Pink Kitchen Decor Ideas And Inspiration

Pink kitchens are having a moment and we’re not mad about it. If you’re looking for some ways to add some pink to your cooking space, look no further. From cabinets to backsplashes to accessories (and more), we’ve got lots of pink kitchen decor ideas to get you inspired.

pink kitchen ideas and inspiration

Warning: If you’re not a fan of the color pink, you might want to skip this post. Otherwise, get ready for some serious pink kitchen inspiration.

We love color around here.

So if you’ve been here before, it’s probably not much of a surprise that my mother just did a kitchen makeover – with pink and teal as the main colors.

And while we were looking for ideas, I discovered that pink kitchens are actually trending.

So I decided to put together a list of some great ways to use pink in your cooking space.

From the “easy to get rid of if you change your mind” options to the totally committed “I’m all in” choices, there’s something for everyone.

Now, I never recommend that you re-do a room in a color just because it’s trending. Especially kitchens and baths which have so many hard-to-change features.

But if you love the color (even when it’s not trending), then there’s no better time to go for it.

Okay, let’s get on with our pink kitchen decor ideas.

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1 | Use pink accents

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ivory kitchen with pink accessories - kettle, frying pan and planter

If you’re not ready to go all in on a pink kitchen, you can get the feel for it by adding some accents.

All kinds of small appliances are available in pink now. So they’re functional and look pretty all at the same time.

Gray and white kitchen with chairs upholstered in pink fabric
Farmhouse kitchen – Photo by Black Ink Interiors (from

Or you can upholster some stools (or chairs) with pink fabric.

I love the combination of solid fuchsia seats with the pink floral backs on the chairs above.

white farmhouse kitchen with pink tablecloth, tea towels and other small pink accents

And if you really don’t want to commit, try changing out your tea towels, tablecloth and oven mitts.

Add a few pink mugs that you leave out on the counter and you have pink in your kitchen without spending a ton of money.

2 | Paint the walls pink

Kitchen with light pink walls, white cabinets, wood countertops and a blue retro refrigerator.

Putting pink paint on the walls is another relatively easy way to bring the color into your kitchen.

If you decide you don’t like it, it’s not a huge job to paint over it.


If you have an end wall without any cabinets (like the picture above), painting it with stripes can help make it look more interesting.

Kitchen with white cabinets, black countertops and fuchsia pink walls

Of course, you don’t have to stick to blush pink.

If you like brighter colors, then try painting your walls fuchsia. It will bring the room to life.

3 | Install a pink kitchen island

Traditional kitchen white white cabinets and countertops, and medium pink base cabinets in the island
Traditional kitchen – Photo by Phi Builders + Architects (from

For a pop of pink that doesn’t take over the whole kitchen, you can paint the bottom of your island pink.

Or just do the base cabinets if you don’t have an island.

It will add some pizzazz to an otherwise neutral room.

4 | Put up pink kitchen cabinets

Traditional kitchen with blush pink cabinets

If you’ve decided that pink is the way you want to go, then painting all of your cabinets pink is one way to make a statement.

This traditional light pink kitchen has a more contemporary feel with the blush color on the cabinets.

5 | Use a pink Tile backsplash

Modern kitchen with black walls, wood open shelves, pink tile backsplash and a pink pendant light fixture

Another more permanent way to add pink to your kitchen is with the backsplash tiles.

You can do it as an accent color, like the black and pink kitchen above.

kitchen with hot pink cabinets and a pink mosaic tile backsplash

Or combine it with pink cabinets to really make a statement.

6 | Install pink countertops

Sleek modern kitchen with white cabinets and a bright pink countertop
Contemporary kitchen – Photo by Espacios Y Luz Fotografía (from

If you’re totally committed to having pink in your kitchen, then a pink countertop could be for you.

This bright pink one combined with the modern white cabinets really stands out in this room.

And I love the pink floral detail on the upper cabinet door that brings the color up on the wall.

7 | Classic pink and gold

Kitchen with light pink upper cabinets, darker pink lower cabinets, gold hardware and marble countertops and backsplash

Now that we’ve seen many of the ways you can use pink in your kitchen, let’s look at some different colors you can put with it.

Pink and gold is a very popular (and classic) color combination.

Painting a lighter pink on the upper cabinets and a darker one on the lower ones helps to keep the room from looking washed out.

And the pink tones in the marble countertop, backsplash and floor tie everything together.

8 | Modern gray and pink kitchen

Modern kitchen with gray base cabinets, white upper cabinets and blush pink walls

Using pale pink and gray together is a more modern color scheme.

Light pink walls with gray cabinets will give the kitchen a lighter look that you can easily change later if you want to.

Modern kitchen with dark gray walls and backsplash, and medium pink kitchen cabinets

For a moodier, more dramatic kitchen design, paint the walls a dark gray and install pink cabinets.

They’ll really pop against the darker background.

9 | Beautiful pink and navy kitchen

Kitchen with navy blue walls, white marble backsplash and countertop and pink kitchen cabinets with gold handles

Combining navy blue with pink is another beautiful color combination.

By using light pink cabinets with a white marble backsplash and open shelving, this kitchen still feels light and bright, even with the dark blue walls.

And all of the copper and gold accents add to the warmth of the room.

10 | Retro White and pink

Retro-style kitchen with high gloss pink cabinets, which countertops and backsplash with rounded corners

White and pink is another color combination that always looks good together.

This retro style kitchen uses high gloss pink cabinet doors and rounded edges to define the space.

The white tiles and countertop keep the color from overwhelming the space.

11 | Modern fuchsia and white

If you like brighter pink, then fuchsia may be the color you want.

This kitchen uses bright pink cabinets with white waterfall countertops and a black and gray tiled backsplash to create a lot of drama.

And the clean lines keep it looking sleek and modern.

12 | Dramatic black and hot pink

Black and bright pink kitchen cabinets with gray floors and a white backsplash

Another dramatic combination is to put hot pink base cabinets with black upper cabinets.

Keeping the backsplash white gives your eye some relief from all the drama.

And I love the way the color is carried up onto the wall behind the stove. It helps to balance out the tall pink pantry cabinets on the other side of the room.

Eclectic kitchen with pink cabinets, black countertops and a white, pink and black leopard print backsplash
Eclectic pink and black kitchen – Photo by Patricia L. Caulfield (from

This kitchen uses a similar color scheme, but pairs a black countertop with the pink cabinets.

By using black appliances and adding a funky pink, white and black backsplash, the whole room looks more cohesive.

13 | Nature-inspired green and pink

The jumping off point for this kitchen is the pink and green floral glass tile mosaic backsplash.

The island (and the stove!) pull out the pink from the flowers.

While the wood cabinets enhance the nature-inspired scene.

And the modern kitchen design keeps it from looking too frilly or old fashioned.

14 | Pretty pink and teal

Pink and teal is another combination that always seems to look good together.

Installing a teal backsplash with bright pink base cabinets is one way to put these colors together.

It works really well in this kitchen because the glass tiles have a pink glaze that picks up the color of the cabinets.

Kitchen with two-toned pink ceiling, pink upper cabinets, light teal backsplash and countertop, and dark teal lower cabinets and floor

In her recent remodel, my mother combined dark and light shades of both teal and pink to create a stunning makeover in her small kitchen.

See all the details of her pink and blue small kitchen remodel.

15 | Cheerful pink and lime green

Colorful kitchen with pink kitchen cabinets, white countertops and lime green walls and bar stools
Eclectic kitchen – Photo by RLB Architecture (from

Last but definitely not least is this bright pink and lime green kitchen. How much fun is this?

If you’re a color lover, and not afraid to express yourself, this is the room for you!

It’s so bright and cheerful, I don’t think you could ever have a down day in this cooking space.

Well that’s it for our pink kitchen ideas. Hopefully, you’ve found some inspiration to bring a little pink into the heart of your home.

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Have comments or questions about our pink kitchen decor ideas? Tell us in the section below.

This post was originally published on August 18, 2022 but was updated with new content on March 29, 2023.

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  1. Irene Madrid says:

    In my cream, brown granite kitchen with teal mermaid backsplash I use pink in velvet stools and di net chairs, and window shades. BLUSH is a neutral in my life!

    1. Wanda Simone says:

      It sounds gorgeous, Irene!

      1. Irene Madrid says:

        I get so many compliments and the best comment is , ” It is SO you!” As my BBF says, when I come home I feel like I am on vacation. YES. YES,I DO.My sanctuary.