10 Ways to Organize Tools (So You Can Find Them)

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10 Ways to Organize Tools (So You Can Actually Find Them)
10 Ways to Organize Tools (So You Can Actually Find Them)

This is part 2 of my quest to have a DIY work area that actually works!

In case you missed it, last week I built a fold-up workbench (instructions here) that gives me a big workspace area when I need it but folds down to take up less room when I don’t need all that space.

This week, I organized all of the tools, glue, spray paint, and other odds and ends that I use in my projects…so now I can actually find things!

Click next to see my top 10 ways to organize tools (so you can find them when you need them).

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  1. Jauquetta

    Wonder ideas! Can’t wait to try some. My tools look like yours used to look. I’m the Mrs. Fix It in my house, always have been. I’m so envious of those women that have a man to help, even it’s just to do the lifting. Thanks for all the useful information.

    • Thanks, Jauquetta! Everything is so much easier to find now that the tools are all organized! I’m the fix it person in my house, too, so it really makes my life easier :)

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