DIY Cooking Utensils Rotating Storage Rack

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DIY Rotating Cooking Utensils Storage Rack (plus a free Organize Your Kitchen workbook) | DIY Rotating Cooking Utensils Storage Rack (plus a free Organize Your Kitchen workbook) | Tired of having to pull your cooking utensils from a messy drawer, or from a jar that is too full? Try using lazy susan hardware to create a rotating utensil rack. It's really easy to make and works great! See the post for step by step instructions.
DIY Rotating Cooking Utensils Storage Rack

This is part 2 of our DIY kitchen organization series. I am on a mission to get my kitchen organized without spending a lot of time or money, and this is the second step along that journey.

I’ll be posting one project per week and here’s the plan at the moment…which is always subject to change if I have another brain wave or see another great idea in the meantime 🙂 Click the links if you want to see more information about the other projects.

Be sure to check back for all of the future updates!

Now onto this week’s post. It is all about being able to find your cooking utensils without having to dig through over-crowded drawers. This rotating cooking utensils rack doesn’t take up much space, makes it really easy to find what you are looking for, and you can build it in less than an hour for less than $10.

Click Next to find out how to build a cooking utensils rotating storage rack.

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28 Responses

  • Wanda,
    Love this idea. I have junk in the round ceramic utensil and in my drawers. Would love to do a clean out and hang them. Just wondering, though, the screws you mentioned are they able to go into the bottom of the cabinet without coming thru. I have real wood cabinets and the bottom is pretty thick but I would hate to screw it in and have the tip of the screw sticking through.

    • Hi Lynne…The 3/4″ screws worked fine on my cabinets without coming through. But to be on the safe side, I would measure the width of the wood on your cabinets, and then get screws that are 1/8″ shorter. You don’t need them to be very long to hold this up.

  • Hi there. Loved the idea. Question though, I bought a large piece of oblong pine (with the bark around the edge.) I want to hang it on my ceiling. (I live in an RV) but I can’t figure out how to hang it because I can’t get to the screw holes that will attach to the ceiling. Do you have any suggestions?

    • Hi Jeannie…I think you might need to drill holes in the pine directly in line with the lazy Susan screw holes so that you can get at them. I would use a small drill bit to drill a pilot hole from the lazy susan side through the screw hole and all the way through the wood. Then flip it over and drill bigger holes where those pilot holes are using a drill bit that is larger than the head of the screws you want to use. Install it by lining the holes in the wood up with the holes in the lazy susan and putting the screws in through the holes. Then fill in the holes with wood filler. I hope that makes sense. Good luck with it!

  • Love your idea for utensils. Do you have any recommendations as to how to make the cabinets above a refrigerator more accessible? Seems like wasted storage when I can’t get to them.
    Is it possible to reply via email?

    • Hi Eleanor…If you have a 24″ deep cabinet above the fridge, it can actually be pretty useful for storing long things. I put in vertical dividers for cookie sheets and cutting boards, as well as some shelves that aren’t very far apart for serving plates and trays that I don’t use very often (prevents them from all being stacked on top of each other). You can find the instructions for my DIY over the refrigerator organization project HERE.

      If your cabinet is only 12″ deep, that makes it a little trickier since they are so hard to reach. I would be tempted to build it out so that it is 24″ deep. Either buy or build a second cabinet the same size as the one you have only without a back on it. Then add legs so that it sits on top of the refrigerator at the same height as the existing cabinet. Take the doors off the cabinet that is there, attach your new cabinet to the front of the existing one so that you now have a 24″ deep storage space. Finally, put the doors back on to the front of the extension. (If you built it, you’ll have to get a side panel or some paint to match the color). Then you’ll be able to reach the front of the cabinet more easily and can put in an organizer like the one above.

      Hopefully this helps!

  • Hi Wanda,
    Recently cut my counter to rid myself of an old cook top stove and bought a spanking new stove, and have a storage 3 tier slider next to it but above this an empty space, so, because of your perfect utensil hanging idea where to hang what I usually reach for when cooking has been solved. Thank you for coming up with a genius and inexpensive solution. God bless you and yours.

      • Hi again Wanda,
        Bought all I needed from my Home Depot store, came home and put it up, looks terrific and freed up 2 of my utensil drawers. I shall continue to follow you to see what other genius ideas you come up with in helping myself and others in solving kitchen issues, pesky stuff !! Thank you once more. God bless.

  • Great idea for new homeowners. Put it in before/when you move in and unpack. Your kitchen utensils will be organized from the beginning.

  • Your DIY Rotating Cooking Utensils Storage Rack gave me just what I needed to create something better for me (I need to store a lot more items). My wonderful husband used the ideas you provided, and then created one that makes use of the rather large area in the kitchen. It’s DEFINITELY not one that a homeowner could make, but my husband can do just about anything. If you tell me how to send you a picture, I’d love to show it to you.

    • Thanks, Valerie! You’re right that you can’t put tall things under it, but I usually use that area for staging plates or cookie sheets that I’m about to use…and it works fine for that…

  • I showed it to my brother, who is a retired building contractor, and he was quite impressed. I hope to remodel my kitchen after summer is over and will incorporate the hanging utensil storage rack then. Thank you so much for the great idea!

    • Thanks, Charlotte! I bought mine at Lowes (at the Lowes by me, it was in the same section with the drawer slides and other cabinet hardware)…but I’m sure Home Depot and other hardware stores carry it, too. Or you can order online from It’s called a Lazy Susan turntable (although they would probably know what you were talking about if you asked for Lazy Susan hardware).

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