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The Most Popular 2019 Home Decor Trends (according to Pinterest)

Find out what everyone’s putting in their homes this year with this list of the most popular 2019 home decor trends (according to Pinterest search volumes).

I love to find out what’s up and coming in decorating, and these 2019 home decor trends do not disappoint. Along with the 2019 paint color trends, there’s lots of inspiration for planning a room makeover in your home.

Most popular 2019 home decor trends

2019 Home Decor Trends

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Every year Pinterest creates a top 100 list of trending searches on their site. (In case you missed them you can see the 2017 home decor trends HERE and the 2018 home decor trends HERE).

I always like to go through them to find out what regular people like you and I are interested in as far as home decor is concerned.

These are not trends determined by companies, or fashion designers, or interior decorators. They are just the home decor topics that more people on Pinterest have been searching for in the last couple of months.

The big thing I noticed about this 2019 home decor trends list? There are a lot of DIY home decor projects! Which you know is right up my alley, so you might be seeing a couple of these in my upcoming projects…

1. Painted Floor Tiles

Painted floor tiles

Floor tile stencil*

The first DIY project on our 2019 home decor trends is painted floor tiles. These are done using stencils and paint that goes right over your existing floor and can be used on pretty much any surface.

It’s inexpensive, relatively easy to do and doesn’t require ripping up your old floor to replace it.

Painted floor tiles on wood bathroom floor

That makes painted floor tiles a great way to update your room without spending a lot of money (like my mother did with the wood floors in her bathroom).

Click here to find out how.

2. Textile Art

Van Gogh reproduction textile art

Van Gogh reproduction textile art*

Next on our list of 2019 home decor trends is textile art. Searches for this are up 1718% on Pinterest.

Textile art can include macrame wall hangings (which have been back in style for a while now), and printed or woven fabric that is hung on the wall as art.

It’s an easy way to add texture and interest to a wall…and it’s also easy to take down when you decide you want a change.

3. Contemporary Fireplaces

Contemporary electric fireplace

Contemporary fireplaces add a sleek and modern look to any space whether it’s indoors or out. And searches for them are up 763% on Pinterest.

You can go for the full built-in experience like my mother did in her living room.

Contemporary electric fireplace

This one* is an electric fireplace that has a built-in blue tooth speaker so it can stream music from your phone.

How cool is that? (Making a note to myself for my next room makeover)

Contemporary table top fireplace

Or for a less expensive option, get a table top fireplace* that gives you the ambiance without the work of having to install it.

4. Chalk Art

Chalk art is the next home decor trend on the 2019 list. Searches for it are up 664%.

Using chalk art as room decor is another way to add texture and interest to your walls, with the added benefit that it’s not very expensive. And it’s easy to update when you want a change.

Chalk Art book

Chalk Art and Lettering 101*

It’s also not hard to do as a DIY project. This is a great book* to learn how to do your own. (This is on my “to do” list for this year).

Or you can take the quick way out and use a stencil to create the design you want.

5. Acrylic Pour Painting

Acrylic pour painting is another way to make DIY art for your home.

I have to admit I’ve never tried this, but you can get some really interesting contemporary color and texture combinations using this technique.

Which is probably why it’s becoming very popular. Pinterest searches for it are up 660%.

Click here to learn more about it.

6. Tin Interiors

Tin interiors is the next home decor search term that is on the rise (up 563%) on Pinterest.

I may not have any experience with acrylic pour painting, but I definitely do with tin interiors…or at least faux tin interiors.

I love installing faux tin tiles on the ceiling. Especially since it goes right over the popcorn that I have everywhere in my house!

Room with faux tin ceiling

I’ve done it in my kitchen and my den. And my mother has used them in her bathroom.

They are so simple to put up and I just love the way they look!

Find out how to install faux tin ceiling tiles HERE.

7. Ceramic Pottery

Ceramic pottery vases

Ceramic vase*

I have never really thought of ceramic pottery as being in or out of style.

With its versatility in color, style and function, it has always been a good accessory option for any room.

However, according to Pinterest, it is trending more than usual this year, with searches up 475%.

8. Bold Print Wallpaper

Bold print wallpaper

Bold print wallpaper is another one of the 2019 home decor trends that I can totally get behind. Searches for it are up 401% on Pinterest.

I have always loved how wallpaper adds pizzazz to a room. I came by the love of wallpaper honestly, since my mother also loves it.

And she really isn’t afraid to go bold with the print as you can see from her living room makeover.

Learn the easy way to install wallpaper HERE.

9. Geometric Paint Patterns

Geometric paint patterns are another DIY wall decor option with an increase in searches on Pinterest (up 225%).

You can make your geometric paint patterns by using tape to create the shapes on your wall and then painting them different colors.

Or by buying a geometric wall stencil.*

Either way, it’s a fairly easy DIY project that won’t cost much money.

10. Mustard Yellow

Mustard yellow door ©Kasia Gryniewicz - stock.adobe.com
Mustard yellow door ©Kasia Gryniewicz – stock.adobe.com

Even though yellow isn’t on the paint companies’ 2019 trending paint colors lists, searches for it on Pinterest are up 45%…so it looks like people are into it, even if the paint companies aren’t.

So if yellow is your color, this may be your year to shine!

Well, that’s it for this year’s trending Pinterest home decor searches. Hopefully, you’ve found some inspiration for a project or two of your own. (I told you there were a lot of DIYs on the list!)

Love or hate these 2019 home decor trends? Tell us in the section below.

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  1. Carolyn Evans says:

    I love the mustard door!

    1. Wanda Simone says:

      Me, too! It’s a great way to add a pop of color.

  2. “Be a ruthless editor of what you allow into your home. Ask yourselves. Ask yourselves, ‘What does this object mean to me?” – Nate Berkus

    1. Wanda Simone says:

      I totally agree…you should only have things in your home that you love.

  3. Cheryl Crouch says:

    Your home and decorating skills reflect the people that live there and what makes them happy. Trends come and trends go. But what makes you feel good in your home is a trend that will last forever.

    1. I totally agree Cheryl! I would only use a trendy item (of any item for that matter) in my house if I absolutely loved it 🙂

  4. Jackie Bauer says:

    What are Popular lake house trends? I just bought a small lake house.

    1. Hi Jackie…I don’t know of specific trends for lake houses, but I think some of the home decor trends, like painted floors and tin ceilings or backsplashes might work well (depending on what decor style you like). Also, you can’t go wrong with using colors that extend your lake views into the house (eg. blue, white/cream, green, sand colors).