmas Tree

My home office is painted blush pink, so I decided to do a blush pink, black and white tree up there this year and I love the color combination.

The white and pink keep it feeling soft while the black gives it a bit of an edge that keeps it from being too washed out.

Of course, I had to add some metallics to keep a bit of the glam factor. Between the DIY copper leaf ornaments and some gold ornaments, there’s enough shine to keep me happy!

That’s it for my Christmas tree decorating ideas for now. Hopefully, you found some holiday spirit and tree decorating inspiration while reading this, too!

Have comments or questions on our Christmas tree decorating ideas? Tell us in the section below.

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