7 Beautiful Bathrooms With Stunning Black and White Floor Tile

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If you are planning a bathroom makeover using black and white floor tile, this list will give you some inspiration and provides the sources for the tiles.

7 Beautiful Bathrooms with Stunning Black and White Floor Tile | When I did my bathroom makeover, I spent a lot of time looking for black and white floor tile design ideas. I was surprised at how many different patterns are available in all kinds of styles (retro, vintage, modern, traditional). Click through to see what I found.

Of all of the new elements that I put in my master bathroom makeover, there are 2 things that I have had all kinds of questions and comments about.

The first is the zebra stencil on the walls (I will be doing a post on how to do that).

The second is the black and white floor tile.

While I loved the floor tiles the second I saw them, I didn’t realize everyone else would love them as much as I do!  Although I probably shouldn’t be surprised since black and white is a very classic color combination that goes with pretty much every style.

When I was going through the process of picking the tiles, I actually saw quite a few different patterns that I liked before I settled on the one I chose. With all of the interest, I thought I would share some of those other inspiration pictures (and tile options) that I looked at.

Keep reading to see the stunning ways that black and white floor tile was used in these beautiful bathrooms.

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