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Black, White And Silver Christmas Tree

A black, white and silver Christmas tree is an elegant and sophisticated color scheme that blends contemporary style with festive charm. The contrast between the black and white creates drama. While the silver adds some sparkle that really makes the tree come alive.

How to decorate a black, white, and silver Christmas tree.

Choosing a unique color scheme for your Christmas decor adds an extra layer of style and personality to your holiday decoratoins.

And this black, white and silver Christmas tree is the perfect choice.

It offers a sophisticated and modern twist on classic holiday decor, blending the timeless charm of white and silver with the boldness of black.

Whether you’re starting with a lush green tree or opting for a more unconventional black or white tree, the silver, black and white Christmas tree decorations will stand out beautifully.

And this step-by-step tutorial will guide you through the process of decorating it, to ensure your tree is a memorable part of your holiday celebrations.


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  • 20 yards 4″-wide black and white striped ribbon
  • 20 yards 2½”-wide Merry Christmas black velvet ribbon
  • 4″ black, white and silver ball ornaments
  • non-ball ornaments such as black and white mini-wreaths and wire cage ornaments
  • silver finial ornaments
  • black and silver bows
  • black tassels
  • black poinsettias
  • black and white tree skirt


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How to decorate a black white and silver christmas tree

Here are all the steps you need to do to recreate the tree.

Add ribbon

A black and white Christmas tree in front of a striped curtain.

Start by wrapping the ribbon around the tree.

To make it look more natural, wind it in and out of the branches.

And try not to have the ribbon going straight across.

A black and white ribbon with merry christmas written on it.

To make the ribbon, I layered two of them. And stapled them together about every 6 inches to keep them from separating.

The one at the back is a 4-inch wide black and white striped ribbon.

The one at the front is a 2.5-inch wide black velvet one that says Merry Christmas in silver.

Hang ball ornaments

Black and white ribbon and large ornaments on a flocked tree

Then add a bunch of large black, white and silver ball ornaments.

I like my trees to look full so I add a lot of them. But you can put on fewer if that’s not your style.

Add special ornaments

A flocked Christmas tree decorated with black, white and silver ornaments

I always like to add some ornaments that aren’t balls.

The different shapes and textures add interest to the tree.

In this case, I added black and white mini-wreaths and some silver wire ornaments.

Hang finial ornaments

A flocked Christmas tree decorated with black and white ribbon, large ornaments and finial ornaments

Next hang the long ornaments.

These add a vertical element to the tree that directs your eye up and down the tree.

Add bows and tassels

A flocked Christmas tree with black and white ribbon, ball ornaments, finial ornaments, ribbon ornaments and tassels

Now we’ll add some bows and tassels.

In this case, the bows are actually wire ornaments, along with some black tassels.

Put up black poinsettias

A Christmas tree decorated with ornaments and black poinsettias.

Velvet poinsettias help to soften the look of the tree.

Tuck some of them in behind the ornaments and leave some in front.

Put up the tree topper

Tree topper made with ribbons and bows in black, white and silver.

For the tree topper, I made a large bow out of the same ribbon as is on the tree.

I cut the tails off at about 2 feet.

And removed the staples in those tails, so that there are 4 ribbons trailing down the tree.

To give the top of the tree some more definition, add some white picks behind the bow.

Finish with a tree skirt

Black and white Christmas tree skirt.

For the tree skirt, I used a black and white pin stripe with a black velvet edge.

It’s the perfect complement to the tree decor.

The finished tree

A black, white and silver Christmas tree stands in front of a black and white striped curtain.

The finished tree goes perfectly with the rest of the black and white Christmas decor in the room.

Black and white wrapped presents under a black, white and silver Christmas tree

Wrapping the presents in coordinating paper makes the whole thing look cohesive.

If you have any ribbon left over from decorating the tree, you can use it on your presents to continue the theme.

A Christmas tree decorated with silver, black and white ornaments.

Hanging these DIY swags from the curtain rod on either side of the tree brings the Christmas decor up to the window.

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